Joshua Ramsey ~ Fractional Chief Marketing Officer


Joshua Ramsey, CEO of Strategic Point Marketing, has developed principles and strategies for businesses since 2001. During this time, Joshua has successfully created and executed more than 80,000 successful campaigns across the US.

Joshua is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, author, and highly regarded speaker. As someone with experience in speaking since 2005, Joshua teaches executives and business owners exactly how to cut costs and improve their current business so they can continue to grow. As a true Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Joshua gives business owners unique executive experience, along with a fresh perspective, without having to pay the high salary of a full-time employee. He helps them to develop new strategies for growing their brand, increasing customer acquisition, and generating new sales.


Most Popular Topics:

5 Things You Must Know Before Trusting a Digital Marketing Company
Don’t blindly hire just any agency. Your audience will walk away knowing how to get the most out of a marketing company and how to keep them accountable.

Are You Fed up with Over-Spending on Poor Performing Marketing Efforts?
Dive deeper into understanding the value of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), using Digital Tools to monitor customer and lead behavior. Attendees also learn how to take control of their Ad Spend.

Post Marketing Campaigns, the Hidden Jewel of Increasing Revenue
Josh teaches a simple, yet effective strategy that will lower the total cost of acquisition for ANY MARKETING campaign. With 100% Proven Results.


Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • For over a decade, Josh Ramsey has been a returning Keynote Speaker and Educator for the Build Expo Events that are held across the country. Including, Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles & Tampa Bay.
  • Keynote Speaker, BKBG “Bath & Kitchen Buyers Group


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