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Cindy Benezra is an author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and sexual abuse advocate. She is the author of the newly released memoir, Under The Orange Blossoms.

Cindy is the founder of CindyTalks™, a platform where she discusses healing tools and stories of hope for other trauma survivors. She engages with her readers through honesty, humility, and genuine care for those who have walked a similar path.

Cindy is also the co-founder of a luxury event company, where she spends much of her time creating beautiful spaces for some of the most important events in people’s lives. Her eye for style and design has won Elite Events numerous awards and spotlight features. Currently, Cindy and her husband reside in Seattle, Washington, and are parents of four adult children.



Most Popular Topics:

From Trauma to Triumph: A Survivor’s Journey to Mindfulness
Strategies for healing after trauma, the importance of mindfulness in recovery, and a profound personal testimony on transforming pain into resilience.

Breaking the Cycle: Building Healthy Relationships After Abuse
Practical advice for cultivating trust and intimacy post-trauma, understanding the impacts of abuse on relationships, and tools for survivors to connect deeply with loved ones.

Rising Above: Overcoming Homelessness and Divorce After Abuse
Inspirational insights into rebuilding life from rock bottom, lessons in self-reliance, and motivational guidance for those facing adversities like homelessness and divorce.

The Power of Forgiveness: Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse
Personal revelations about forgiving an abusive parent, the mental and emotional transformation involved, and methods to release anger to find peace.

Rewiring for Recovery: Changing Mindsets After Trauma
Cognitive techniques to reframe traumatic experiences, fostering a growth mindset, and using positive self-talk to revitalize one’s sense of self-worth.

Facing the Darkness: Confronting Suicide Ideation and Finding Hope
Raw and honest discussion on dealing with suicidal thoughts, offering empathy for those struggling, and sharing beacons of hope for a brighter future.

Reshaping Identity: Reclaiming Self After Sexual Abuse
Strategies to redefine and reclaim one’s identity post-abuse, fostering self-compassion and empowerment, with an empowering narrative to support fellow survivors.


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Rave Reviews:

“Cindy has a wonderful story and a rich story of survival, success, and advocacy. Her energy and demeanor exude a glow that is alluring to audiences and easy for hosts to get wondrous stories. Her experiences as a mother matched with her advocacy for sexual abuse survivors are just as close to her soul as her professional ambitions that have led to her an esteemed place of success.

She ranks as one of my favorite guests for her easygoing, well-orchestrated stories and aphorisms that bring in many ears and hearts to hear the stories. She embodies all the qualities in a guest that make the host mesh well with orchestrating a story and narrative that will inspire any audience.”
~ Joe Dimino, Host – Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino Podcast + Neon Jazz Podcast

“Cindy Benezra speaks in an open and authentic voice that connects with her listeners. Cindy graciously shares her personal story of overcoming the sexual abuse she experienced at the hands of her father. She has a powerful message to share that resonates deeply with survivors of childhood trauma. She not only shares her story in a heartfelt manner, but also offers practical tools and well-studied methodologies which she has researched, and implemented in her own life, and suggests as an option for listeners with the hope to provide support for the  healing that her audience seeks.”
~ Shari Leid, Attorney, Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author of  The 50/50 Friendship Flow and Make Your Mess Your Message Series

“Under the Orange Blossoms is an astonishing debut. Cindy Benezra writes openly about the innate ability children have to survive early childhood trauma. She does so with incredible compassion, bravery, truth, advocacy, and love. Cindy reveals her story of survival and coming of age trying to escape the post-traumatic stress she suffered at her father’s hands. This is a story of hope—of finding your way out of the darkness and into the light. She provides unique insight into the healing modalities and steps she used to help her survive, thrive, and create post-traumatic resilience despite her losses. It is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story of facing fears, dealing directly with pain, breaking cycles of generational trauma, and ultimately letting go of the anger and creating a beautiful life. Cindy is living proof that you are not your abuse, trauma, or story. It’s what happened to you, but it doesn’t define you. Under the Orange Blossoms is a must-read.”
~ Angela Schellenberg, Writer, Speaker, and Mental Health Trauma Therapist, LMHCA

“Cindy has a natural, personable style. She didn’t lecture or talk “at” us. It was a refreshing change. She was able to encourage our members to discuss their concerns and fears. Thank you!”
~ Rhonda Simon, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Los Gatos Morning



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