October 23, 2017

Chance Massaro ~ Memory Coach

Chance Massaro, developer of Memory Back Guarantee, grew up with a mom who taught third grade and a dad who was a university professor.  Suppertime conversations were often about helping people learn easily and well.  Both parents loved to tell stories about unlikely students succeeding and that is where Chance developed the passion which has guided his profession for the last forty years.

Chance obtained a California Secondary Credential in 1969 and taught in San Francisco and Oakland.  During the seventies he taught ESL in Athens Greece and Rome Italy then study skills throughout New England.  Returning to the West Coast, Chance earned a Master’s and Junior College Credential while writing a very unusual book on study skills and creating a tutorial department for the E.O.P.S. of City College of San Francisco.  After five years there, he led the Learning Assistance Center of Sonoma State University before starting his own business as a free-lance educator and business consultant.

In 2003 Chance published his third book, Easy Genius which intends to help people to become acquainted with how their own unique brain works and how to use their brains more effectively and with more joy.  The book was such a success that Chance rewrote it (2005) specifically for people in organizations who had to learn new information daily in our rapidly changing environment, producing Easy Genius at Work.

Since 2005, Chance has been giving seminars, key note speeches and individual coaching on learning fast and remembering whatever you want.  Chance now works for parents, teachers, adults and elders, helping people to use their native thinking strengths.  His program (Mind Your Memory) is based on the principle of positive inquiry.  When someone notices that a thinking process worked well, she asks herself the positive question, “Why was that successful?”  When asked this enough times, brains begin to tell, “It was because of the preparation,” or “I liked the colors in the room,” or “I made weird connections,” or “I just used it a lot.”  Whatever answer comes after that original question, indicates a strength which can be used to empower, build confidence and REMEMBER WHATEVER YOU WANT.


City College of San Francisco: Learn Fast: Remember What You Want
Sonoma State University: Presentation Skills
Santa Rosa Junior College: Win/Win Conflict Resolution
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce: Humor in the Workplace
Oakmont Senior Living:  Have Fun Improving Your Memory
O’Connor Marketing Mastery Program: Transform Your Audience into Participants
Rotary Mission San Rafael
Experience Unlimited Contra Costa
Kiwanis Petaluma


“Though I was skeptical, I loved your presentation and felt happy for days after – your song about ‘breathing, it’s the most important part’ – has stuck with me and I have sung it to others at work.  I also demonstrated the hum hug to a coworker.  From what I got, my staff did enjoy the training and can use it for their own self care as well as helping the children with whom we work calm down and feel good. Thank You.”
– Annette Jumper    Program Manager, Carmichael Youth Home    
“I really enjoyed your fun talk on impacting brain chemicals!  Though it was somewhat scientific, I understood what the four “Happy Chemicals” do and how to produce them.  Left me hungry for more!  I know my next talk will be better because I will follow your advice of getting the audience to participate.”
– Janet Ryan, Spiritual Advisor   
“The impact of Chance Massaro’s ending keynote presentation to our 2017 conference was substantial. The 200 attendees participated enthusiastically. They left with tools to use to positively impact their own emotions as well as those of the children and adults they serve. I witnessed the excitement in the room and some of the results of the learning in our day-to-day therapeutic work.”
 – John Glass, Recreation Therapy Institute 
“I appreciate the results of the training Chance Massaro presented in May of this year. The training was focused on modifying an individual’s hormones and neurotransmitters toward increasing emotional intelligence and control. Our staff needs to control their own emotional responses as well as those of the youth they serve. The trainings had a positive effect in assisting our staff in their ability to work with our clients.”  
 – Robert Pye, CEO, Paradise Oaks Youth Services