Brooke M Dukes ~ CEO, Author, Business Consultant, Speaker

Brooke M Dukes has over two decades of high-impact leadership roles ranging from CEO and Chief Sales Officer to President and Master Trainer. Brooke is a transformational force in the business world. She has an innate ability to connect with C-suite executives, professional leaders, and driven entrepreneurs, identifying the obstacles hindering their growth. Brooke crafts tailored strategic plans that align with each individual’s personal aspirations and objectives, guiding her clients on a path to ultimate success and fulfillment.

Renowned for her expertise in psychology and human behavior transformation, Brooke has collaborated with corporations including United Airlines, IBM, and Lear, specializing in leadership development, sales training, and executive presence. She also excels in enhancing communication skills and engagement levels, driving optimal organizational talent retention.

Holding a B.S. from Michigan State University, Brooke is not only a career-driven professional, but also a family woman who has raised two wonderful young adults alongside her partner, Ryan. Based in Austin, Texas, Brooke passionately travels the world empowering women to design and live the life of their dreams.



Most Popular Topics:

Burn On, Not Out
Explore the path that has brought you to your current point in life. Tap into what genuinely ignites your passion, and dare to embrace meaningful risks that contribute to the creation of a life marked by both success AND fulfillment.

Turn Fear Into Fuel
Discover what fears are holding you back and learn how to turn them into the driving force for your success.

Align with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
Discover the art of understanding people’s unspoken needs in any interaction, enabling you to swiftly build rapport and influence any situation.

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Other areas of expertise include:

  • How to Build an Empowering Culture
  • Elevating Your Executive Presence
  • Become a Leader People Want to Follow
  • Sales Training and Development
  • Unite for Success: Team Building
  • Attract Top Talent and Keep Them
  • Quickly align and influence anyone, anytime, anywhere


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