January 17, 2019

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Anastasia Violet Lipske

Anastasia Violet Lipske has spent years networking, planning women’s retreats, volunteering in the community, and befriending people from all walks of life. This has helped her develop relationships with many people of various backgrounds…all with a passion… expertise…and a story to share!

Add to that her extensive experience in planning events and conferences which involved working with professional speakers…it only seemed natural that Access Speakers would evolve…

Access Speakers meets the needs of (1) community groups, affinity groups and service organizations who have a need for fresh and exciting speakers and (2) speakers who want to share their story, but don’t have the time or the connections needed to find and arrange presentations to various groups.

That’s where Access Speakers comes in…to bridge the gap between the two and meet the needs of many.


So…if you’re looking for great speakers consider this is your one-stop shopping to find a line-up of available speakers. Refer to Available Speakers for more details.

If you’re a great speaker with a story, passion and/or expertise to share (not promotional) and want to be represented by a speaker’s agent and listed in this site for others to consider then refer to Are You a Speaker?

Please let us know how we can be of service…


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