Available Speakers

Access Speakers represents a line-up of great speakers who each have a different expertise and story to share...

Please look through the represented speakers that are currently available to see who would be a perfect match for your group, organization or event.

There are no fees to work with Access Speakers and in most cases these represented speakers are willing to waive any honorarium, but please double check as there are a few exceptions.

Once you've found the perfect speaker/s please contact us to let us know the dates/times/locations you would like to book a speaker for. We'll then advise you of the speaker's availability as well as to work out the final details with regards to your particular venue.

Though most of these speakers are not professionally paid, they do each have a gift of storytelling and would be honored to share their passion with your group/organization/venue.

Should you have a specific topic that is of interest to you, but you're not seeing anyone in our line-up of speakers who are a perfect match...inquire with us so we can work our magic in finding that perfect speaker for you.

Pop us a line or give us a ring if you'd like more information or just to be kept informed whenever we bring a new speaker on as we're adding more all the time.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to providing excellent speakers for your next venue!



Anastasia L. Schuster
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