Dr. Debra Dupree ~ Conflict Coach

Dr. Debra Dupree is a dynamic and engaged speaker, never failing to excite her audience. She has nearly 30 years of professional experience as an accomplished corporate consultant and keynote speaker.  Companies such as Teradata, Yamaha, Stanford University, Cal Western School of Law, and the Department of Navy have called upon her to “train their trainers” as well as coaching leaders at every level around the world.  Debra is a Business Coach and Relationship Consultant delivering leadership solutions to organizations, teams, and individuals. She designs and implements training programs for professional development, and guides organizations through strategic change. You won’t be disappointed when Dr. Dupree is leading your group! Nothing but spectacular results flow from her guided interaction!

She has a unique business background and speaks to both personal and professional development for purpose, passion and presence. With over 25 years as a professional mediator, she’s developed an insightful perspective about what makes people tick, what goes wrong in communication, and the unknown personal habits that we develop that often get in the way of success. Her speaking topics focus on managing the risky business of bad bossing, managing 360 (up, down and all around), creating the emotionally intelligent workspace, and leading consciously now with emotional intelligence with particular emphasis on the female professional.

Debra has an extensive training, coaching and management background training executives, lawyers and human resource professionals throughout North America in conflict management and leadership strategies.  Today, she trains and coaches professionals on developing their presence through writing and speaking, time management, leadership strategies for managing up, down and all around, emotional intelligence, customer service and coaching/mentoring practices.  Debra’s clients range from start-ups and family-owned businesses to large corporations from technology to finance, from law to military, and from education to utilities.

Debra was featured in Newsweek as one of San Diego’s top psychotherapists, recognized by the Los Angeles Federal Executive Board for her mediator expertise, and distinguished as a leader in dispute resolution by the Southern California Mediation Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution.  Since 2000, she has served as one of the leading mentor mediators for the Department of Navy.  In 2016, she was recognized as one of the top ten trainers by SkillPath Corporate Strategies, an internationally-based training and development company, based on training participants evaluations.

She is the founder and president of Relationships at Work, Inc. combining her 30 years of experience in psychotherapy, mediation and conflict coaching to help professionals develop their emotional intelligence by understanding the neuroscience of brain behavior and how the drama and trauma from their past interferes with transformational leadership and powerful presence and purpose.  Today, she resides in the lovely seaside community of Coronado, CA with her two Yorkshire Terrier/Pomeranian dogs, Wolfie and Snickers.  Her daughter, Erin, will soon graduate from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo where she studied architectural engineering while her son, Brett, is in his junior year studying mechanical engineering.



Creating the Emotionally Intelligent Workplace:

In this talk, Dr. Dupree will help audience members recognize how life’s traumas impact resiliency and flexibility around change, how to maximize communication and presence, and how to manage stressful situations.

Here’s what participants gain:

  • How to use emotional intelligence to move up and earn more $$!
  • The importance of ongoing self-evaluation.
  • How to build and repair important relationships.

Leading Consciously:  Managing Up, Down and All Around:

Through this talk, Dr. Dupree will help managers and leaders develop their ability to influence others through simple but powerful communication techniques and conflict management strategies. Using “The Five Pillars of Conscious Leadership:”

Presence, Awareness, Expression, Relationship Management and Authenticity, here’s what participants gain:

  • What it takes to be successful as managers and leaders.
  • Understand how a conscious platform is something everyone can benefit from.
  • Learn the benefits for how to manage up, down, and all around.

The Science of Compassion:

In this talk, Dr. Dupree will help the audience members embrace the complexities and dynamics of human relationships, particularly intimate relationships, that are both complex and simple.

Here’s what participants gain:

  • Recognizing the multiple factors contributing to who we are.
  • How to simplify the complexity by looking at the basic biological hard-wiring all humans have.
  • Combining this knowledge with an understanding of brain differences between genders to make relationships easier to manage.



  • American Association of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
  • Association of Women in Science (AWIS)
  • Blue Shield of California
  • California School Personnel Commissioners Association (CSPCA)
  • City of Indian Wells
  • Columbus Regional Airport Authority
  • Disrupt HR
  • DLA Piper
  • Ellie Mae
  • Fleet Readiness Center, Naval Air Station, North Island (FRC, NASNI)
  • Imperial Valley Human Resource Association
  • La Mesa / Spring Valley Unified School District
  • LAZ Parking
  • Oracle
  • San Diego Family Law Bar Association (SDFLBA)
  • Small Business Administration, San Francisco (SBASF)
  • Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA)
  • Speakers’ Adventure
  • The Small Business Learning Center
  • U.S. Air Force, Vandenberg Air Force Base
  • U.S. Marine Corps, Twenty-Nine Palms
  • Rotary Del Mar/ Solana Beach
  • NAPW South Orange County
  • Rotary 5340 East Escondido, Point Loma, Del Mar, Chula Vista, National City, Rancho Bernardo, Fallbrook
  • Polka Dot Powerhouse



“In a world where many of us feel more stressed and isolated, Dr. Dupree shared great insight into what truly connects us all and how to get it back into our life. A great presenter.”
~ Kevin Ehlinger Wilde, Program Chair, Del Mar / Solana Beach Rotary

“I first heard Dr. Dupree when I attended the AWIS strategy session entitled “Promoting Your Inner Diplomat” I felt that Dr. Dupree’s talk at the strategy session was the best that I had experienced at AWIS. Dr. Dupree is charming, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. She introduced us to the concept that gender differences in brain structure influence our behavior and the ways that we perceive and interact with others. Her perspective was new to me and I am always grateful to people who give me new insights.. I would recommend Dr. Dupree to anyone who is seeking to improve the quality of their interpersonal relationships and a deeper understanding of how to know oneself and interact with others.”
~ Jean Spence, Owner, Omnitron Bioscience

“Debra offers key steps in identifying strategies to manage professional relationships and communities.”
~Jennifer Becker, President, Polka Dot Powerhouse San Diego

“Dr. Debra is an engaging, warm, person who puts new meaning into the words , compassion, and empathy. I received many positive comments on her presentation. We don’t usually receive presentations on her subject matter at our meeting, and so the Club was very interested in what she had to say.”
~ Richard L Goodlake, Program Chair, Fallbrook Rotary

“Excellent Facilitator – engaging, adjusted examples to our organization’s processes.  This is a “must” course for any client-based company.  The trainer’s vast knowledge of the material applied to my personal life as well.”
~ Tami Leach-Allen, Account Manager, Ellie Mae

“Thanks so much for delivering an excellent session yesterday and providing these results.  You modeled authentic leadership in taking the initiative to request feedback, listen and act upon it.  For those of us who experienced both days, you modeled what you taught.”
~ Floria Washington, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Training & Organizational Design, Columbus Regional Airport Authority

“Eloquently and magnificently presented!  Unique and creative delivery style while clearly teaching the message.  Dr. Dupree is a gift as a presenter and has instilled very positive and enriching changes that I am motivated to implement and reflect on daily.  Please bring her back!”
~ Shelley Lamey, Semper Fit Division Head, USMC

“Dr. D embodies all of the things taught in this course on Presentation Skills which means she makes the class very enjoyable and relevant to participants and people leave with a lasting impression and valuable lessons.  Highly recommended!”
~ Lauren Smart, Development Manager, Oracle


Website: www.Relationships-at-work.com







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