Alicia Power ~ Spiritual Mentor & Master Healer

From 40 + years as a Spiritual Teacher and Spirit Communicator, Alicia Power brings extraordinary knowledge, wisdom, and insight to your audiences. Her training as a journalist gives her a unique skill to communicate in simple terms the hidden dynamics and solutions to everyday challenges. An expert on Soul Purpose, Consciousness Evolution, and Energy Healing, your audience will gain tips, and new tools to uplift and inspire their hearts and minds.

Alicia is a renowned energy healer, consciousness thought leader, spiritual intuitive, passionate educator, and group facilitator, YouTuber, podcaster, author of over 20 spiritual training courses, a regular guest on international speaker summits, former journalist, and inspirational speaker. Her YouTube channel has over 1.4 million views, and she mentors thousands of students around the world. Her live events and courses are available on


Most Popular Topics:

Increase Your Intuition: Learn quick tools to read other people, and learn to TRUST your own intuition. Whether in business or relationships, this knowledge can give you the edge. Alicia is a master trainer in non-logical cognition. Her journalism background helps her explain this subtle field of intuition simply so you understand how to trust your own true gut knowing.

E​nvisioning You: Get motivated by SEEING yourself outside your current box. Burst the bubble of limiting self-talk!​ Experience a simple tool that shifts your world quickly, and higher. Alicia will show you how to step outside your current limiting framework, so you see differently and view new opportunities.

​Negative Psychic Energy: What’s BEHIND our low emotions? Tools to FAST SHIFT anxiety and doubt.  As a 30-year energy healer, Alicia reveals the hidden world of our psychology – as mapped in the energy worlds.​ Audiences will learn simple tools to shift their energy maps into positivity.

H​ow to Make a Difference Now: Your inner state changes your life. Discover tools that lift the tide of self-belief, and heartfelt contribution. Using inner visualization tools, audiences will move through blockages to their self-belief – to higher inner freedom.

L​ift Your Dreams: How to REWIRE your CAPACITY to dream higher. Alicia reveals how personal hopes, visions, and life dreams are the engines of life. Giving your audience tools to awaken fresh, new inner horizons is a gift Alicia will offer, with simple takeaways and tools.

Awaken Your Power: KNOWING you CAN l​ets loose a torrent of Force into your DREAMS.  Your audience will be given simple tools to future pace your unconscious, so it BELIEVES you’ve ALREADY done it! Triggering a momentum that’s unstoppable.

H​ow to Hear Spirit: Inside your mind are whispers that guide you. Alicia shows quick paths to open that door wider.


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Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • Kyron – Lee Caroll
  • Awakening to Abundance – Live Big Media
  • Beyond the Ordinary Show – John Burgos
  • Quantum Conversations – Lauren Galey
  • Soul Shine Solstice Celebrations – Lauren Galey
  • Manifest Everything Now – Kristen Howe
  • Straight Talk for the Soul – Cari Murphy
  • Soul Talk – Patty Malek
  • The Transformation Show – Durva Gandhi
  • Your Life Without Limits – Debra Poneman
  • Awakening Heart Network – Donna Joyce
  • Angelic Entrepreneurs – Linda Angelina
  • A New Era of Feminine Leadership – Christine Miskinis
  • Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series
  • Soul Driven Success – Devorah Spilman
  • From Heart-Ache to Joy – Eram Saeed
  • Ignite the Light – Karen Anderson
  • Real Raw You Synergy – Jeneth Blackert
  • Jazz Up Your Life – Judy Anderson
  • Unbounded Potential – Karen King
  • Abundance for Lightworkers – Jennifer Russell
  • Awaken the Authentic You – Mat Shaffer
  • Mediumship Miracles & Spirit – Melissa Lilly
  • Eternal Wisdom Summit – Michael Tibbett
  • Sacred Stories Summit – Rev Patricia Cagganello
  • The Self-Love Revolution – Tina Christie
  • Awaken to Happiness Now – Shefali Burns
  • Soul Speak Summit – Sheldon Pizzinat
  • Wisdom of the Ancients – Ian Shelley
  • Living and Elevated Existence – Tammy Mastrobert
  • Academy for the Soul – Amanda Hopkins
  • Manifesting Life, Purpose & Relationships – Melissa Lilly
  • Cosmic Truth – Anne-Lise Ashaara
  • Soul Power Virtual Retreat – Chloe Veska

Partial List of Previous Podcasts

Inspired Transformation with Christie Warnick 
The Lounge with Marisa Pell
Soul Speaks with Todd Medina
Asked and Answered by Soul with Jennifer Urezzio
All Things Therapy with Lisa Tahir


Rave Reviews:

“Thank you so much for being a part of the COSMIC TRUTH Summit! It’s been an honor to collaborate with you, thank you again for this beautiful sharing of wisdom.”
~ Anne Lise Ashaara, Cosmic Truth Summit

“I love Alicia Power’s work, so helpful. Thank you, Alicia, for being here and sharing your gifts with us, we’re blessed to receive these wonderful tools to help us grow and heal.”
~ L.I.

“Since yesterday’s talk, I have already changed! I began to exercise, something that I have been putting off each day! I feel joyful and energized now. I feel like doing things that I was not motivated to do before doing the journey twice. I can imagine how I will feel after doing it every day! Wow! Wow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Much love! Namaste!”
~ Diane

“I have learned from lots of spiritual teachers – and it’s recognizable, that you have the ability to simply “boil it all down” to an “extract” that is your work. So VERY profound, deep, and true. And yet, you’ve found the way, to say the truth, in such a simple way! Amazing! (I think though a lot of people will not be able to see the vastness of your knowledge, dedication, and humility with love – because of the “simple” way you say it).”
~ Sara

“I am so enjoying your deep work. I try to listen to all your speaking engagements and find your work has been life-changing. Blessings.”
~ Rhonda

“I’m a researcher and spiritual practitioner myself, and I’m very selective with the things I tune into and feel a real resonance with. I could feel from the very first time I listened to one of your talks that this was a very special, very high-frequency offering, and I’ve continued to feel this every time I’ve participated in your lectures and training.”
~ Dana

“Wonderful to finally find a teacher Alicia. I’ve been listening to your recent radio show with John – BTO -3 times actually and realized this is the next step.”
~ Lynn

“Dear Alicia, found your work through the Abundance Lightworkers Summit and it’s just the “right thing to the right time”. It’s incredibly powerful and something deep within came back to life.”
~ Annette

“Dear Alicia, it is not only the fact that you talk on Summits and videos but the way you speak and present the message. You give me the tools to master my spiritual journey. It is a pleasure to hear your voice and see the expressions on your face. This opens my heart. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I and my soul say thank you. We give you a big hug.”
~ Douglas

“Hello there, I live in Sweden, and found you on YouTube, I LOVE your message and energy, definitely one of the highest on the planet! Love and light to you and your spirit teams!”
~ Mats

“Alicia was amazing on this call!! Her presence and dynamic power infused the entire call and uplifted us all to higher levels!!!! She worked on individuals and on the group throughout the whole time and she revealed simple, practical ways to anchor into your Divine self and change your reality now. She was a powerhouse who blessed us all profusely!!”




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