Jeffrey Weiss ~ Speaker, Author, Engineer, Director of Training

With over two decades of experience in the disaster preparedness industry, Jeffrey Weiss has worked with renowned organizations such as FEMA, The Red Cross of America, and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish and exit multiple businesses, currently managing two companies and a distribution partnership. He holds degrees in sustainability management from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business and MIT.

As a Distinguished Toastmaster and TEDx Speaker, he is recognized for expertise in disaster preparedness, active shooter scenarios, and fostering volunteer cultures within businesses. Additionally, he is a disaster security expert, advising major entertainment industry players like Sony and NBCUniversal on aligning with security guidelines. Pioneering asset management standards and other innovations, he has left his mark on the broadcasting and data security sectors. With over three decades of dedicated volunteer experience, he continues to make a positive impact in his community.

Conversation Starters:

  • Can you share some key principles of disaster preparedness that businesses should consider when developing their plans?
  • With your extensive business experience, what strategies or practices have you found effective in promoting disaster preparedness within the corporate world?
  • Active shooter training is a critical aspect of preparedness. What are some key elements that organizations should include in their active shooter training programs?
  • What motivated you to become involved in disaster preparedness, and how has your passion for this field evolved?
  • How has your background in engineering influenced your approach to disaster preparedness and response?
  • With your degrees from MIT and Pepperdine in sustainability, how do you see the intersection of sustainability and disaster preparedness? Are there any sustainable practices that are particularly relevant in this context?
  • In your 30 years of volunteering, can you share a particularly impactful or memorable experience related to disaster relief efforts?
  • You’ve mentioned volunteering with Big Brother and Big Sisters. How can mentorship and community engagement play a role in disaster preparedness and recovery?
  • How do you balance your career in the business community with your dedication to volunteer work and disaster preparedness advocacy?
  • Given your extensive volunteering experience with organizations like the Red Cross and The Big Brothers and Sisters, what advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in volunteer work?

Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • Toastmaster Alumni (Winner of several competitions)
  • NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)
  • L.A. Games Conference
  • NAMM (North American Music Merchants)
  • Esports Trade Association
  • Los Angeles Post-Production User Group
  • L.A. Creative Professionals User Group
  • Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers- Hollywood Chapter User Group
  • American Red Cross’ quarterly training events
  • Los Angeles Valley Preparedness events
  • Digital Cinema Society semi-annual technical conference
  • Hollywood Professional Association’s annual conference


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Rave Reviews:

“Jeff is a great guest! He brings tremendous energy and flair to the interview on a subject that many people likely aren’t fully aware of. Disaster prep isn’t the most fun or lighthearted subject, but Jeff does a great job of providing information in an engaging way that keeps audiences listening. I highly recommend him as a guest on your show.”
~ John Hinson, Host, Center Stage/Spotlight Branding Podcast

“Jeffrey Weiss is a true pro when it comes to podcast interviews. His depth of knowledge on a wide range of topics is impressive, and he knows exactly how to convey that information effectively. Moreover, his on-camera presence is exceptional, with great sound, lighting, and framing. It was a pleasure to have him on our show, and I look forward to future collaborations.”
~ Megan Van Petten, Founder of Esports Trade Association, CEO & President of Van Petten Group

“Having Jeffrey Weiss on our podcast was a game-changer. His deep understanding of the industry and being able to adapt to any question was invaluable, and he knows how to captivate an audience. Plus, Jeffrey adds a level of professionalism that’s hard to find. We can’t wait to have him back as a guest!”
~ Hayley Ikedda, The Wide World of Esports 

“Jeffrey Weiss from The Preparedness Network is a podcast host’s dream guest. His wealth of knowledge is evident in every word he speaks, and his ability to present on camera with outstanding sound, lighting, and framing is unmatched. His professionalism and passion shine through, making for a memorable and informative episode. I highly recommend booking Jeffrey for your podcast!”
~ Chris Baker, Emergency Management Specialist at FEMA 
“Jeffrey is a true expert in the Broadcasting and post-production fields, and his podcasting skills are equally impressive. He not only shares valuable insights but also knows how to deliver them in an engaging way. His commitment to top-notch cloud infrastructures and data security auditory experience for our audience is exceptional. We’re lucky to have had him as a guest.”
~ Leo Laporte,  TWiT TV

Jeffrey Weiss’s keynote presentation at our industry tradeshow was a highlight of the event. His expertise in preparedness and survival was conveyed with enthusiasm and expertise. Jeffrey’s ability to engage the audience and provide practical takeaways was exceptional. We received glowing feedback from our attendees, and we are grateful for his contribution to our event’s success.”
~ Izzy Ree, Marketing Manager for the Disaster Expo, Fortem International 

Jeffrey Weiss’s presentation at our industry tradeshow was exceptional. His expertise on Active Shooters was evident, and he delivered his insights in a way that resonated with our audience. Jeffrey’s professionalism, engaging speaking style, and practical advice were highly appreciated by our attendees. We would gladly welcome him back.”
~ Wendy Walsh, Senior Event Production Manager 
“We were fortunate to have Jeffrey Weiss as a guest speaker at our annual tradeshow. His expertise in preparedness was evident from the moment he took the stage. Jeffrey’s ability to convey complex information in a clear and relatable manner was exceptional. He left our attendees with valuable takeaways and a renewed interest in preparedness.”
~ Jason Gabhart
“Having Jeffrey Weiss speak at our industry tradeshow was a game-changer. His deep knowledge and expertise in preparedness left our attendees truly impressed. His presentation was not only informative but also delivered with charisma and enthusiasm. Jeffrey’s ability to connect with the audience and provide practical insights was invaluable to our event’s success.”
~ Chantal Creighton, National Association of Broadcasters