Get Booked on Podcasts

Below is a bit about the process and fee structure for our guest podcasting clients.

Note this includes virtual interviews/conversations i.e., Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube, internet radio, etc.

(Please refer to our Get Booked to Speak page if you are only interested in being booked speaking engagements.)

This is not a podcast guest bureau! We do not market this site and invite podcasts hosts and/or producers to come in and peruse our portfolio of carefully vetted podcast guests in the hopes that someone will strike their fancy.

Access Speakers is a full-service speaker and guest podcasting agency focused on presenting each of our clients individually. Think of us as an extension of your sales team!


Podcasts are a great way to get the word out about your product/services, build influence and establish credibility. They are evergreen with tremendous reach helping you with your “Google juice” i.e. SEO rankings.

Podcasts were growing in popularity to begin with but since the onset of the pandemic their popularity has exploded, and we expect will only continue to grow! Now is the time to establish YOUR name with YOUR niche so you are known as the expert in that field.


We are paid for production only. You only pay us if we get you booked!!! No monthly fee, no hourly fee, no package fee, no revenue split, etc.

We focus on podcasting guests who are appearing on shows for free to grow their business…but do not abuse the platform with an infomercial!

We work carefully with each of our clients to get clarity around the types of shows they want to get in front of. We don’t book you on shows you don’t feel are a good fit.

Once the date is finalized, we send a confirmation to the show with all the details they need to know. We update your ongoing “podcast gig sheet” with all the details you need to know about each of your upcoming podcasts shows.

Happy Asian woman setting up a living room in her house for podcast studio, woman arranging a podcast and online radio station at home. Professional young podcaster speaking through a microphone.

We charge a one-time $200 enrollment fee.

($300 if we are also booking you speaking engagements)

This is to pay for the time to learn all we can so we can best represent you. It also pays for the time needed to set up your profile on our site and the various things that happen with every booking we make.

After that we charge a flat fee of $75 per podcast.

What we do is not rocket science. People have been booking directly with podcast hosts/producers for years. They either do it themselves or they hire a VA who may not know the ins and outs of how to get a person booked on a podcast.

Our clients are people who simply know that finding, booking, and keeping track of their podcast interviews is not the highest and best use of their time. They hire us to do the grunt work and because they know that we have relationships with many podcast hosts and producers that trust our recommendations of potential guests.

And truth be told… there is a cachet to having an agent as very few people do. Our black book of shows that we work with is solid and we are bringing on more all the time.

When you sign on with us if you have a ‘hit list’ you would like us to go after we would be happy to do so if the shows are in alignment with the types we normally work with.

We hope the above will give you a general idea as to what we offer in our services. Please refer to our testimonials page to read what our clients have said about us.

If you are ready to get your message out to more people then reach out ASAP to discuss the possibilities.


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