October 23, 2017

Dr. Debra Dupree ~ Conflict Coach

Debra is a dynamic and engaged speaker, never failing to excite her audience. She has nearly 30 years of professional experience as an accomplished corporate consultant and keynote speaker.  Companies such as Teradata, Yamaha, Stanford University, Cal Western School of Law, and the Department of Navy have called upon her to “train their trainers” as […]

Chance Massaro ~ Memory Coach

Chance Massaro, developer of Memory Back Guarantee, grew up with a mom who taught third grade and a dad who was a university professor.  Suppertime conversations were often about helping people learn easily and well.  Both parents loved to tell stories about unlikely students succeeding and that is where Chance developed the passion which has […]

Liana Chaouli ~ Image Therapist

Liana Chaouli, is the President and Founder of Image Therapists International Inc. and a globally recognized thought leader, style expert and educator. Liana creates transformation for her clients through the power of wardrobe, and for two decades, she has consulted top CEOs, celebrities, media personalities and political figures on matters of self-image and style. As […]

A.J. MacQuarrie ~ Wantrepreneur Coach

Learn how a young entrepreneur turned a $20,000 investment into a multi-million dollar enterprise! An audience favorite, A.J. is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and recognized for his ability to WOW audiences with his amazing story as to how he turned a failure into a monumental success. A.J. is the CEO and […]

Kristine Carey ~ Catalyst Coach

Kristine Carey brings enthusiasm, expertise and humor to her work. She has 14 years’ experience coaching and facilitating free agents, tiny businesses, and the otherwise self-employed, empowering them to align their talents and passions with their business goals. She is a trained and Certified Coach, owner of Moxie, Inc., where she is Chief Catalyst, and […]

Diane Halfman ~ SpaLife Curator + Organizational Expert

Diane Halfman is a celebrity Speaker, Philanthropist and the international Premier Expert in the science and psychology of SpaLife. SpaLife is a lifestyle that accepts the notion that accomplishment and harmony can co-exist. She believes everyone deserves to experience surroundings that feel like a sanctuary of beauty.  As the SpaLife Curator, she shows high-achieving women […]

Eric Mindling ~ Head Honcho Traditions Mexico, Inc

Since 1992, Eric Mindling has lived in Oaxaca, Mexico working with traditional artisans, researching and creating markets for indigenous pottery, writing articles and books about pottery and textiles, forming an exhibit highlighting indigenous pottery and knowledge, running a cultural tour company and doing photography that shares the strength of these people and their ways. Eric […]

Linda Patten, MBA ~ Leadership Expert

Linda Patten, MBA in Organizational Behavior and Management, RN, Certified Meeting Manager, has always been a dreamer and a leader. She has been developing leaders for over 40 years and understands that daring to lead takes courage; that daring to dream takes vision. With this extensive experience in guiding leaders, she has developed programs and […]

Julie Brain Lady Anderson

Julie Anderson is an international public speaker; business and communication, relationship consultant and coach; as well as a published author. For over 15 years she has been speaking on topics related to improving all areas of life by understanding the Brain Personality Connection. In May of 2009 she created Your Best Mind the parent company […]

Jill A. Lublin ~ Public Relations Expert

Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals. She is the author of four best-selling books including Get Noticed…Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic. Her latest book, Profit of Kindness, is published by Career Press. Jill is a master strategist […]

Mellissa Rempfer ~ Business Community Development

WITH MORE THAN TWO DECADES OF ENTREPRENEURIAL AND INCOME DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE TO HER CREDIT, Mellissa Rempfer is a highly sought-after presenter who makes everyone feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-earth style. She delivers practical topics that provide audiences with simple, actionable ideas, plus the clarity and motivation to put […]

Laura Gisborne ~ Innovative Business Expert

Laura Gisborne is a highly successful business expert with more than 20 years’ experience.  From structuring and selling small boutique businesses to owning a multi-million-dollar wine and real estate empire, Laura has owned nine businesses, her first when she was only 23 years old. Laura is an internationally recognized speaker and serves as a business […]

Carolyn Coker Ross, MD, MPH ~ Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine for Eating Disorders, Addictions, Obesity and Mental Health Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is an internationally known author, speaker, expert and pioneer in the use of Integrative Medicine for the treatment of Eating Disorders, Obesity and Addictions.  She is a graduate of Andrew Weil’s Fellowship Program in Integrative Medicine. She is the former head […]

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer ~ Diamond Formation Leadership Expert

When choosing a speaker for your next event, consider the topic of Diamond Formation Leadership presented by Dr. Axel Meierhoefer, PhD. Diamond Formation is a term that originates from military aviation and indicates the art of staying in a three dimensional position with four fighter jets. Axel has 22 years of experience in Air Force […]

Caterina Rando ~ Business Breakthrough Dynamo for Women Entrepreneurs

Be Yourself • Do Your Thing • Serve Your People • Massively Monetize Your Mastery                          Caterina Rando, is a sought-after-speaker, bestselling author, magazine publisher and philanthropist. She shows women how to thrive in business, recognize their leadership abilities and be loud and proud about […]

Loren Fogelman ~ Business Success Expert

More similarities, than differences, exist between business and sports. When speaking, Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution, reveals the secrets to success by highlighting what happens behind the scenes. As a therapist turned business coach, she’s dedicated her professional life to helping entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals transform challenges and obstacles into opportunities. Loren is […]

Chester Santos ~ Memory Training Expert & International Speaker

Chester Santos, “The International Man of Memory”, has left an impression on all corners of the earth. Through his ability to demonstrate extraordinary feats of the mind, as well as educate others to do the same, this U.S. Memory Champion is widely regarded to be one of the greatest memory experts in the world.  He has helped thousands of people to realize […]