April 28, 2017

Bruce Frankel ~ Author & Wealth Consultant


Are you looking for something different? Do you long for it to be PRACTICAL, REAL WORLD, USEFUL?

Bruce brings together over 20 years of incredibly diverse real world experience with his advanced degrees and designations in business and finance to help people not just understand the opportunities they are missing, but also WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!

Bruce uses storytelling and “frank” messages to engage the audience in a way other than the usual boring tax, business and finance speak you hear at seminars and conferences.

Bruce Frankel is an author, public speaker, the Wealth Consultant of Yerba Buena Financial Partners, LLC and Planned Giving Consultant of Yerba Buena Wealth Advisors, LLC. With experience in international and domestic business issues and consulting, he is the co-creator of The Wealth Impact Process, serves as co-portfolio manager for the firm and is responsible for general business planning and management. With his deep knowledge of entity structuring, tax issues, and employee and executive benefits, Bruce is particularly well positioned to assist clients with business planning – from inception to transition. He also enjoys using his knowledge and experience to implement investment plans for successful business owners and executives that help them reduce their tax liability while also saving for retirement.

Bruce is the author of a series of articles, Frankel-y Speaking: How the Sausage is Made in the Financial Services Industry.

Bruce has unique and comprehensive experience in finance, marketing, and operations as he has worked in over 10 countries, with businesses of all sizes, including small family owned firms to large corporations. His educational background includes an MBA with Honors in International Business & Entrepreneurialism from the EDHEC Business School in Nice, France, a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University and a BS in Hospitality Management from UNLV. He holds the coveted designation, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional and is also an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®). He is an Academy member of the National Speakers Association, Planned Giving Counsel of Northern California, and is a board member of the San Rafael Little League.


The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made by Successful Entrepreneurs with Their Personal Finances and What You Can Do About It

In this talk , Bruce teaches the common missed opportunities by even the most successful business owners. Successful business owners are driven, passionate people about their business but personal finance takes them out of their comfort zone. Bruce works with entrepreneurs to:

  • Identify and limit exposure to the 5 wealth predators of society
  • Help them keep more of their wealth
  • Optimize business continuity and transition
  • Help reduce tax liability
  • Walk away with other important information that is not usually taught in business school.

The goal: Keep what you earn and make an even greater impact!  

The 7 Most Influential Planned Giving Trends… And How Concerned Nonprofits Can Take Action Now!

Research presented uncovers the latest insights on the challenges non-profits face as they continue to fundraise in today’s environment, as well as key donor concerns, and how to respond appropriately. You will learn:

  1. What are the 7 Influential Trends fundraisers face today?
  2. What role do endowments play in securing a nonprofit’s future?
  3. Why are nonprofits essential to the economic future of our country?
  4. What is the media telling your donors and how is it changing their view of you?
  5. What rung does charity occupy on the donor’s Responsibility Ladder?
  6. What are Boards unknowingly doing to sabotage your planned giving efforts?
  7. What is the One Message that will get your donors’ attention?
  8. Is your website worth the time and money?
  9. What planned giving tools are the most effective today… and why?
  10. How do you find more willing and able donors with limited resources?

… And much more.

The presentation has been described as “informative, interesting, and inspiring” and is often attended by Executive Director, Planned Giving Officers and Development Directors of local and regional proximity. 


The Marin Association of Realtors, San Rafael
The Renaissance Entrepreneur Center, San Rafael
Small Business Administration, San Francisco
The Renaissance Entrepreneur Center, San Rafael
The Donor Motivation Program
WORK Petaluma
Rotary Club of Dublin
Rotary Club of Vallejo
Rotary Club of Mission San Rafael


“Any successful entrepreneur will want to hear what Bruce has to say about organizing their affairs to avoid mistakes and optimize opportunities.”
Michele Hassid , CPA, Eckhoff and Company 

“Bruce is a dynamic speaker who’s not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom of most in the finance world –it’s refreshing how he inspires people to get off the ‘procrastination glacier’.”
~ Kevin C. O’Keefe, Mortgage Banker, California Mortgage Advisors, Inc.

“Bruce spoke for our group several times. Each time people love his stories and his engaging style to motivate them to take action. We’d love to have him back.”
~ Mark Machado / Realtor Bradley Real Estate

“Bruce’s presentation to the Mission San Rafael Rotary Club was exceptional. He comfortably established his expertise to this group of professionals and introduced us to new perspectives of finance management. With his inclusive personality and his solid knowledge, Bruce gave this audience a fresh look at issues we love to avoid in our business and in our personal finances. Thank you for your inspirational presentation.”
~ Suzanne Mabardy, Rotary Club of Mission San Rafael

“As another professional in Bruce’s industry (I’m also a financial planner.), Bruce delivered a well thought out presentation. He engaged this audience of individuals who are challenging to get to pay attention, let alone learn something that would benefit them. A number of them took with them a lesson or two from Bruce’s presentation.”
~ J.D. Miller, Rotary Club of Vallejo, Program Chair

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