February 22, 2019

Mellissa Rempfer ~ Business Community Development


WITH MORE THAN TWO DECADES OF ENTREPRENEURIAL AND INCOME DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE TO HER CREDIT, Mellissa Rempfer is a highly sought-after presenter who makes everyone feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-earth style. She delivers practical topics that provide audiences with simple, actionable ideas, plus the clarity and motivation to put them into action right away.

Mellissa is a Business Growth & Development Expert and Speaker who works with highly driven, busy entrepreneurs to help them significantly grow their businesses and get their freedom back. Mellissa’s entrepreneurial journey includes successful careers in income development, community development, non-profits, events, program creation, and business coaching.

Mellissa went from being homeless at the age of 14 to securing a $3 Million donation and $9.8 Million ongoing passive income for a new student center for her college before turning 21.

Since then she has gone on to start two companies: Giving Excellence, a coaching and consulting firm for heart-centered entrepreneurs, and Brilliance and Business, an international collaborative community of small business owners dedicated to supporting each other to succeed.


Community, Connection, Collaboration: Turning Small Business Stress into Small Business Success!
Building a business isn’t easy. Yet often we end up looking like a cartoon character with eight arms juggling and trying to do everything. WHY? What can be done about it?  You are not alone. Time to turn those stresses into successes.

Participants will learn:

  • 5 Sabotages that cripple a business and keep you working in survival state.
  • 3 Must-haves to create a win-win-win working relationship to grow your business exponentially.
  • 5 Magic words/phrases to use to attract people who can’t wait to refer you!

Money: The Good, The Bad, and the Prosperous!
Learn the ways of how we think, relate, and use money, and how this can have an influence on your ability to be prosperous and experience financial joy.

Participants will:

  • Discover how you may be slamming the door in money’s face and how it runs away from you.
  • Build upon your beliefs on money that attracts financial freedom.
  • Hold a standoff with the limitations of money and win! Make way for prosperity.

People, Purpose, and Passion: The Secrets to a Thriving Business and Lifestyle
Engage in a deeper side of yourself so that you and your business ignite! Our personal beliefs and motivations can be our greatest gifts and deepest suffering. Want to experience what it is like to be free, abundant, and expand your potential while growing your business and yourself?

Participants will:

  • Learn the Secrets to Creating A Win (More Money, More Open Doors, and More Influence!).
  • Discover the 3 unconscious reasons why businesses fail.
  • Implement the must-have magic formula that will transform the success of your business.

Forget Sales! Turning an Ask into An Opportunity
Don’t let making an offer or an ask be scary.  Learn how to get excited about your opportunities and never dread another “sale”.

Participants will:

  • Gain confidence and ease to articulate your offer as a gift of opportunity… not a scary sale.
  • Discover why some people are salesy, some make sales, and some create win-win-wins.
  • Create and engage in an easy to implement conversation where everyone succeeds.

Lead with the Mission and the Money will Follow
Every nonprofit knows that without consistent money coming the organization can’t be of service. If you can’t be of service, how do you expect to fulfill the mission of your organization? You won’t. Yet the idea of fundraising can be stressful, time consuming, and a role nobody wants to volunteer for. There is hope and the answer is easier than what you would expect.

Participants will:

  • 3 Secrets to creating FUNd-raisers every organizations should have
  • 5 Simple income generating activities that should be on everyone’s calendar
  • The 1 magic phrase every volunteer should be comfortable saying that will double your income


  • Frontier Books
  • Authentic Leadership Summit
  • Brilliance and Business Breakthrough Summit
  • Mariposa Storytelling Festival
  • Modesto Junior College
  • Relay University- American Cancer Society
  • American Cancer Society
  • Rotary Clubs of Fremont, Scott’s Valley, Belmont, Pleasanton North, Pleasanton, Aptos
  • Take Off Summit
  • ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) Bay Area Business Express Network


“Mellissa Rempfer spoke to Fremont Rotary recently. Her presentation was incredibly informative, inspiring and motivating. Combining knowledge, humor and strategic thinking, Mellissa’s half hour talk passed way too quickly. We all came away with a renewed sense of how to go forth with our fund-raising goals. Do not fail to recruit Mellissa for your future speaking needs. You won’t be sorry that you did!”
~ John Rehnberg, President Elect, Fremont Rotary

“Since our Rotary club is always looking for fundraising ideas, Mellissa’s presentation highlighted the importance of a heartfelt connection as opposed to “just show me the money”. She gave us some excellent tips on the art of raising money by connecting with the emotional side of potential donors.”
~ Dick Scoppettone, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Scott’s Valley

“Mellissa Rempfer was dynamic, approachable, and one with the audience. Her presentation was to the point, funny, engaging, and expertly offered. Mellissa did an especially nice job getting an important and difficult message about money out to everyone in the room and did it with the perfect blend of charm and humor!”
~ Amy Dawson, ABWA, Bay Area Business Express Network

“We enjoyed Mellissa’s presentation, and I believe that we took away several good ideas for our Club fundraising. Her power point was well-done and accentuated her speaking points. She was well-prepared, quite congenial and stayed after the presentation to answer questions. I definitely can recommend her as a speaker.”
~ Becky Peters, Program Chair, Rotary Capitola-Aptos



Website: BrillanceandBusiness.com
Website: GivingExcellence.com
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