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Caterina Rando Serving women in business on a mission to use public speaking, workshops, events & retreats to connect, serve, & profit.
Serving WOMEN thru:

✯ Business Speaking
✯ VIP Group Coaching
✯ TWIB Center in San Francisco
✯ Business Conference Speaking
✯ Business Mentoring Coaching
✯ Women's Events and Women's Retreats
✯ Teaching How to do Workshops Women's Events and Women's Retreats
Reach out to see how she can help you grow your speaking business!
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Professional Speaker Sheet Creation

I create impactful speaker sheets that help you get booked for speaking. Your speaker sheet is your calling card that shows who you are, what you speak about, and why you are the one they need to put in front of a room! Your speaker sheet is an essential visual tool to “sell yourself” as a speaker. If you want a high-quality, branded, professional speaker sheet that captures attention and conveys the value you bring to an audience, contact me!

15% off speaker sheet design and copywriting if Anastasia sent you!

I can also help you with:

✯ Handouts
✯ PowerPoint slides
✯ Logo
✯ Offer sheets
✯ Flyers
✯ Branded visuals
✯ Editing
✯Karen Gargiulo
KG Creates Communications
Graphic Design/Copywriting/Editing
(916) 718-6685
Karen Gargiulo 150

SpeakerTunity Cities

Thousands of grassroots speaking opportunities in your market instantly at your fingertips! Own Your List...Own YourStages...Own Your Market. The easy way to get booked so you can grow your business and change more lives!  
Click here for details: SpeakerTunity Cities
SpeakerTunity Cities
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Great Books on Speaking

Here we'll share a line-up of books that are of great value to speakers. If you have any you love that should be on this list please let us know!