August 18, 2018

A.J. MacQuarrie ~ Wantrepreneur Coach

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Learn how a young entrepreneur turned a $20,000 investment into a multi-million dollar enterprise!


An audience favorite, A.J. is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and recognized for his ability to WOW audiences with his amazing story as to how he turned a failure into a monumental success.

A.J. is the CEO and Founder of KarmaBox Vending, a nationwide healthy vending company that provides healthy, environmentally-friendly alternatives to junk food vending machines. Featuring “Karmatunity” business opportunities, KarmaBox is one of the fastest-growing businesses of its kind found in over 65 cities nationally and new locations open every week.

Through his fast-paced Startup Bootcamps, A.J. teaches “wantrepreneurs” how to take an idea, overcome the unexpected twists and turns, and launch a business for success. He is the author of the upcoming book, Pivot to Your First Million: How to Start A Business Without Money, Experience, Or Any Idea What You’re Doing. He also serves on the board of the Greater San Diego Business Association.


Pivot to Your First Million!

Is it really possible to make $1 million dollars your first year in business – or does that only happen for a privileged few?

A.J. MacQuarrie created his first million dollars in one year based on 7 strategies he applied as a result of his business’s rejection on “Dragons’ Den”, the Canadian version of “Shark Tank”. At first, A.J. was disheartened, but the feedback he received about his healthy vending machine business proved to be invaluable. Their critiques were right on target: he needed to develop something exclusive and make his business scalable. 

When A.J. pivoted from his original idea and altered his business model, he landed directly on the right path to exclusivity and scalability – and the success he desired quickly followed. In this talk, A.J. will share the 7 strategies you need to know to get on the path to your first million dollars!

“Cast off bad ideas, processes or people who hold you back. It’s an unconventional skill that’s absolutely necessary for building a highly successful business.” – A. J. MacQuarrie

Pivot to Success!

Are you a “Wantrepreneur” – an entrepreneur with an idea, business, or goal that is slipping further out of reach?

In this talk, A.J. MacQuarrie will share his top mindset strategies to help you achieve the success you desire when “the big win” seems unattainable.  Perhaps you’ve psyched yourself up, but you’ve found yourself on a crazy roller coaster ride with some stellar highs followed by some unexpected deep dives. Your success might be a lot closer than you think, but it can be all too easy to lose momentum when life throws you or your business a monkey wrench.

How you handle the adversities in your path will determine your success. If your business is not where you want it to be, A.J. will share his simple mindset pivot to get you and your company recalibrated for success.

“When you pivot, you will feel your entire life shift forward. Pivot to Success will teach you how to tap into your potential in a greater way than you have ever experienced before!” – A.J. MacQuarrie

MacQuarrie will share his top mindset strategies to help you achieve the success you desire when “the big win” seems unattainable.


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“I thought AJ’s presentation was not only entertaining, but insightful. His willingness to share his failures as well as his successes shows that he has a good grasp on what it takes to move forward. He is inspirational, gives an intelligent presentation, and knows how to connect with his audience. I think any business-related group would benefit from AJ’s presentation.”
~ Karen Ball, Program Chair, Rotary Santa Rosa

“A.J. MacQuarrie connects with his audience, whether he is speaking in front of seasoned business people, aspiring entrepreneurs or ordinary individuals seeking inspiration to change. MacQuarrie tells his entrepreneurial journey with humor and emotion that captivates his listeners and sets forth a roadmap that not only steers them away from serious pitfalls but also keeps them grounded as they venture into the high-pressure business-development world or implement visions for unprecedented growth.”
~ Brenda McGann, Winedown Events

“A.J. MacQuarrie was an incredible speaker at one of my Pineapple Project events. He was able to both inspire and empower the entrepreneurs who shared the evening with us through his authenticity and candid story of turning a college idea into a successful business. Many of our guests reached out to A.J. after the event to share how his story of perseverance was not something they usually hear at an entrepreneurial event. I am thankful that there are speakers and leaders like A.J. who are willing to share their story with others, to inspire them to step into their own greatness. There is no doubt that he will succeed at anything that he sets his heart to.”
~ Chloe H. Bañales, NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Founder of The Pineapple Project

Website: MyKarmaBox

Website: LaunchPadNation

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