February 22, 2019

Dot Spaet ~ Self Help Back Pain Specialist

Dot Spaet is an engaging speaker with a useful message for back pain sufferers.

Not every speaker can get the audience involved like Dot does regularly.

Her expertise is indicated by her 91% success rate in getting rid of Back Pain. Her presentations are interactive and she gives the audience simple exercises that they can do on their own to prevent and eliminate back pain.

Her love for her work shines through her words; she is not only knowledgeable but fun and inspiring.



3 Simple Steps to a Strong, Pain Free Back – In this presentation your audience will learn how to:

  • Decrease back and neck pain almost immediately.
  • Bend in a way that does not hurt your back or neck.
  • Stop re-injuring your back.
  • Sit comfortably at your computer for hours
  • Identify the 3 key elements you need to know to make your pain go away permanently

Your Bottom Line Depends on Your Back Health – Why it ALWAYS helps your bottom line to take care of your back.

Taking care of you and your employees’ back not only saves money, it increases productivity.  This is true whether you/they are currently experiencing back pain or not. – In this presentation your audience will learn:

  • Back pain is the #1 reason for absence from work AND the #1 cause for disability worldwide, with an estimated annual cost of $61.2 billion in lost productive time.
  • Prevention is key!  Watch what to do to keep YOUR back in great shape.
  • Little known secrets that are simple and easy to do to prevent back pain that also work to get rid of it.  Some moves can even be done at your desk!

Nutrition Guidelines for a Pain-free Body and Vibrant Health – In this presentation your audience will learn:

  • What foods will give you more energy.
  • How to eat to keep inflammation and pain away.
  • Some surprise on foods to avoid.


  • Rotary Clubs (District 5130) Rohnert Park-Cotati, Rancho Cotati, Napa Sunrise, Santa Rosa West
  • Rotary Clubs (District 5150) Novato Sunrise, Marin Sunrise,  Tiburon-Belvedere, Mission San Rafael, San Rafael, Marin
  • Rotary Clubs (District 5160) Solano Sunset, Vallejo, Pleasanton, Alamo
  • Oakmont Sunday Symposium
  • Kiwanis Clubs of Healdsburg, Oakmont, Napa
  • SIR (Sons in Retirement) Branches 122 San Rafael, 147 Petaluma, 22 Ignacio Pacheco (San Rafael), 92 Oakmont, 68 San Rafael, 58 Petaluma
  • Commonwealth Club of California-Grownups Forum
  • WORK Petaluma


“Dot’s style of presentation showed her mastery of the subject matter, and her method of drawing the audience into the presentation reinforced the learning points.”
~ John Milford, Chair, Grownups Forum, Commonwealth Club of California

“Dot gave a very informative and entertaining speech. She engaged the audience who paid her full attention throughout her presentation. She had the audience on their feet learning how to cure their own back pain. I am very glad we had her to the Oakmont Sunday Symposium.”
~ Gordon Freedman, Speaker Chair, Oakmont Sunday Symposium

“Not every speaker can get the audience involved like Dot did our Rotary Club. She got most of the audience involved doing the exercises with her. Some even stood up and went to the back of the room for more space. Dot is engaging, her presentation is informative, and your group will enjoy themselves. 
~ JD Miller, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Vallejo

“Dot Spaet is an engaging speaker with a useful message for the back pain sufferers among us. Her common sense approach is refreshing, and her personal experience gives validity to the strategy she suggests.” 
~ Judy Wilson, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Tiburon-Belvedere

“Dot was a great speaker. We felt engaged and willing to participate. Her information was useful and practical. Everyone could benefit from what Dot has to share.”
~Michelle Hock, Speaker Chair, Kiwanis Club of Napa

“Dot was very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. Her presentation was interactive and she gave the members simple exercises that they can do on their own to prevent and eliminate back pain.” 
~ Ted Giesige, Little SIR, Branch 122 San Rafael

“Dot Spaet did a great job presenting ways to minimize back pain through different exercises. She had all seventy members of our group involved in all of the exercises that she presented. Dot is a very effective speaker.” 
~ Richard Zanotti, Little SIR, Branch 147 Petaluma

“She had a lot of great information for a group that lives in LAZBOYS. I was grateful to hear her say – get out of them!”
~ Rafaela Morillas, Speaker Chair, Oakmont Kiwanis

Web site: GetOutofBackPain.com

Video’s by Dot

Drinking Water for a Healthy Back
Chair sits (to strengthen your legs)
Arm circles (to tone your arms)
Yoga Intermediate (for overall fitness)
Chair twist (for back pain & flexibility)
Five Keys to Get Rid of Back Pain (Oakmont Sunday Symposium)