August 19, 2017

Eric Mindling ~ Head Honcho Traditions Mexico, Inc

Since 1992, Eric Mindling has lived in Oaxaca, Mexico working with traditional artisans, researching and creating markets for indigenous pottery, writing articles and books about pottery and textiles, forming an exhibit highlighting indigenous pottery and knowledge, running a cultural tour company and doing photography that shares the strength of these people and their ways.

Eric has two books to his credit…Fire and Clay:  The Art of Oaxacan Pottery, a panoramic vision of the past, present and future of Oaxacan pottery. And his newest work…Oaxaca Stories in Cloth which includes more than 175 sensitive, intimate, full-color portraits of traditional people of the Oaxacan hinterlands who continue to wrap themselves in the clothing that expresses their ancient, living culture. This book has earned Eric two very prestigious awards:  2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, Gold, Multicultural and 2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, Silver, Art & Photography.

Eric’s work has always been driven by a respect and admiration of traditional people and the quiet wisdom of their ways. “Without trying they teach us things we truly need to know, things that we forgot so long ago we don’t even know they’re gone.”


  • Discovering Oaxaca 


  • Textile Society of America – Savannah, Georgia
  • Fashion Institute of Technology – New York. NY.
  • Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator – Brooklyn NY.
  • The Textile Museum – Washington DC
  • Clay Festival – Silver City, NM
  • Golden Gate Breakfast Club
  • Rotary Club of San Leandro
  • Rotary Club of Jacksonville


“I’ve never been to a presentation where I felt like I was on such an extreme roller coaster of emotions about culture and heritage and who we are as humans.”
~ Amy Dufault, Professor, Pratt Institute

“All of our members were very taken by Eric’s presentation and his enthusiastic storytelling. One of our most engaging presenters!”
~ Kimberly Pace, President, Rotary Club of San Leandro

“His passion for telling their stories both verbally and visually, creates a wonderful opportunity to explore this mostly-hidden and fast-disappearing repository of important traditional weaving skills and history, and its cultural contexts.”
Cheri Hunter, Program Chair, Textile Museum Associates of Southern California

“Eric is an articulate, poetic, and profoundly informed speaker.   The audience was collectively and clearly deeply moved by his beautiful photographs and words.”
~ Jessica Helgerson, Founder, Collectivo



Video: IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award – Oaxaca Stories in Cloth

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Instagram: @eric.sebas