May 25, 2018

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer ~ Diamond Formation Leadership Expert


When choosing a speaker for your next event, consider the topic of Diamond Formation Leadership presented by Dr. Axel Meierhoefer, PhD.

Diamond Formation is a term that originates from military aviation and indicates the art of staying in a three dimensional position with four fighter jets. Axel has 22 years of experience in Air Force flying and teaching other aviators how to perform Diamond Formations. After retiring from the military, Axel studied Leadership and discovered that there are four core pillars to success in leadership that behave and have similar importance as the Diamond Formation in aviation.

As an expert in Diamond Formation Leadership, Axel brings an informative and inspirational approach to the subject with anecdotes, analogies and metaphors to explain the advantages to the members of your group or organization using these effective strategies for continual improvement.

Collaboration, Globalization, Team Building, Cultural Sensitivity

As one of the most interesting speakers of this or any generation, Axel Meierhoefer is grounded in the principle that your audience does not have to be “taught” anything. They will instead hear stories that inspire, taken from real life people who have suffered the arrows in their backs on the bleeding edge of change revealing the insight to achieve extraordinary results.

If you are looking for a memorable speaker who will leave your audience wanting more, then book Dr. Axel Meierhoefer today!


Diamond Formation Leadership – Four Pillars for Massive Business Success

We all want massive, sustained business success. This speech introduces the four pillars needed to get there and stay there. You will learn how to identify the best strategic and practical ways to make sure you balance these pillars to reach a new level. Axel will focus on:

  • Collaboration – the way you expand your area of influence beyond your team and immediate network to generate profits
  • Team Building – the way you form the kind of relationships that last, attract new clients and employees all the time and give you access to the secret of “6 degrees of separation”
  • Globalization – where you explore and tap into the amazing opportunities the global economy has to offer you so that your products and services have a clear competitive advantage.
  • Cultural Sensitivity – the new way to expand on diversity to the clear advantage of your business and run circles around the competition.

This powerful program shows you a clear path to integrate these four pillars and turn them into the engines that will lift your business to new heights.


  • Speaker Adventure for TEDx San Diego
  • Improving your Recruiting and Interviewing skills – ASML San Jose
  • Voice of Leadership – American Management Association San Francisco
  • First Republic Bank District Manager’s conference – Cavallo Point San Francisco
  • Advanced Executive Leadership retreat – San Diego
  • Bayer Employee Development Series – Berkeley, CA
  • Internal Consultant Program – CISCO San Jose
  • Sacred Speaking Group – Oakland
  • Rotary Del Mar/ Solano Beach
  • Rotary East Escondido
  • Rotary Bonsall
  • STAR


“Dr. Axel Meierhoefer is one of those rare public speakers who can combine a compelling personal story with an insightful business proposition based on the wisdom gained from many years of hands-on experience. His stage presence and presentation skills backup his subject matter expertise in a way that keeps an audience fully engaged.
~ Mark Lovett, Organizer, TEDxSanDiego 

“Axel Meirhoefer commands a stage with all the confidence and skill of an experienced fighter pilot and high performance flight instructor… which he just happens to be. He also happens to have the communication skills derived from of a lifetime performance coaching not just in the air but also on the ground for some of the worlds most cutting edge organizations. Put all this together and buckle up for a wild ride that will not only inform and instruct your audience but take them for a ride they will long remember. Invite Axel to address your team… then stand back and watch them soar!”
~ Jeff Salz, Ph.D., CPAE, CEO, The Way of Adventure, Member, National Speaker Association Hall of Fame

“Axel Meierhoefer is a master speaker, providing solutions of leadership through the power of collaboration – a fresh and inspiring perspective on how teams can soar high together and reach new heights! His stories and insights leave you eager to implement actionable steps to a brighter future for your organization.”
~ Karissa Hannum, The Speaker Adventure Coordinator 

“Dr. Meierhoefer is one of the most elegant and energized speakers I’ve had the great pleasure of being impacted by. His passion flows freely through the magnificent stories he shares of pursuing the dreams within his heart.”
~ Mark Craven, Founder/President/CEO, The Tutors

“Axel Meierhoefer is compelling, engaging and dynamic as a speaker and facilitator.  He brings to life his unique leadership concepts through personal stories that are right on target and illustrate beautifully in ways that hit home and make sense.  It’s truly been a pleasure and great learning experience to benefit from Axel’s delivery…a great speaker for any leadership venue.”
~ Dr. Debra Dupree, Transformational Speaker | Author | Mediator | Coach

“Axel and I have worked on a number of projects—all with good success. He is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met first of all. And that knowledge is put to good use on projects he does. I’d recommend working with Axel in most any regard—especially in Executive Leadership consulting or training. You’ll never go wrong. Feel free to contact me if you’d want a more extensive and complete recommendation.”
~ Bill Hinsch—CEO Xtant LLC, —Graphics professional and co-developer of The Learning map

“Great presentation on taking something that demonstrates the highest levels of discipline, teamwork and trust (Diamond Formation) and illustrating how that same approach can improve efficiency in our own companies and organizations. Very interesting and engaging.”
~ Kevin Ehlinger Wilde, Program Chair, Del Mar / Solana Beach Rotary


  • Facilitator/Faculty: – AMA (American Management Association)
  • Certified Knowledge Management expert – KMCI (Knowledge Management Consortium International
  • Certified Competent Communicator – TM International
  • Certificate of Master Coaching – Fowler-Wainwright Institute of professional Coaching
  • Certified Performance IQ coach- Global Performance Technologies GPT3
  • Certificate of “How to be a better trainer” – Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center
  • Universities of Collaborative Education Germany: Innovation Mapping
  • Certified as facilitator for CISCO internal consultant communication program
  • Member GBI (Global Bankers Institute)
  • Certified facilitator/trainer for The Learning Factor in support of ANZ Bank
  • Program lead and trainer for Sungard Bank managers academy program
  • Certified Front Line Leader Interactive Program Facilitator
  • Certified 360 Assessment facilitator for Sum-Total systems used by J&J FLL2