November 15, 2018

Linda Patten, MBA ~ Leadership Expert

LindaPattenLinda Patten, MBA in Organizational Behavior and Management, RN, Certified Meeting Manager, has always been a dreamer and a leader. She has been developing leaders for over 40 years and understands that daring to lead takes courage; that daring to dream takes vision.

With this extensive experience in guiding leaders, she has developed programs and seminars for individuals both within organizations as well as for independent business owners to take them on a journey of self-discovery. She has traveled throughout the United States and Europe while speaking in front of audiences ranging from as small as five to as large as 500.  Linda has developed and speaks on her 12 Step leadership program, The Art of Herding Cats: Leading Teams of Leaders

Linda began speaking at the age of 7. As an adult, she was selected as a speaker for the Army Speaking Team in New England and recruited female high school seniors. When she was recruited to take on a basic training officer role, she received a commendation medal for her redesign of the training curriculum. As the only female protocol officer, she created inspired events for the 4-Star General who was the Commander, Training and Doctrine Command.   Through her expert conference planning ability, she brought together academics from Germany and Israel to discuss their perspective on World War II. She has spoken to over 300 people at the PCMA International Conference. She has received the Basic Beliefs award from Kepner-Tregoe for her work with corporate clients.

As a speaker and training leader, audiences worldwide have said that Linda is “fun,” “energetic.” “educational,” “an incredible leader,” and “speaks from the heart.” When Linda speaks, the audience always gets real-world steps that can be implemented immediately.

Linda Patten guides leaders to uncover core strengths, to inspire with and realize a shared vision and to realize their true expertise.


The Art of Herding Cats: Creating and Aligning Vision – Why does a leader, or really any one, need to create a personal vision statement?
Developing your own deeply personal vision statement is critical to your success as a leader. As the leader, it is necessary for you to know where you are going. The personal vision statement provides that direction to ensure you are on the right path. The vision statement focuses your life, your accomplishments, your joy and happiness. Linda teaches you 3 critical skills that successful leaders use to develop killer visions that propel themselves and their teams into realizing the life they deserve.

A Leader – Who Me? How to unlock the leader within you
Leadership! One of the most maligned words in the English language. Many women perceive leadership to be something they can’t do, won’t do, and refuse to even think about doing. Linda shows you a new way to see leadership in what you do every day as a wife, a mother, an employee, a business owner, a visionary.

The Art of Leadership:  How to be creative, stay on course, and weather any storm
You’ve created the vision and the plan to reach your goals. Yet, life happens… No matter how well you think you’ve planned, distractions, diversions and detractors will knock you off-course. Linda teaches you the 3 key steps that successful leaders use to keep their momentum high and course corrections minor, in any situation.

The Art of Leadership for Speakers: 4 tips to lead from the stage
Did you know that communicating to your audience as a leader is the key to being a successful speaker? Linda helps you identify if you already are a leader, if you are demonstrating your leadership on stage; and what you need to know to rock the stage with power, credibility and influence.

Leadership 4.0: How to step in and own your leadership
The best way to leverage your leadership is to learn from the best. Linda shares inspiration and best practices from other great leaders that you can apply right away:  How to continually improve and be more effective. How to learn from your mistakes or be destined to repeat them.  And how leaders are defined by their actions, not by what they know.

Leadership in the Job Interview: What you need to know
In today’s professional environment, employers are looking for leadership strength and skills. As you explore new job opportunities or career advancement in your current company, stand out from the rest by showing that you know how to lead a team to success. Linda teaches you the 5 most important ways to show that you are indeed a leader.


  • East Bay Women’s Network
  • Mt Diablo Business Women
  • Rebecca Hall Gruyter – Talk America
  • Heart2Heart Toastmasters
  • Speaker Summit
  • Tri-Valley Consultants Forum
  • ProMatch
  • Connect*Work*Thrive Conference
  • Phase2Careers
  • Job Connections
  • CSIX Connect Saratoga
  • Experience Unlimited Contra Costa and San Francisco
  • Marin Professionals
  • Silicon Valley Direct Sellers
  • Successful Thinkers Network – Alameda/Oakland
  • Win-Win Interview
  • Professional Convention Management Association
  • BNI / Productive Learning
  • Various companies including HP, Brocade, SFO and more
  • Rotary Clubs of Mission San Rafael, San Leandro, Alamo, San Rafael Harbor and Vallejo
  • Chamber Club of Rohnert Park – Women in Business
  • Chamber of San Mateo BEST Connect
  • SING (St. Isidore Networking Group)
  • ABWA (American Business Women’s Assoc) Bay Area Business Express Network
  • WORK Petaluma
  • VREN (Valley Real Estate Network)
  • Real Estate Alliance of Livermore
  • Realtor Marketing Assoc
  • CSIX Connect
  • ProMatch
  • Contra Costa Real Estate in Motion
  • Marin Professionals
  • Kiwanis Napa
  • Tri-Cities Marketing Council
  • DevA – Developing Alliances


“One of Linda’s strengths: her ability to relate to the audience and draw out questions , comments.”
~ Bruce Cassell, Speaker Chair, Job Connections

“Linda Patten takes what seems like an obvious concept – leadership – and fleshes it out in particularly useful ways. Step-by-step, she mines her subject and engages her audience in ways that gives everyone insights they can use in real world job search and work situations. Marin Professionals welcomes Linda to speak to our ever-changing group on a regular basis and are very pleased to recommend her to others.”
~Stephen Weiss, Speaker Coordinator, Marin Professionals

“As a platform closer, author, and marketing professional, I constantly look at individuals who have the ability to speak from the heart. The ability to share themselves when they speak and have something vital and vibrant to share, two words… Linda Patten. I have had the honor of sitting down with Linda and listen to her heart. It is amazing how her heart and genuine concern for others comes through each word. I would love, simply adore, to share a stage with her anytime.”
~ K. Kern

“Thank you for being such an incredible leader, a great example of the ultimate networker and referral partner. I do appreciate every time I get a chance to see you. I always get awesome and meaningful tips from you that I can implement immediately.”
~ R. Calonsag-De Guzman, Arbonne

“I just wanted you to know how wonderful you are. Your energy and presentations were fun, energetic, and educational as well as motivating. I really look forward to working with you in the future.”
~ S. Harlow-Shott, Hayward CA

“What an eye-opening experience! Linda helped bring forward the path to my dream. I’m ready now to go and make my dream a reality.”
~ A. DeHerrera

“Linda creates a safe, powerful and interactive event. She has a beautiful presence, playfulness, and heartfelt attention to her audience. Linda brings high-caliber knowledge, vast experience and a beautiful flow of energy to her events. I highly recommend attending one of Linda’s events if you are looking to discover how to step into your dreams!”
~ Rebecca Hall-Gruyter, Your Purpose Driven Practice

“Linda is an engaging speaker and presenter who incorporates personal stories, examples, and questions to assist attendees in becoming more effective in the interview process. She led an interactive workshop for a Phase2Careers audience. She was authentic, provided lots of good personal stories, and gave new tools/information for job seekers to communicate their worth to potential employers. Linda would make for a great speaker with any sized group.”
~ Ron Visconti, Executive Director, Phase2Careers

“Linda did a great job of talking about the leadership one can exhibit will looking for work. She homed in well on the specifics of taking leadership in a job interview. She gave real-life examples and elicited examples from the audience. She engaged the audience well during her presentation.”
~ Bob Withers, Career Counselor/Speaker Chair, ProMatch