First Issue – Explaining Speaker Snippets, SpeakerHub, Patricia Fripp and More…


If you are a speaker…in particular one who is speaking for free to grow their business, please give me a few minutes of your time by watching my above video. This is the first of what will be “Speaker Snippets” where I will share tips and tricks from the viewpoint of a speaker agent as well as resources I come across that I feel will be of value to you.

In my video I confess that I am a recovering perfectionist and I have been doing speakers a disservice by not sharing things I come across that will be of value to them sooner…just because I haven’t had time to create a slick marketing campaign. Well…done is better than perfect, right? So please forgive any imperfection in my videos and emails in general and instead focus on the value of the content.

Because this is my first “Speaker Snippet” the video is longer as I share the general “Why” in addition to a couple of recommended resources. Going forward my videos WILL be shorter! Really! 🙂

1) First up – I want to tell you about SpeakerHub!

SpeakerHub is the fastest-growing community of professional, independent, or amateur public speakers and trainers who’d like to be found by companies, event organizers and schools. They welcome anyone with expertise in any field who is open to speaking at conferences, events or schools as a paid or pro bono presenter. For more information check out How it Works and/or FAQs!

If you want to list your speaker profile for FREE so you are visible to companies/event organizers who are looking for speakers: Register with SpeakerHub

When you set up your profile and are on their e-list you’ll start getting GREAT content for speakers. Here’s just a few of my favorites thus far:

10 Tips to be a great speaker [Visual Guide]

The ultimate guide to setting your speaking fees

The SkillCamp PDF

Honestly their paid plans are so affordable it’s a no-brainer to consider, but at the very least be sure to set up your FREE Speaker Profile so you can start building your Google juice!

2) If you aren’t already connected with and following Patricia Fripp, I would highly suggest you do! She is a legend in this awesome world of public speaking that we are all a part of! Anyway, she’s doing a free webinar that I think you’ll get great value from viewing.

How to Make Your Presentations Really Great – FREE Webinar – July 19, 2018

3) Note: I’ve gone back to my maiden name of Lipske so if you know me as Schuster, please update your records. In fact, if you don’t already have me in your contacts, would you please add me so I never go into your spam? Thank you!

4) Lastly, a shameless plug for my consulting services. Even speakers with top-notch professional branding could benefit from having the eyes of a speaker agent look over what they’ve got to make sure they aren’t missing any opportunities to be more loud and proud about being a speaker. I would be honored if you would trust me with your time to share my expertise with you.

Here’s a testimonial I received just a couple of days ago:

OK – that’s about it! If you don’t feel there is any value to what I’ve shared above please feel free to unsubscribe, no hard feelings, but before you do if you can think of anyone that might find value in it, will you forward this email to them and suggest they subscribe?

I would love your feedback on this format, if you feel there was value, and what you’d like to know more about and receive in the future.

Until the next one…wishing you abundant blessings!

Speak On!!!


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