January 17, 2019

Drs. Allen & Sharon Dubner, D.C.

In addition to practicing at their Health and Wellness Center in San Jose CA, for over 30 years, Dr. Allen Dubner, D.C. and Dr. Sharon Dubner, D.C. have been providing natural health strategies lectures throughout Santa Clara County at corporations such as Sony Corporation and Lockheed Martin Corporation, Universities and colleges, school districts and community centers and groups. They have given over 900 of these public self-help wellness/lifestyle strategies talks.

Dr. Allen Dubner, D.C. and Dr. Sharon Dubner, D.C. received doctorates in Chiropractic in 1984 and 1986 respectfully from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West. They have a passion for helping community members achieve greater health and wellness through increasing their awareness of lifestyle choices and believe that when people are educated they will make more responsible, positive choices regarding their overall wellbeing.



Blood Sugar Balance Strategies to Avoid Disease, Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Great!

Do you have brain fog, mood swings, weight issues, fatigue, constipation, sugar/food cravings, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol? Your symptoms are real and there are natural strategies for you!

Join Dr. Sharon Dubner, D.C. & Dr. Allen Dubner, D.C. who have helped many people normalize their blood sugar levels naturally so that their MD has taken them off medications. Learn how sugar balance is affecting your health problems, how to eat sweet and still be healthy, breaking the sugar-stress connection, key sugar strategies to lose weight and have abundant energy and prevent disease, and breakthrough easy natural self-help techniques.


ORACLE Corporation, Santa Clara
Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale
Sony Corporation, San Jose-Sunnyvale/Cupertino Adult Ed. Center, Sunnyvale
Adult Ed. Center, Los Gatos and Campbell
Whole Foods Market, Campbell and Cupertino
Borders Bookstore, Los Gatos, Santana Row, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale
Intel Corporation–Sunnyvale – Linda Evans Fitness Center, Cupertino
The Right Stuff Health Club, Cupertino – Southwest YMCA, Saratoga
Northwest YMCA, Sunnyvale – Boney’s Market, Sunnyvale
Samsung Electronics, San Jose – East West Bookstore, Mountain View
Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center, Los Gatos
NBC-TV For Heaven’s Sake, KRON/ San Francisco
The Patnaude Business Executive Training Program
Catholic Women’s Network, Santa Clara County
Measurex Corporation – Center for Creative Living, San Jose
Contempo Real Estate Company, Sunnyvale
Hindu Community Centers, Sunnyvale
Shirdi Sai Hindu Community Center, Milpitas
Divorce Transition Group, Los Altos and San Jose
Marianist Center Supper Talks, Cupertino
Healing Connection, San Jose
St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Los Altos
Trinity Lutheran Church of San Jose
Unity Church of Palo Alto
Unity Church of San Jose
Multiple Sclerosis Society, Santa Clara County
Curves for Women, Los Gatos and Saratoga
DeAnza College
Bikram Yoga Santa Clara
Stanford University
Rotary Los Gatos


“We are very fortunate to have Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon Dubner as instructors for our education programs in Los Gatos. For over a decade they have provided stellar self-help wellness seminars. Students tell me how grateful they are for this clear, powerful way to help themselves improve their health. They use words like inspiring, great speakers, valuable knowledge with humor, great at answering my questions, and caring doctors to describe their experience attending their talks. I am impressed that the doctors provide implementation packets with detailed steps that the students can undertake after attending their talks to implement the positive wellness strategies that they teach. I whole heartily recommend these doctors.”
~ Janet Sumpter, Adult and 55 Plus Program Supervisor – Los Gatos Community and Recreation

“For many years I have had the pleasure to have Dr. Allen Dubner and Dr. Sharon Dubner work as instructors for the De Anza College Community Program. Their wellness strategies lectures have been well attended with feedback from the attending students ranging from very good to excellent. People have commented in course evaluations the Dubner’s self-help workshops are extremely informative, as well as very easy-to-understand and implement. In conversations I have had with the doctors, it is evident they have a true mission to help others create optimal wellness for themselves. It is my pleasure to recommend these personable, caring, and knowledgeable speakers to any community organization that wants to inspire and educate their members to create high levels of wellness for themselves.”
~ Michael Hegglung, Dean, Community & Continuing Education -De Anza College

“It has been a wonderful experience for all involved having Dr. Sharon and Dr. Allen provides free lectures at our YMCA center. Their talks have been well attended and well received by guests. I personally attended their talk on Natural Wellness Strategies. I was impressed with their excellent public speaking ability and their rapport with the audience. Not only did their talk provide jam-packed useful information, but they also gave each attendee clear written materials, so they could easily implement Natural Health Solutions in their day-to-day lives. The talks were both informative and delightfully humorous, making it a fun learning environment. It was an outstanding presentation.”
~ Lloyd Moore, Total Health Director – Northwest YMCA, Cupertino, CA

“After each class, we send out course evaluations to the individual students and we have received very positive reviews regarding their classes. Our students comment that these doctors are very knowledgeable about their areas of expertise and they provide invaluable information in regard to the individual classes being taught. One of their more popular classes is Sluggish Thyroids and they have received outstanding reviews about this class. Their classes fill at 30 students per class and we have to put students on “waiting lists” for the next class. Dr. Sharon and Allen Dubner have provided great classes to enhance the Health Section of our catalogue, and we look forward to having them continue to teach in our Sunnyvale-Cupertino Adult and Community Education Program.”
~ Ethel C. Kopal, Assistant Director – Sunnyvale-Cupertino Adult and Community Education Program

“I have known Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon for a number of years, during the course of my marketing efforts for Cupertino Whole Foods Market. I have attended their natural health lectures given by Whole Foods Market for customers and the community. The Dubners’ classes are always filled with valuable detailed information for Whole Foods customers and the community, and inspire all attendees to choose natural health solutions and create a natural lifestyle. While their manner is always professional, their style is at the same time caring, full of fun, and enthusiastic in helping people getting well naturally. Their classes have been well attended. The ratings by our customers of their programs are always at a very high level. It has been an enjoyable and beneficial experience working with the Drs. Dubner.”
~ Lydia Veale, Marketing & Community Relations Coordinator – Whole Foods Market Cupertino

Website: www.dubnerchiropractic.com