February 22, 2019

Dr. Liz Lyster ~ Midlife Health Expert

Dr. Liz Lyster, Midlife Health Expert, is passionate about helping women and men feel like their best selves, so they can bring health and happiness to the world.

As a doctor for more than 25 years, she has helped men and women regain energy, reignite their sex drive, clear up hormonal imbalance, and lose hundreds of pounds. She is the author of Dr. Liz’s Easy Guide to Menopause: 5 Simple Steps to Balancing Your Hormones and Feeling Like Yourself Again.

After graduating from Cornell University with honors, Dr. Liz completed medical school at the University of California, Irvine, followed by her OB/GYN residency in Los Angeles. To expand her commitment to teaching, Dr. Liz achieved a Masters of Public Health degree from UCLA in Community Health Education. In addition to her private medical practice, Dr. Liz also currently teaches part-time at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California.

Dr. Liz practices what she preaches. To model growing older with grace, agility and power, Dr. Liz celebrated turning 50 by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. She is a continuous learner, having logged thousands of hours as a leader, participant, or volunteer in personal development programs since the age of 19. She is a wife, a mother of two sons, an avid hiker and Argentine tango dancer.

Dr. Liz is dedicated to people expanding their idea of optimal health beyond medicine to include nutrition, physical activity, and spirit.


Go for Great!
As a professional you know that health and vitality are critical to your success in business. When your hormones are out of balance it affects everything from how clear you are in communications to your energy levels which all can affect your bottom line. But HOW and WHY these pesky hormones have so much control of us is what is often confusing and yes…men…this means you too…for the benefits of understanding “hormones” is not just for women.

In this presentation Dr. Lyster will share how you can:

  • Optimize your brain power to maximize your business.
  • Balance your hormones to sharpen your brain.
  • Keep your “edge” at any age.

Bring Sexy back: Regain our Vitality at Any Age
In this humorous and thought-provoking presentation, you’ll learn how your libido affects your A-game. Understand how your overall health can be affected by your hormones (…men, this means you too…) and what tools you can use to regain control of how you feel.

In her talk, Dr. Liz will share:

  • Libido is not only about sex.
  • What hormones relate to motivation and drive.
  • Doctors secrets to getting back your “get up and go!”.

Overcome Fear and Step into Action
In this informative and engaging presentation, Dr. Liz reveals symptoms of out-of-whack hormones. Learn cutting-edge information about the safety of hormone therapy. Discover tests your doctor may not know about that lead to getting you back on track and feeling great again.

Audience members will walk away:

  • Saying “yes!” to being optimal.
  • Saying “no” to medications that only treat symptoms without fixing the real problem.
  • Feeling relief that they can feel better with safe natural treatments.


  • Women’s Empowerment and Fulfillment Meet-Up Group -Castro Valley, CA
  • Lauden Pharmacy – Capitola, CA
  • Eisai Pharmaceuticals (Belviq)
  • National Charity League, San Francisco, CA
  • Women of Wellness Conference
  • Hadassah, Laguna Niguel, CA
  • South Coast Medical Center, Laguna Beach, CA
  • Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Inglewood, CA
  • California Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
  • Centinela Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • AMWA National Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts
  • President’s Council of Cornell Women
  • White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • Successful Thinkers Network, Alameda Chamber of Commerce
  • Contra Costa Real Estate in Motion
  • WORK Petaluma
  • Tri-Cities Marketing Council
  • VREN (Valley Real Estate Network)
  • Rotary 5170 Alameda
  • Rotary 5150 Belmont
  • ProMatch


“I would like to recommend Dr. Liz as a speaker. She spoke for my Women Empowerment & Self Fulfillment group twice. The women were fascinated and relieved to find out so many scary myths about hormones weren’t true! They had many questions and wanted to hear more and more. She got amazing feedback. We hope to have Dr. Liz speak again.”
~ Naomi Bareket, Host of Meet-Up Group

“A very engaging and entertaining speaker.”
~ Edward Hirshberg, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Alameda

“5 Stars! Dr. Lyster’s presentation was great and very educational.”
~ Participant

Website: www.DrLizMD.com



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