January 22, 2018

Naomi Sodomin ~ Author & Speaker

International Best-Selling Author of EMBRACE THE MIRROR: Vision of Abundance and a Stronger You 

Naomi Sodomin is a passionate messenger, an advocate for women trapped in Corporate America and desperate to escape; her days (and often her nights) are devoted to helping them create a life filled with freedom, joy, and abundance. “It’s my mission,” she states, offering her signature bright smile.

Ms. Sodomin is an international best-selling author, speaker, and life-transformation coach. Her book Embrace the Mirror: Vision of Abundance and a Stronger You launched in December 2017 to rave reviews and top-tier sales. She is fast becoming one of the most in-demand and prominent speakers and coaches on the scene today.

A Registered Nurse and valued member of the medical community, Naomi has extensive experience in transitioning and mentoring. She’s the founder and President of Embrace The Mirror, a company established to provide mentoring and coaching for women feeling trapped in Corporate America who are ready to quit their day job. She teaches them how to start their own unique business; one that allows them to work for themselves and manifest their dreams. She helps them strategize and put a solid plan in place while they exit.

Clients find Naomi a caring, dynamic teacher and coach. She is passionate and committed to being instrumental in transforming the lives of her clients, and has successfully helped hundreds of women leverage their time and create another income stream. When not working directly with her company, Naomi can be found on stage in various venues delivering her message of self-love, freedom, joy, and abundance.

More about Naomi Sodomin…

Naomi is a native of Haiti, a tiny Caribbean nation with a ragged history of poverty, strange Voo Doo practices, hurricane devastation, and corrupt politics. She was fortunate enough to emigrate to the United States at the tender age of nine, with her family and three siblings; a quest for a better life drove them from their seaside village to seek more opportunity and freedom. Despite the early days of financial struggle and the challenges of inner city life, Naomi was the first in her family to graduate college and become a Registered Nurse. Her passion for freedom, joy, and abundance opened the door for a career opportunity as an in-demand Travel Nurse, thereby doubling her income and enabling her to work throughout the country.

Over the course of her nursing career, Naomi developed a love for mentoring the new nurses, and was quickly recognized for her coaching abilities and her inspirational approach to teaching. As a Certified Preceptor in the Critical Care setting, Naomi mentored hundreds of newly-pinned and student nurses. She helped them build their confidence, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the demanding and stressful nursing profession, where life and death hang on every decision.

Naomi has transferred her love for mentoring and coaching, and created a vibrant and thriving business that now gives her the flexibility to do the work she loves, travel the world, and spend precious time with her husband and young son.


The Art of Being Complete

As children, your audience members were no doubt taught to complete the work they started. Especially if they had the type of grandmother I had, who never allowed us to leave anything incomplete. However, since becoming adults they’ve left many things incomplete. They tell themselves “I’m a grown up now and I can decide.” I’m not sure what your audience members have left incomplete in their lives, but one thing I’m certain of is that they cannot produce extraordinary results until they become complete with the core issues that they have yet to address.

In this talk I will help your audience understand what it means to be complete in all aspects of their lives; even with failure. I will give them a clear and compelling three-step process to becoming complete with all the issues of the past. If you want your audience to tap into their inner superpowers to produce extraordinary results, book this talk today.

I Hope You Get What’s Coming to You! (Awakening Your Animal Spirit)

There’s a powerful spirit that lives inside each one of us. This energy is unique to each individual and it’s waiting to be activated. This is the same energy that allowed Thomas Edison to bring his vision of creating the lightbulb to reality.

Your audience will learn the three-step process to awakening their superpower and how to get their subconscious mind on board, so they can produce extraordinary results. Your audience will discover how their own ego keeps them from producing the results they desire. They will also learn how to access their creative genius, so they can produce extraordinary results. They will each experience their own “light bulb” moment.

What’s the Cheapest Gift You’ve Ever Received?

How about instead, you give yourself a gift? It’s bound to be the best gift you ever received and even better, it’s free. It also never goes stale and it won’t make you fat. Bonus: It won’t make your butt look big in the mirror.

Whatever it is that your audience members want to create, they must first stop complaining and practice forgiveness. It’s the only gift they can give themselves and there’s no expiration date! Help your audience let go of the baggage from the past that keeps them from reaching their highest potential.


“Naomi had the room shaken, excited, and ready for more! Her authenticity shined through all the corners of the room. She is the perfect mix between real and inspirational for all people going through any adversity. Her smile and energy are so vibrant you wish you could book her every time (she’s booked most of the time because she is now an International Bestselling author)! Naomi is fresh, unique, and brilliant- unlike anyone I have ever seen take stage! She left everyone in my Vision Board Extravaganza 2017 WOWed, INSPIRED, and EMPOWERED- couldn’t have asked for a better speaker for this unique event I launched. Naomi, thank you for bringing the best version of YOU to my event, I am grateful for you!!”
~ Jennifer Fino, Transformation Coach

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