December 10, 2018

Naomi Bareket ~ NeuroSUCCESSologist

NAOMI BAREKET, MBA, is an NSA (National Speakers Association) Speaker and dynamic Seminar Leader who uses modern techniques and Kabalistic studies to Spark Your Professional & Personal Life. Bareket is the co-founder of NeuroSUCCESSology™ whereby she offers her broad experience in linguistics, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis, neuro-science, and the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to empower you to create lives of fulfillment.

She has been certified by John Maxwell as a Leadership Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, and she is certified by the American Board of NLP to train and certify others as NLP practitioners and as Masters level NLP practitioners.  Bareket is also the author of THE DEEP SEE: How to See into your Soul and Find Who You Are and Want to Be. She loves to combine business with spiritual work. Therefore, she loves to work with entrepreneurs.

Naomi believes that when you live in alignment with your true self, you can fulfill your life’s purpose and live a meaningful life.


Spark Your Professional & Personal Life:  Secrets of Reclaiming Your Enthusiasm & Mind-Power

The problem today is 4 out of 5 businesses will go out of business because they don’t have a clue how to reclaim their unique inner spark, motivation, and passion. In this thought-provoking talk, Naomi will share 3 Neuro-SUCCESSology tips on how to boost your business and personal life with enthusiasm.

  • The first way to leverage your business and life is DEEP SEE into your motivator factors
  • The second way is to free you from internal conflicts, aligning your business and life to be congruent with your vision and values
  • The third way is to set your MIND POWER into SUCCESS: effectively and consistently achieve a career and personal fulfillment

Achieve the Mindset of a Champion

Want to progress and be outstanding? Be the best. Manifest your IT Factor. Quickly and seamlessly leverage your performance to a higher level. Learn how to ultimately be in control of your own destiny and career progress. Become the champion of your mind and nothing will stop you.

Leadership Game

Want to become a great influencer yet feel ignored or resistance? Build a rapport with your team. Learn what their values, beliefs, and ideas. Inspire them to feel part of the business. Help you and/or your organization to improve leadership intelligence and increase effectiveness.


  • San Mateo Chamber of Commerce
  • Successful Thinkers
  • Red Oak Realty
  • Innowest Start-up
  • ABWA
  • Rotary (5170) Fremont, Alameda
  • Marin Professionals


“Thank you for an amazing presentation, on behalf of San Mateo chamber of commerce we appreciate your support to our business community, you have delivered an outstanding presentation with great valuable tips that our attendees are able to apply to their personal and professional lives, you were very instrumental to us.”
Madlen Mirzaian-Saddik, Business Director Development, San Mateo Chamber of Commerce

 “My work with Naomi Bareket has been life-changing. Even after the many successful transformational programs I have done over the last 30 years, Naomi’s powerful NLP techniques have fast-forwarded the results I have achieved in my work and in my life. In addition to amazing results, Naomi’s incredible sense of lightness and joy make me look forward to being a client of hers for life!”
Dr. Liz Lyster, MD, MPH, Hormone Expert, Author, Speaker

“I’m at the end of this AMAZING event in this IDYLLIC RETREAT. You know you can read books and you can learn things, but what the VISCERAL effect Naomi brings in to your experience will enable you to UNBLOCK YOUR ENERGY and get to the next level of EXCELLENCE. I encourage all of you to part take in this UNIQUE experience.”
Kaustav Chaudhuri, Founder – Pitch Globally – bringing together Entrepreneurs, VCs & Mentors


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