January 22, 2018

DIY…Get Booked to Speak / Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Biz (Consulting & Training)

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As a speakers’ agent who has booked more than 800 speaking engagements on behalf of my clients it’s safe to say I know how to get people booked to speak!

Private Consulting
– here we learn about YOUR business…YOUR successes…YOUR challenges and any questions you might have. As it’s private we can go into detail on where to find groups to speak to, reaching the right people to get booked. You’ll also receive suggestions on how to better brand yourself as a speaker as well as to learn of possible resources to help you with your needs so you can get booked to share your message and bring in back-of-the-room sales!

Consultations are done via Zoom so I can screenshare and literally “show” you what we’re discussing. It will be recorded and shared with you so you can refer back to our consultation whenever you wish for a refresher.

$150 per one-hour consultation

Pop me a quick email so we can schedule a date/time…




“Anastasia is someone who authentically cares about her clients. She knows the speaking industry well and my recent consultation with her was full of important guidance to strengthen my speaking profile. Her commitment to my success was evident in her attention to detail, recommendations, and referrals. She is someone you want on your team!”
~ Stephanie Staidle, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT Consultant and Mindset Coach

“Having worked with a number of marketing consultants, having time with Anastasia raised the bar! Knowledgeable and experienced, she intuitively offered unique and detailed suggestions that zeroed in short term and long term needs for my business. If you are looking for a high touch consultant who provides exceptional follow up, I can highly recommend contacting Anastasia.”
~ Barbara Hoffer, Owner/Founder, Back9 Pilates

“Anastasia is a must have. The advice she gave me was excellent. She really cares about her clients. Her help and follow-up was very helpful. I recommend her as a must to all entrepreneurs. She has helped me in many ways.”
~ Barbara T. Marshall, Owner/Founder, Love Your Life Ministries

“I just finished an hour consultation with Anastasia.  Wow!  She is organized, delightfully energetic and full of information with contacts to move me forward. I am still buzzing as I work towards creating better marketing strategies. I highly recommend a consultation.  It’s invaluable.  Thank you Anastasia” 
~ Megan Donner, Principal, Lead Facilitator at Better Speaking, Better Listening

“Had an excellent consult with Anastasia. She covered everything from assembling my profile to streamlining my presentation. Also gave me great observations on my website. I can’t recommend her enough – gave me lots of good feedback.”
~ Dick Scoppettone, Accredited Business Consultant/Owner, Little Biz

“Anastasia is very knowledgeable when it comes to public speaking, especially using public speaking as a marketing tool. I had the privilege of consulting with Anastasia regarding my plan to promote my business through public speaking. I learned a lot from listening to her. I definitely recommend her.
~ Gregory Alipit, Insurance Broker