Julie Cluff ~ Speaker, Author, Coach

Julie Cluff is an inspirational speaker, author, international grief coach, and host of the popular Build a Life After Loss podcast. As the founder of Build a Life After Loss and True Hope Leadership, she weaves principles of recovery and success throughout her presentations to inspire others to action.

Julie is the author of Miracles in the Darkness: Building a Life After Loss, in which she inspires readers to build a life they love despite hard times, and her upcoming book True Hope is Certain.

She hopes that her experiences with overcoming devastating losses can bring reassurance to individuals and can inspire teams to reach for greater pinnacles of success despite their challenges.  As a grief coach, Julie helps those who are grieving to find purpose and joy again after loss.

Julie and her fun-loving husband Ron live south of Salt Lake City with their Maltipoo Scout. They have 6 beautiful children including 2 angels and 10 incredible grandchildren, which is the real reason to have children after all. Julie enthusiastically shares a message of hope across many platforms, including podcasts, national radio, and television.



True Hope is Certain: How to Reach Your Desired Outcomes – By understanding the true nature of hope, we can learn to cultivate it in our individual lives and influence our communities for good. We don’t have to merely wish for hope, we can live it. Through inspiring true stories, Julie will weave principles of growing true hope which makes desirable outcomes inevitable.

Seeing Miracles: Finding the Path Forward without Stumbling in the Dark  – Opening our eyes to the miracles around us will help us to see more of them in our lives and in our business. Julie will define miracles so that you can more easily discover these pockets of inspiration. Seeing miracles can light your path forward to the destination that you’ve been seeking.

True Hope Leadership: The Art of Inspired Goals that Motivate – The art of inspired goal setting in our lives and organizations is lost not to a lack of desire to reach greater heights but by the inability to see, express, and act as a united team. Through True Hope Leadership your organization will be empowered to move the needle forward through an integrated, motivated approach.



“Julie’s presentation was truly inspirational. She took a tragic chapter in her life and is using it to help uplift others who have experienced loss. She offers practical suggestions for overcoming loss and grief and moving people forward with their lives.”
~ John Becker, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Newark

“Very heartfelt talk. Great presentation and delivery. Great message on hope and how we can respond in positive ways to circumstances we go through in life.”
~ Steve Collins, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Alamo



  • ChamberWest Women in Business
  • SouthWest Valley Chamber
  • Energy Healing Conference, ID, UT
  • NSA Mountain West Chapter
  • Rotary Club of Magnolia, TX
  • Rotary Clubs (CA) of Newark and Alamo


Website: www.BuildALifeAfterLoss.com