March 27, 2017

Caterina Rando ~ Business Breakthrough Dynamo for Women Entrepreneurs


Make your business thrive! Solidify your vision. Upgrade your plans. Accelerate your success.                               

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC is a business breakthrough dynamo! For more than 17 years she has passionately taught women entrepreneurs how to accelerate the growth of their businesses—double and triple revenue while establishing themselves as recognized experts.

Always a top rated speaker she is known for her dynamic, warm, uplifting, and authentic speaking style. Caterina’s own entrepreneurial spirit draws listeners to her and fully inspires them to believe in their ability to accelerate business growth and achieve rapid-fire success.

Her programs are a blend of innovative and sustainable business strategies, inspirational stories, concise, executable business lessons and transformational moments that set the heart racing with visions of future possibilities and success. She encourages audience participation through a series of exercises that easily create networking and shared learning.

Caterina’s commitment—to show women entrepreneurs how to succeed in business—is ever evident in every one of her sessions. Invite her to give a workshop, keynote, or breakout session. Her expert guidance and thousands of hours of platform experience coupled with her ability to encourage women to believe in their inherent ability to be successful guarantees participants leave her seminars more positive, powerful and ready to take action.

She is an award-winning professional speaker, a master certified coach and author of the national best-seller Learn to Power Think, now published abroad in 11 languages. She has published hundreds of articles in top-notch, respected publications like Redbook, Woman’s Day, Balance, Self, Training and many others.

She is also the creator of the Sought After Speaker Summit and the Business Breakthrough Summit. Both programs show entrepreneurs how to become loud and proud about the value they bring: to their clients, their community, themselves.

As the founder of THRIVE Publishing, Caterina has published over twenty-five books that allow entrepreneurs to become published authors and get their message heard. This helps them expand their credibility, build their expert platform and generate additional revenue.

In her spare time, Caterina raises money for entrepreneurship education around the world.


Make Your Business ThriveSeven Strategies for Insta-Success
Accelerate your path to business growth. This session teaches you how to leverage time and maximize efforts with strategic and creative ways to increase profits and create a sustainable business. Caterina’s focus is on:

  • Presenting your expertise in a variety of ways to easily attract clients.
  • Explaining value-added marketing and the smart strategies that will explode your revenue growth.
  • Creating your power results team.
  • Double or triple your client base, plus your revenue. 
  • Demonstrating the #1 business principle that keeps you operating in the black—from now and into the future.

This powerful program provides a clear path for participants from where they are to where they want to be. This program will catapult each participant into immediate action to enjoy a thriving business.

Become a Sought-After Speaker and Make Your Business Thrive
The shortest distance between you and a full client base is speaking, networking and referrals. Get started with this thrilling, yes-you-can session that focuses on:

  • Defining your speaking strategy: Identify where your potential clients gather, then position yourself so you become the chosen speaker at their next event.
  • Generating advanced interest in your programs. Establish yourself as an expert long before your presentation begins.
  • Engaging the room before, during and after your program so you come home with clients.
  • Using speaking to build an ongoing relationship with clients for more money now and more money later. 

This program is highly interactive and builds insta-confidence because of all the speaking strategizing and practice done in the training room.

You are The Expert! Be Loud and Proud and Make Your Business Thrive
Do people know you are an expert at what you do? If you are an entrepreneur — the answer must be yes! In this energetic, fast-paced talk Caterina shares the key steps that will burnish your expert status and connect you with more clients and opportunities.

  • Begin to see yourself as an expert: Create a plan that consistently grows your name and business reputation.
  • Discover how value-added marketing builds your expert status, your list and attracts insta-clients.
  • Fix the biggest mistake that stands between you and your acknowledged expertise in the online world.
  • Communicate your expert status with innovative ways to write articles and blog posts that draw attention to you. 

After this program, everyone will see all the ways to share their value while growing their business and they will have a clear action plan to make it happen.

Be All in and Make Your Business Thrive 
Accelerate your path to business growth. This session teaches you how to adjust your thinking with strategic and creative ideas to keep you energized every day and increase your revenue with ease. Caterina’s focus is on supporting you to:

  • Create a compelling vision that fuels your path to your next level of success
  • Embracing your brilliant idea syndrome and focusing it on generating more sales
  • Double or triple your client base, by being yourself- only better.

This powerful program provides a clear internal path for participants from where they are to where they want to be. This program will catapult each participant into immediate action to enjoy a thriving business.

