June 25, 2017

Shannon Presson ~ Mindset Expert

Shannon Presson – Coach and Belief Change Expert


Shannon Presson is an ICF certified coach with a focus on Equine Experiential Learning (which is fancy way of saying her coaching partners are horses)!  She is also a Master Practitioner/Trainer in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), a WealthyMind™ Trainer and a licensed HorseDream™ Partner.

Prior to entering the coaching profession, Shannon spent 21 years as a corporate event planner, working with senior management for such companies as Anheuser-Busch, Earthgrains and MCI Communications as well as running DSP Associates Inc, a successful IT company.




The Unexpected Story – Getting Unstuck on the Way to Extraordinary

You have a dream, a desire, something extraordinary you want to create. It may be a new business, new product, or a new way of living.  But you’re not gaining traction making that dream come true—and the reason why is probably not what you think.

The key to successfully creating what you desire is found in being able to clearly identify the four stories operating in your life: The Challenge Story, The Dream Story, The Yeah, but… Story and ending with the Unexpected Story.  However, unless you are committed to uncovering the origins of those “Yeah, but’s,” that’s where your story will end.

Shannon shows audiences how to do the work necessary to move past the Yeah, but… Story once and for all so they can finally get to the extraordinary adventure that is The Unexpected Story, the dream that’s so big it doesn’t seem possible, until it is.

This arresting, unusual, visually stunning presentation leaves audiences inspired and educated on how to clear the way for their own Unexpected Story to come true.

Untangle Your Money Story – How to Take Back Your Power and Earn What You’re Worth!

You give yourself away. You discount your services. You don’t ask for the raise. You sabotage yourself with issues related to money and self-worth. NO MORE.

In this engaging talk, Shannon Presson describes how we get all tangled up around our money issues, pushing money away with our beliefs and habits.

If you are ready to break through to your next income level, if you are tired of watching others soar ahead with their success and income, while you feel stuck in the same old place, this talk will uplift, inspire and point you in the direction of your own success and own worth. 

Leadership Lessons from the Herd – What horses can teach us about leadership, presence and power

Strong leadership skills are crucial to the success of any organization.  But it’s not only what you say but how you “show up” that makes the difference between being effective or ineffective.   With horses, it’s not the biggest horse that leads.  Or the pushiest.  Horses are social creatures whose survival depends on trust, communication and cooperation within the herd – all qualities that can mean the difference between motivating your team or shutting them down.

Learn what horses can teach us about how to truly “show up” as leaders and how to maximize our effectiveness for engagement and collaboration

How to Untangle What’s REALLY Holding You Back?
You dream big, set goals and make plans.  But when it’s time to take action, things seem to conspire against you – things like procrastination, getting side tracked or feeling overwhelmed..  Every day, you’re constantly getting tangled up between what you want and what you actually attract.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Join Shannon for this informative talk and learn:
  • The two things you MUST do in order to create permanent change
  • How to identify what’s at the core of your fear so it no longer stops you.
  • How to let go of old stories and limiting beliefs that block energy and purpose


  • NAWBO (Natl Assoc of Women Business Owners) San Francisco Chapter
  • NAWBO (Natl Assoc of Women Business Owners) Oakland Chapter
  • IAWBC (Intl Assoc of Women in Business Coaching) San Francisco Roundtable
  • Oakland Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary Clubs of Ignacio, Mission San Rafael, San Rafael Harbor, Dublin, Vacaville, Los Gatos, Mission San Rafael and Vallejo
  • San Mateo Chamber BEST Connect
  • CSIX Connect Saratoga
  • Silicon Valley Direct Sellers
  • Successful Thinkers Network Alameda/Oakland
  • WOW! Women of Wisdom
  • ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) Bay Area Business Express Network
  • WORK Petaluma
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce – Business Alliance
  • MDBW – Mt. Diablo Business Women
  • Tri-Cities Marketing Council
  • VREN – Valley Real Estate Network


“Shannon spoke to our ABWA Bay Area Business Express Network as our featured speaker. Shannon was engaging, funny and provided great information on her topic. Our members said it was one of the best presentations they have heard. I would highly recommend Shannon for other speaking engagements!”
~ Amy Dawson, ABWA Bay Area Business Express Network, VP of Programs

“Your presentation was very well-received. In addition to my own appreciation, I keep hearing from others at the meeting who were energized and inspired and found new ways to work with their own issues.  On behalf of the ICR and the IABC, many many thanks for your fine work.”
~ Merry Selk, SelkCommunications.com

“Thank you, again, for the talk you gave at the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.  Your use of visualization and stories was very effective. You kept me on the edge of my seat.”
~ Ronald White, LegalShieldAssociate.com

“I feel like Shannon has an intuitive sense into how people approach problems and what solutions would work for them. I felt inspired, like I wanted to get to work and I wanted to relax a little and let life’s mystery unravel.”
~ Jennifer Heller, ArtsyGeek.com

“Shannon is such an amazing speaker in addition to the content. The way she presents is really warm and she really connects well with everybody in the audience, whether you are familiar with the content that she’s sharing or it’s new to you. She really is able to reach you right where you are.”
~ Julie Gordon-White, The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs

“The presentation was very entertaining. It made me feel like there’s for those of us that get caught in our own stories and get stuck, that you don’t have to stay stuck. That was wonderful for me.”
~ Elizabeth Bachman, International Opera Director


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The Unexpected Story, Live at Bonfire Heights video