Erin Hatzikostas ~ Authenticity Expert, Global Speaker, Business Coach


Erin Hatzikostas is a former Corporate CEO turned Professional Pot-Stirrer. 

Recently called “An up-and-coming Mel Robbins” by the Founder of The Keynote Shop, Erin Hatzikostas is an internationally recognized leader on the impact of authenticity in the workplace.

The CEO and founder of b Authentic inc, Erin is a global keynote speaker, the best-selling author of You Do You(ish), the co-host of the podcast, b Cause Work Doesn’t Have to Suck, and coach-sultant. Her TEDx Talk was one of the Top 20 globally most viewed TEDx Talks released in 2021.

Her talks have reached hundreds of thousands of people and her thought leadership has been featured on ABC, CBS and published in Business Insider, Fast Company, Well+Good, among several others. Her company also conducted a national study on the impact of authenticity in the workplace.


Most Popular Topics:

How Authentic Leadership can be your #1 strategic advantage:

When Erin Hatzikostas took on the CEO role for a $2bn AUM company, she had no idea how to run a company. But in just three years, she took the fledgling company and tripled earnings ($17M to $50M) and sent employee engagement skyrocketing. How? Authentic Leadership.

She’s now on a mission to help other leaders have the same success she did, without selling out. Erin talks about Authentic Leadership in a way you’ve never heard before. She’ll reframe how you think about the word “authenticity” itself (it is NOT synonymous with “being yourself” or “transparency”), share her Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity framework, and her proprietary national research that quantifies the impact Authentic Leadership can have on your company…and your career.

In the end, Erin believes that Authentic Leadership is tangible and it’s also works. Because it’s so easy to flow down the inauthentic river that is gushing in business today, Erin’s tangible, practical, and authentic advice will give leaders the stepping stones (and life vest) they need to start swimming in the other direction and into a beautiful oasis of success!

How to use authenticity as your new secret weapon to success:

You’ve probably heard “Bring your authentic self to work” a hundred times in the last year [insert eye roll]. But here’s the reality: being “yourself” at work probably feels like fluffy unicorn doo-doo that isn’t really actionable or possible.

Erin will help you see that authenticity is a much more nuanced and complex concept. And, when embraced in this way, it turns authenticity from a passive, la-ti-da concept to an active, dy-no-mite strategy that should be at the heart of your leadership and culture strategy.

Grounded in her proprietary framework, “The Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity” (H.U.M.A.N.S.), she will help you see that authenticity can be purposefully practiced. She’ll also provide some initial “plays” for your own Authenticity Playbook, which will have you putting your authenticity in motion as soon as you leave the session. In this new, post-pandemic world, this is THE strategy you need to modernize your culture, maximize your career, and make lots more moola!

The 50% Rule – how to stop comparing and start competing in a league of your own:

What’s the hidden secret of people who are self-propelled to create extraordinary innovation, capture widespread attention, and have a blast while doing it? They do half.

They don’t work harder, and no, they don’t half-ass things. Instead, they use The 50% Rule to stop comparing their lives, careers, or business to others and instead, leverage the Rule to compete in a league of their own.

You’ll hear:

  • What Sleeprunning Syndrome is and how it’s likely plaguing you – at work and in life.
  • How The 50% Rule came about and helped Erin succeed
  • The four areas you can apply The 50% Rule
  • The JIGSAW Framework combines the Rule’s 6 Puzzle Pieces (Juxtaposition, Intersection, Gut the Shit, Spectrum, Adventure, Weaknesses & Weirds) and stories of others’ success in applying these 50% Rule principles to create success, including Hamilton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Antonin Scalia, Lil Nas X, John Madden, Weird Al, Shopify, and many more.

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Podcast Conversation Starters:

  • I see you started as an Actuary. How did that translate into becoming a corporate CEO?
  • Why do you think the corporate workplace is so “fake” and what can we do to change it?
  • Authenticity seems to be a hot topic right now. How do you define authenticity?
  • Some people fear that being too authentic exposes too much. What do you think about that?
  • How did being authentic help you when you were a corporate executive?
  • You mention that authenticity is tangible and actionable, what do you mean by that?
  • You researched to quantify the impact of authenticity in the workplace. What did you find was most surprising?
  • Have you always been authentic? What made you that way?
  • What if someone loves what you’re talking about but works in an inauthentic culture or for an inauthentic boss?
  • What is your favorite story of someone having an “aha moment” regarding authenticity when working with them?

Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • TEDx Farmingdale
  • Hartford Insurtech
  • Alegeus
  • Highmark Health
  • CVS Women in Tech
  • Actuarial Club of Hartford and Springfield
  • CVS WISE (Women’s ERG)
  • Guardian Life
  • University of Connecticut (2X)
  • National Association of Professional Employer Organizations
  • Travelers Insurance
  • American Heart Association
  • Elite Meet
  • RISE Health (2x – Women’s Conference & National Conference)
  • She Who Wins
  • American Dental Association (SmileCon)
  • Association for Behavioral Healthcare
  • Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities
  • Connecticut Center for Assisted Living
  • Cigna International
  • Dawns Foods
  • GeoBlue
  • Pareto Health
  • Dawn Foods
  • Quinnipiac University
  • The Hartford

Rave Reviews:

“Erin received sooooooo many compliments. She made such a connection with our attendees! One attendee even looked at me straight in the eye and said, “I changed my schedule to come back today…because I’ve never seen a speaker give me so much information I can use with my staff on Monday.”
~Dr. Nan Tertel, American Dental Association

“We hired Erin to speak to over 10,000 colleagues across our company’s colleague resource groups. She generated so much excitement across our community and gave the group immediate, tangible action items to help them achieve success in their careers and for our company. I highly recommend Erin for anyone that’s looking for a dynamic, engaging, and easy-to-work-with speaker!”
~Emily DePina, CVS Health

“Recently, our Sales organization had the opportunity to engage with Erin for a second training and she overdelivered again. Erin’s sessions are high-energy with a productive balance between fact-based learning and experiential sharing. It’s incredibly powerful to see Erin work through a live coaching experience with highly successful Sales team members where she helps them bring forward their approach in a manner that provides deeper connectivity to the client…in a matter of minutes! If you invest time in putting the content to practice, your return is exponential.”
~Landon Reid, The Hartford

“Erin says what we’re all thinking, and offers not just the observation, but relatable and fresh ways to think and act that really CAN change the game. Solidly grounded by her Midwestern common sense, she’s refreshing, funny and real. She was THE hit of the Summit. MORE PLEASE! “
~Barb Flitsch, AMP

“Erin was THE BEST speaker at our event! Her energy was dynamic and I was blown away at the journey she took the audience on during her talk. She led them through a perfect rollercoaster of emotions through her storytelling, framework, and hilarious orange suitcase bit/metaphor that had everyone both laughing AND nodding as she perfectly depicted the problem so many people face in the working world. She also gave tangible action steps the audience could implement immediately. I highly recommend Erin for any audience/event!”
~Renee Bauer, She Who Wins Summit

“I cannot tell you how much this one event gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed in the workplace. Erin is breaking the mold on this and I’m excited to recommend her to all my friends and colleagues.”
~Unknown (from participant survey )

“Bright, funny, energetic, engaging. Erin truly can capture her audience, keep their attention, and drive home a very important message. If your organization has not had the pleasure of hearing Erin message you’re losing out. I recite clips continuously of things she said that drove home to me.”
~Unknown (from participant survey )

“It was one of the best workshops I’ve been to. Erin was incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and engaging, and I’m truly inspired by how to bring more of my authentic self to my life each day.”
~Unknown (from participant survey)