Caterina Rando, enjoys a high-six figure income working from home with no staff. Her days are filled with doing what she loves and she is going to share with you the key principles to embrace to live your ideal business life.

Influence Power for Women
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone always loved to see you, if your calls always got returned immediately and if every time you asked someone for something you got an insta-yes? That is what happens when you have influence power. So many women do not realize that they have a lot of influence already and that with just a little attention on it, while embracing the qualities that cultivate influence they can have so much more. That is what this eye-opening and thought provoking program will discuss.

Hosting Your Own Women’s Events and Retreats
Many women love to gather women together. This talk will show them how create unique, memorable events that fulfill the mission of the event be it to connect women, raise money for a cause or cultivate a community for fun and profit. Caterina will share some of the rookie mistakes to avoid and what to know before during and after to uplift women and keep them coming back. 

Starting a Women’s Giving Circle
So many women think someday they would like to start a non-profit organization that helps people. Most women never will because of the huge amount of time and red tape involved but also because they do not know how easy and incredible it is to start a giving circle. This talk will show why a giving circle is the right solution for busy women, how to determine who to raise money for, how to structure your circle so it only takes a few days a year and has massive impact with the people you want to serve.



  • Association of Image Consultants International Annual Conference
  • Business Women’s Success Conference
  • eWomen Network International Conference & Business Expo
  • International Federation of Business and Professional Women Conference
  • International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals
  • International Coach Federation Annual Conference
  • California Assn of Personnel Consultants Annual Conference
  • Central California Women’s Conference
  • Income Explosion Summit
  • National Association of Professional Organizers Regional Conference
  • National Speakers Association Annual Conference
  • National Speakers Association of New Zealand Annual Conference
  • Marin County Annual Women’s Conference
  • Professional & Businesswomen’s Conference of California
  • The Prosperity Summit
  • Take Action, Get Profits Conference
  • Seattle Women in Small Business Annual Conference
  • S. Small Business Conference
  • Women’s Business Success Conference
  • Women’s Leadership Exchange Annual Regional Conferences
  • Women’s Small Business Exposition
  • Young Careerist International Conference


“Caterina was a featured speaker at the U.S. Small Business Conference and she was a huge hit. She does a great job of providing a lot of content in a fun and engaging way. The audience loved it and I am so glad we booked her to speak.”
~ Darlene Willman, founder, U.S. Small Business Conference

“I heard all positive and enthusiastic comments from the attendees at your workshop. One session attendee said ‘I felt I could use the information from the workshop as soon as I returned.’ I will definitely add you to our list of speakers for a repeat performance.”
~ Nancy Nicholson, Women in Leadership at Lucent Conference

“Caterina, your evaluations were fabulous! Here are some of the comments from the women in the audience: ‘Excellent speaker, best of the seminars!’ ‘Wonderful, compelling, positive!’ ‘How can you not improve your life after listening to Caterina!’ ‘Speaker is a real person who continues to grow. I could have listened all day.’ We look forward to having you back next year.”
~Susan Forester, Central California Women’s Conference

“Caterina’s presentation was high energy, and a wonderful mix of salient content, interactivity and fun! Through it all, Caterina’s warmth and dedication to helping women achieve came shining through.”
~ Fabiola Torres, International Young Careerist Women’s Conference

“Caterina is an awesome speaker, I love having her at my events. She provides so much value and really energizes the audience. She has great stories and gives people ideas they can act on immediately. When we look at the participant feedback, Caterina is always a top-rated speaker.”
~ Michele Scism, Founder, Take Action, Get Profits Conference

“I am so glad I invited Caterina to speak at our Ultimate Networking Conference. She is so great at connecting with everyone in the room and making them all feel she is the only one speaking to them. She has so much great information and she inspires the audience to feel like they can make it all happen. I look forward to having her back soon.”
~ Tonya Hoffman, Founder, The Ultimate Networking Conference

“Your session was excellent – one of the best I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been around!). I especially appreciated your warmth and your peaceful spirit and of course, your many great ideas.”
~ Karen Brunger, Association of Image Consultants International Annual Conference


Caterina is the co-author of several business and leadership books including:

  • Women Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
  • Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
  • Incredible Business
  • Make Your Connections Count
  • Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women
  • Socially Smart and Savvy
  • Best-selling author of Learn to Power Think, available in 11 languages


  • Master Certified Coach
  • Publisher and founder of Thrive Publishing
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Qmetrics® Corporation
  • BA, organizational behavior, University of San Francisco
  • MS, life transitions counseling psychology, University of San Francisco


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