Gisela Zebroski ~ Novelist

When WWII broke out in 1939 Gisela Zebroski’s privileged childhood came to an abrupt end. The Soviet Union took over Latvia, the country of her birth.  Her parents, destined for deportation, fled to Germany and settled in Poland.

In 1945 the family fled again from the approaching Red Army. Her father had been drafted and was missing in action. Her mother and four siblings survived air raids and found safety in Austria.

In 1954 she immigrated to California where she married an American scientist who inspired her to go to college. She graduated with a degree in psychology and minors in creative writing, history, and philosophy.  Her two novels, THE BARONESS and MEPHISTO WALTZ, recount the world of her past.

Her own story is a work in progress under the title of SELFIE SIDEWAYS.




The Berlin Airlift, the Candy Bomber and I

In 1948 Stalin blocked all land access routes to the city of Berlin. That left 2 million Berliners and 8,000 occupation forces without sustenance. A forceful breakthrough of the blockade could have ignited WW III. Instead, Harry Truman ordered: “We shall stay! Period.”

On June 25, 1948, General Clay established an airlift: Operation Vittles. Over the following 11 months, American and British bombers became transport aircraft that flew 300,000 missions and delivered 2.3 million tons of supplies. This operation deterred Stalin’s invasion of Berlin and Western Europe.

The speech covers some of the details and historical background that led to the Iron Curtain and the Cold War. The story concludes in 1989 with an eyewitness account of what could have been a full-scale military crackdown that killed the people climbing over The Wall.



  • Author Series, Foothill College
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“Her presentation was an unequivocal success. Her story and how she presented the details was truly extraordinary. She captivated her audience from beginning to end. The questions asked were very appropriate and her answers were educational.”
~ David Rollo, Little Sir, Sons in Retirement Branch #38 Mt. Hamilton (San Jose)

“Gisela was well prepared and convivial with our group. She is a gifted storyteller. Gisela made world history come alive. We were on the edge of our seats. I would say that she is one of the most interesting speakers that we have had this year!”
~ Becky Peters, Program Chair, Capitola Aptos Rotary

“We have heard Gisela a couple of years ago. Hearing her again was just as fantastic as the first time. Great history of the Berlin Airlift.”
~ Brian O’Neill, Program Chair, Almaden Valley Rotary

“Gisela has a wonderful story. She is engaging and personable and a pleasure to listen to. The story is an autobiographical testimony to what happens when good people get together to do good things. Additionally, very few people today remember the situation or the time. No-one has a clue for history, yet Gisela brings forth a real-life adventure.”
~ Denny Weisgerber, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Milpitas

“Gisela has a unique premise in her presentation …that everyone has a story in their life. And every story presents the listener (reader) with a unique vision of how life is …from the perspective of another person. Gisela has many unique visions to share. Book her! You won’t be disappointed.”
~ J.D. Miller, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Vallejo

“Gisela made the presentation very lively and informative. We learnt a lot about history and the world war that we never knew before. We loved her presentation style.”
~ Sobha Ramesh, Program Chair, Rotary Club of East Palo Alto Bayshore

“OUTSTANDING!! One of the best presentations this year. I’m a history lover, and I really enjoy hearing a very good storyteller who personally experienced those events. Gisela makes it come alive.”
~ Jim Veit, Little Sir, Sons in Retirement Branch #142 San Mateo

“Gisela did a great job of making a historical event relevant to now. She did this by sharing her own personal experiences during this period of time. This is the way we make the past meaningful to the Future.”
~ Richard Zanotti, Little Sir, Sons in Retirement Branch #147 Petaluma

“Gisela is an excellent speaker with a great personality. The topic was perfect for the audience.”
~ Paul Bell, Little Sir, Sons in Retirement Branch #47 Tamalpais

“I thought the presentation was very interesting. We hear a lot about WW2 and the camps, but very little about the post-war refugee situation in divided Germany. I got a better appreciation for President Harry Truman. The information was new to me and by the questions that were asked, new to most of our club members.”
~ Ken Schwaderer, Program Chair, Mountain View Rotary Club

“Very interesting and informative. Gisela was professional and engaging. I learned something about the post-WWII struggles in Berlin that I did not know about.”
~ John Kitchin, Program Chair, San Mateo Sunrise Rotary Club

“I personally learned a lot from the presentation. Gisela was engaging and did a great job of communicating the feelings she and her family experienced. She was passionate and ‘real’ in her style. This to me is always the sign of a good presenter.”
~ Jennifer Reed, Program Chair, Rotary Club of San Leandro

“You’ll love the story of the candy bomber. It’s the past coming back in the form of American pride big time.”
~ Dick Scoppettone, Program Chair, Scott’s Valley Rotary Club

“She was very well received and stayed for quite a while after the meeting talking to some members and selling some books. I would highly recommend her.”
~ Jerry Cummings, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Campbell

“Gisela’s talk was well received by our group. Many came up to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed hearing about this incident and about her background.”
~ Dick Locke, Little Sir, Sons in Retirement Branch #134 San Rafael

“Great presentation. The club was enthralled to hear living history.”
~ Edward L. Hirshberg, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Alameda

“She was spectacular. Warm, engaging and full of passion about the subject. She would have made a great college lecturer.”
~ Meredith Griffin, Program Chair, Rotary Club of San Rafael

“Very interesting presentation on the Truman-Stalin thinking and the candy importance One of our recently deceased members flew in the airlift.”
~ Glenn Behm, Little Sir, Sons in Retirement Branch #16 Redwood City

“This is the second time I have heard Gisela speak about this and it is still very fascinating to hear it. The facts she presented are amazing! Her books are a wonderful read and give you a sense of what life was truly like during this time period. She is an enthusiastic speaker!”
~ Gene Hopp, Sons in Retirement Branch #131 San Benito County

“She was informative, knowledgeable, exact, answered questions without hesitation, not to mention a most pleasant person.”
~ Larry Flocchini, Sons in Retirement Branch #125 Westgate




The Baroness by Gisela Zebroski

Interview ~ Suzanne’s Studio: Gisela Zebroski on the Berlin Airlift