January 17, 2019


Here I’ll share various people/products/services I’ve come across that I feel are beneficial to public speakers. Though I’m not officially “endorsing” any of the below, they are my favorites in each category. May you never stop learning and growing…Anastasia


My Favorite Public Speaking Blogs:


The Eloquent Woman

Great Public Speaking

Public Speaking Training:

Toastmasters.org offers ample opportunities to “practice” speeches in a very safe and supportive environment. In nearly every city you’ll find a Toastmasters group that you can join. I personally am partial to my local group ToastofPetaluma.org.

iSpeakEASY.net offers workshops and the intensive “Speakers Academy” which I personally participated in and highly recommend! Ethan Rotman has a real gift…whether you’re new or accomplished as a speaker, he can make you an even better one!