Afarin Bellisario ~ Mentor, Teacher, and Author

Afarin Bellisario grew up in Tehran in a family with its feet in the past and its head in the future: whereas her grandmothers could barely read, Afarin’s university-educated father and uncles were prominent members of Iran’s new technocratic elite. The Windcatchers is inspired by the women who fought for Iranian democracy and by her own upbringing.

Upon receiving a Ph.D. (and a subsequent MBA) from MIT, Afarin spent most of her career in the high-tech world, dealing with bleeding-edge innovations. She has worked for firms such as Intel, Analog Devices, and Raytheon, as well as MIT in both technical and business capacities, and consulted many others such as Tokyo Electron.

Today, Afarin consults, teaches, and mentors young ventures. But writing has been a passion. Afarin began writing professionally in major publications and the literary magazine Ferdousi at the age of 14, in pre-revolutionary Tehran. In 2013, her essay “Movies with My Aunt” was published in the anthology Love & Pomegranates, edited by M. N. Sayers. The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe have published several of her op-eds, and she writes regularly about the clash between tradition and modernity on Medium. Through Afarin’s writing, she actively seeks to create a conversation around the themes covered in Silenced Whispers.


A Few Conversation Starters:

  1. What motivated you to write this book
  2. What is the book about?
  3. Why is this book relevant to an American/European reader? Why should they care?
  4. What should the readers expect from the book?
  5. Are events in this book real? How about the characters? How does it relate to Afarn as an author?
  6. Why were Iranian women protesting? Did they stop? Why?
  7. What has been the role of social media in Iran?
  8. How old is the women’s movement in Iran? Is it an upshot of American feminism?
  9. What can Westerners do to help?

Silenced Whispers

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Silenced Whispers