November 25, 2017

Odysseus Andrianos ~ Film & Fitness Pro

Odysseus Andrianos ~ Personal Trainer

Odysseus is a rock star entrepreneur, who will inspire you with his passion to change the world. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, has done more than 10,000 hours of personal training, he’s run his own gym for more than five years and most recently launched a film studio named after his Emmy Nominee father, called Agamemnon Film Studio.

He will take you on a journey as he shares his stories of growing up learning from the world’s finest in the film industry and how that experience motivated him to create an avenue of success for other local business owners with their own video productions. He is a naturally gifted speaker who grew up around actors and actresses, so his speeches are an expression of his ability to dazzle a crowd as he explains how you can make your online dreams come true with video… and have a blast while doing it. Who doesn’t want to make money in their sleep with online content ?



Movies Media & Money

This presentation will inform and inspire you about how you can use videos for your website or business to create a greater online presence. You will learn the basic’s of how to make videos, where you can use videos, and some secret tips that Odysseus learned about the magic of Hollywood while growing up behind the scenes.

The Future of Fitness
Many people think exercise is all about training the body, but the future of both fitness and health will be in training the mind. This presentation is designed to teach you about how to maximize your health by developing your awareness of the connection between your mind, body, and how you can utilize simple principles to change your life.


  • W Hotel San Francisco
  • Shift Network
  • O21FIT
  • Rotary Clubs (District 5130) Rancho Cotati, Glen Ellen-Kenwood, Calistoga, Napa Sunrise, Petaluma Sunrise
  • Rotary Clubs (District 5150) Terra Linda, Marin Evening, Ignacio, Mission San Rafael, Novato
  • Rotary Clubs (District 5160) Vallejo, Alamo
  • Successful Thinkers Network Oakland/Alameda
  • Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg
“Odysseus Andrianos will enthuse you with enthusiasm of epic proportion. If you are ready to set sail on a great adventure in fitness and lifestyle transformation, he is the guy I recommend as your guide.”
~ David Fabricius, World-Renowned Speaker, JCI World Senator, Director of Shift Network

“He was terrific! While young, he has found his passions early in life which is super. I think he will make the world a better place and hopefully, he will always be very successful in all his endeavors. I appreciate motivational speakers and therefore, it was great to have him. Thanks again for arranging his visit.”
~ Michelle Clein, Charter President, Rotary Club West Marin 

“Odysseus was a speaker at our club, he came early and set up all his equipment he need for a good presentation, he was clear and precise with his message to the group, we are now wanting him back on other subjects he is a professional in. I would recommend him as a very good speaker to any group.”
~ Sandra Geary, Program Chair, Rotary Rancho Cotati

“It’s very difficult to engage my club members for more than 30 seconds. It’s almost impossible to engage them for 20 minutes. Odysseus was able to and some of them for much more than 20 minutes. It was interesting, passionate and he engaged the club members to the point that our resident “club curmudgeon” volunteered to me after the meeting that he enjoyed Ody’s presentation. Ody is passionate about making a difference, especially by involving others who also want to make a difference. That was his theme in his presentation about how video can be used to change lives and to make businesses more profitable.”
~ J.D. Miller, Program Chair, Rotary Club Vallejo

“Ody certainly made the point of the “now” value to become social-media-connected to Millennials. He made it an imperative since the bulk of our population is quickly becoming ‘millennialized’. More to the point from his perspective – adding visuals to our message via properly made videos would provide an exponential return.”
~ Paul Praetzel, Program Chair, Rotary Club Petaluma Sunrise

“Ody has been an instrumental player in helping me develop a wellness program at the W Hotel in San Francisco. He helped craft a physical assessment plan, weekly training and stretching guide for our staff, and, more importantly, delivered motivational talks to our management team. Many trainers focus on physical exercise; nutritionist focus on diet. Ody combines it all with a simple message that is easy to understand, fun to implement, and rewarding to experience the results thereof! Even on a personal level, Ody has helped me not just to shed weight and become more lean, but I have improved my diet, lowered blood pressure, and been the healthiest since my twenties; all thanks to Ody’s passion, motivation, and support on a very personalized level!
~ Michael Pace, General Manager, W Hotel San Francisco


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