July 21, 2018

Christoph Nauer ~ Business Profit & Balance Coach

How to Obtain Funding & Triple Your Productivity

Christoph Nauer is founder and CEO of Profit & Life Balance Consulting, an enterprise established to assist corporate executives and business owners in their pursuit of personal and business excellence. Born, raised, and educated in Switzerland, he earned an advanced degree and intense leadership training by some of the most revered management experts including Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, and Christian Mickelsen. Christoph brings his international viewpoint and a work/life integrative perspective to leaders.

Christoph has dedicated more than 20 years to business management as executive, coach, trainer, mentor, consultant, speaker, and writer. Christoph helps clients to achieve optimal results in all aspects of their lives. He has helped leaders multiply productivity, minimize stress, increase happiness, and improve relationships. Christoph cannot help but see the unique value of each individual and helps leaders engender motivation and get the most from their teams.

Profit & Life Balance Consulting is the creation of a Swiss educated and trained business coach/consultant with experience and wisdom honed through more than 20 years of service to executives in implementing change to streamline business, enhance group dynamics, and take advantage of opportunities for growth and sustainability. Profit & Life Balance Consulting serves business executives, managers, and enterprising individuals with organizational, communication, and staff/relationship challenges. Profit & Life Balance Consulting takes the time to thoroughly understand the need of his clients, and proposes solutions to enhance organizational efficiencies (time management, delegation strategies, structural change, business strategies, staff motivation, work/life balance). Profit & Life Balance Consulting provides a holistic approach that integrates concepts of leadership, team development, staff motivation, organizational health, financial impact, training, and spirituality.


How to Successfully Obtain Funding for your Business AND how to use it Wisely, Effectively and Efficiently to Triple your Productivity.

In this unique presentation you will hear from not one, but two excellent executives who have a passion for helping others achieve success in their business.  Whether your business is well-established, in start-up mode or you’re just considering going into business for yourself for the first time, you’ll find this presentation to be extremely educational and life changing.

In short, Mark and Christoph will cover how to obtain the necessary funding to grow and expand your business, independent of your bank’s decision and how to effectively utilize this funding to triple your profits and productivity while reducing your stress and work hours.  We guarantee you will learn how to work smarter, not harder.

Mark, a serial entrepreneur and nationwide alternative lender, is coming to inform and share his wealth of knowledge with your group, strictly to educate business owners on how to prepare themselves and their organization to obtain financing quickly, affordably and efficiently.

Christoph is sharing his wealth of knowledge with your group, strictly to educate business owners and busy executives on how to double or triple their productivity & time off, own their schedule, eliminate stress and set SMART goals.

Note: This is a joint presentation done with Mark Lojacono who pulls in his expertise related to procuring business loans. Business owners turn to Mark as a significant resource when their traditional banking relationship goes awry. Mark introduces audiences to an alternative, successful approach on how to move forward and secure the funds needed for their business.


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  • Women’s Council of Realtors Contra Costa
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary Club of Fremont
  • Rotary Club of Alamo

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