July 21, 2018

E-News for Speakers

Welcome to my monthly e-Newsletters geared to support speakers.What can you expect in these missives?

* Speaker and/or Speaker Agent Tips & Tricks
* Recommendations of speaker resources
* Inspiration…whatever I stumble upon that I feel will be of value to you as a speaker

November 2015

~Inaugural Issue
~Last Chance to Attend Caterina Rando’s Sought After Speaker Summit
~25% Discount of Consulting for Speakers Valid Through December 6
~Speaker Tip: Where to Look for Groups of Your Target Audience
~Inspiration: An Example of Great Public Speaking
~A Little Inspiration for 2016…Are you ALL In?
~Last Chance to Register for Caterina Rando’s Expand Your Fempire Summit
~Join Me in Caterina Rando’s Best Month Ever Challenge – Feb 2016
~Speaker Tip: Your Introduction
~Inspiration: An Example of Great Public Speaking
~Grow Your Speaking Business in 2016 with a Consultation with ME 🙂
~Free Monthly 30-Minute Webinar on Getting Booked to Speak
~Speaker Tip: Why it’s Important to Arrive Extra Early
~Get Booked to Speak a 4-Week Educational Program
~Inspiration: Life After Death by PowerPoint by Don McMillan
~SHERO (She Speaks, She Sells, She Soars!) Summit Live for women entrepreneurs

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