Speaker Consulting

As a speakers' agent who has booked more than 1,200 speaking engagements on behalf of my clients it's safe to say I know how to get people booked to speak!

Private Consulting - here we learn about YOUR business...YOUR successes...YOUR challenges and any questions you might have. As it's private we can go into detail on where to find groups to speak to, reaching the right people to get booked. You'll also receive suggestions on how to better brand yourself as a speaker as well as to learn of possible resources to help you with your needs so you can get booked to share your message and bring in back-of-the-room sales!

I recommend starting with a Speaker Branding consultation for that's the first step to make certain you're presenting yourself in such a way that groups will choose you over the myriad of other potential speakers.

Then as a second consultation I recommend the Get Booked to Speak session where we go over tips & tricks for getting yourself booked to speak.

Thirdly consider the Re-Cap/Follow-up or "How are you doing thus far?" that we schedule a month later. Rarely does a speaker need more than three consultations with me as I load so much into each one.

Consultations are done via Zoom so I can screen-share and literally "show" you what we're discussing. It will be recorded and shared with you so you can review our consultation whenever you wish for a refresher.

Once the consultation is scheduled I send you my e-book (Build Your Public Speaking Business with Ease) as my gift so you can read it prior to our meeting. This gets some of the basics behind us so we can jump further into it and gives you a sense for my general philosophy on speaking to grow your business and a sense for my style.

$200 per one-hour consultation

Pop me a quick email so we can schedule a date/time...


I look forward to hearing from you and for the opportunity to help you generate influence, awareness, and clients through your speaking...




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