February 22, 2019

Kristine Carey ~ Catalyst Coach

Kristine Carey brings enthusiasm, expertise and humor to her work. She has 14 years’ experience coaching and facilitating free agents, tiny businesses, and the otherwise self-employed, empowering them to align their talents and passions with their business goals. She is a trained and Certified Coach, owner of Moxie, Inc., where she is Chief Catalyst, and the Director of Training & Licensing for Get Clients Now!™. She’s a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial groups and conferences.

As a result of her motivational and experiential talks, your audience will walk away with:

  • A changed view of business and life from an exercise in conformity to one of freedom and creativity.
  • The resources needed to achieve desired results.
  • A shift in perspective from one of trade-offs to one of opportunities.
  • The know-how to stop pushing and create a space for ideal work to flourish; access to more ease, fun and financial success.
  • An ability to uncover the energy and motivation needed to allow business – and life – to thrive.

Kristine loves bringing her motivational message to groups and would be honored to work with yours. Her natural style translates quickly, putting audiences at ease so they can hear her message and take immediate action on what matters to them most. Audiences walk away with information *and* inspiration.



These presentations are tailored to suit your audience, or a specific presentation can be developed around what suits you and your audience best.

Discovering & Using Your Super Powers in Your Business and Work

Navigating a successful business takes skill, so set yourself up for success by learning about your Super Powers and how to use them effectively in your business and beyond! Successful business owners use their Super Powers every day, and you can, too.

In this interactive presentation, you’ll:

  • Learn what a Super Power is and how to discover yours.
  • Understand how to use your Super Powers for good (rather than evil).
  • Experience the relief and focus that comes from being in the flow of your Super Powers.

When you use your Super Powers life and business get easier. As a result of participating in this presentation, you’ll leave with actionable items you can put into place right away to start thriving in your business!

Get Your Next Client

Are you ready for more business? Would you like to learn ways to connect with your clients that are best suited to you? What if getting your next client could be easy?

This participatory presentation covers the basics of:

  • Knowing what types of marketing strategies are best for you, based on your strengths.
  • Finding people who are your likely clients.
  • Keeping your foot gently on the marketing gas.

Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned business owner, getting clients is a necessary part of staying in business. This presentation explores several techniques to make getting your next client easier, combining marketing how-to with bigger picture concepts. You’ll leave empowered with the knowledge of where to place your efforts for best results in your business and marketing.

Five Fabulous Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

Ever wonder what makes businesses succeed? Looking at different businesses, a pattern emerges: owners of these companies share traits that allow them to be successful. Curious about what those traits are?

This informative presentation:

  • Reviews five fabulous characteristics, delving into each one so you can learn more about it.
  • Gives you, as the business owner, an opportunity to try on these characteristics and see which ones you find appealing.
  • Sets aside time to do a gap analysis of which characteristics you currently employ and which ones you’d like to add, and brainstorm about how you might incorporate them.

This is a fun presentation that allows for plenty of questioning and exploration, so come ready to learn, think, and expand on your success characteristics! 


  • SF Earn Conference – Keynote
  • American Women in Science
  • American Translators Association National Conference
  • Small Business Week
  • Thriving Women in Business Symposium
  • MDBW – Mt. Diablo Business Women
  • NAPO Organization & Leadership Development Day
  • Staged for More: Home Stager’s Boot Camp
  • West Valley College Leadership Development
  • VREN – Valley Real Estate Network
  • SING – St. Isidore Networking Group
  • Rotary Clubs of Dublin and Saratoga
  • Marin Professionals
  • Tri City Marketing
  • SING – St. Isidore Networking Group
  • Security Pacific Real Estate
  • Real Estate Alliance of Livermore
  • Alliance Bay Realty
  • Contra Costa Real Estate in Motion
  • ABWA
  • Realtor Marketing Association
  • WORK Petaluma
  • VenturePad Marintrepreneurs


What Event Planners Are Saying

“I had the pleasure of working with Kristine when I invited her to participate in my Thriving Women Symposium, an all-day TED style event focusing on helping woman business owners succeed. Kristine was referred to me by a colleague who had hired her to speak at her event, and had enjoyed working with her. During the months/weeks leading up to the event, Kristine and I worked on which speaking topics would be best for the audience and she tailored her presentation accordingly. I found her responsive and easy to work with, and the ladies who attended the symposium enjoyed her interactive presentation and message of success and inspiration. I look forward to working with Kristine again in a future opportunity.”
~ Caterina Rando, Thriving Women in Business and creator of the Thriving Women in Business Symposium, a day long TED style event for women business owners.

“Kristine has a wonderful presence. She left us wanting more. I suggested to Maureen that we bring her back to do a Super Powers #2 – next steps. Kristine was the perfect speaker to end the year. Thank you, Lorena and Anastasia!!” 
~ Barbara Benotto, President, REAL – Real Estate Alliance of Livermore

“We had Kristine speak at one of our weekly office meetings. She did a fantastic job! She was able to get everyone involved and that helps to make a great meeting. We all left energized, motivated. She helped to open our minds to bringing out the best in all of ourselves.” 
~ Jack D. Burns, President, Security Pacific Real Estate

“Kris Carey is a highly skilled & engaging speaker who can deliver valuable information while making her audience feel at ease. Kris’s emphasis on self-awareness & cultivating one’s best, most authentic self as an approach to life & work is an invaluable reminder to those fortunate to attend her presentation(s).”
~ Chris Grogan, Speaker Chair, Marin Professionals

“Kris was very engaging and the topic was of interest to all in attendance. The audience was well-engaged and attentive, and the topic was both relevant and compelling. I believe all in attendance left with new information that will assist as they transition to their next life phase. We greatly appreciate Kris presenting to our group and would welcome her back at any time.”
~ Susan Walls, Speaker Chair, SING – St. Isidore Networking Group

“Kris Carey has a special way about her as a speaker, trainer, and coach. Her warmth and humor, combined with a powerful and intuitive knowledge base as a long-time coach to business leaders, all contribute to a listening experience that is both personally and professionally impactful. She possesses an amazing insight as to who her audience is and what they’re hungering for. She can get you laughing as well as crying as she inspires you to know yourself and your business in totally new ways. Her information is hugely practical and transformational. When she speaks, people listen. She knocks it out of the park every time. I’m so glad I got her for my event! And I would have her back any time.”
~ Dr. Greg Nelson, speaker, author, life & leadership strengths coach, spiritual advisor. Organizer of the Brain Trust, a Mastermind Group which he hired Kristine to facilitate. 

I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Kristine Carey. I attended one of her classes for “Small Business Week” and found it very interesting. At the end of the class I invited her to give a similar program at the San Francisco Public Library and she accepted. She offered 2 programs for Small Business in our library and our patrons gave very positive feedback. As a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional speaker, Kristine was easily understood and all the participants, when invited, engaged in and contributed to the discussion.

We were very pleased with Kristine’s programs and look forward to inviting her for more in the near future.
~ Pouran Lind, Librarian/Business Science & Technology

What Participants Are Saying

Very informative, well explained and dynamic.
Very easy to connect with. I enjoyed the open forum and time to adapt the topic to our own lives.
Friendly, approachable, calm, easy to understand.
Kristine has really unique and valuable content. I really enjoyed the class.
Very accessible – Kris, thank you for your expertise!
Excellent presenter! Keep her on board!!
Good examples, good resources, good materials.
Informative, interactive, engaging!

Website: www.kristinecarey.com 

Video: Discover Your Super Powers
Video: Getting Your Next Client