June 25, 2017

Alba Alamillo ~ Certified Hypnotherapist

Alba Alamillo has been a practicing Licensed Hypnotherapist since 2006, she’s also a speaker and an author. She has been in the human development business since the late 90’s. She is passionate about educating her audiences, clients and readers about the power, wisdom and complexities of our mind.

Her area of expertise is the subconscious mind, how the belief system is created, the relationship between thoughts and emotions, why what we want and what we accomplish are two complete different things, why willpower may not be the answer to our problems, where habits come from, how to overcome anxiety and overcoming self-defeating behaviors among others.

Her books are:  The Dark Side of the Mind + Think Like a Picky Eater and Never Diet Again.



Hypnosis Happens Everywhere
Is hypnosis for the weak minded? Is it a placebo? Can people be hypnotized without their awareness or consent? The goal of this talk is to share with the audience what hypnosis is really about, how their belief system is created. Audience members will learn how to hypnotize others and themselves.

Why We See Food the Way We Do
Why we overeat? How are eating habits created? Why we love the food we love? Is it just the flavor of it? Why are there so many emotions linked to food? In this presentation you will learn how your beliefs about food were created, how some foods are emotionally charged and what to do about it.


  • TedX
  • Fremont Rotary Club
  • Center for Spiritual Living San Jose
  • Mountain View High School
  • Newark Rotary Club
    Also has been interviewed on several radio and TV channels


“As the principal at Slonaker Academy, I can attest that many parents at our school have said that their lives had been changed by attending Alba’s seminars.  Alba’s seminars focus mainly on self-esteem and goal setting. These seminars have helped them not only personally but in their family as well. Parents have become more caring and loving with their children and with themselves as well. Parents seem to be empowered and actually take positive steps to improve their own lives.

Alba’s strengths include making people want to change for the better. She has a way of saying things that is easy for them to understand and remember. She uses lots of real life stories to communicate her concepts.

I have noticed that her seminars filled easily because of her skills and personality. She is indeed a “Pied Piper” for positive growth for adults and children alike. Alba’s skills as a presenter are professional and she is also very personable. She is among the top presenters I have seen in my 20+ years as a school administrator.  I would not hesitate to have her here at my school again.”

~ Dr. Ricardo Balderas, Principal, Harry Slonaker Academy 

Web site: www.AlbaAlamillo.com

YouTube video: How Accurate is Your Self-Perception TEDx Mountain View High School