Kimi Avary ~ M.A. Relationship Navigation Specialist




Kimi Avary is a Premier Relationship Navigation Specialist and best-selling author. For over 10 years she has worked with men and women who are challenged creating great relationships personally and professionally. She has a Masters in Counseling, is an NLP Master practitioner and trainer, and a certified relationship coach. She’s shared the stage with Marianne Williamson and Caroline Myss. Her upcoming book Relationship Navigation: It Takes More Than Love has been endorsed by Dr. John Gray of the Mars/Venus Series.





Super Genius Teams: What does gender have to do with it?

Our gender predisposes you to have different styles of relating that often create collisions in the workplace. When you understand how the individualistic and relational styles of interacting and creating differ, you can use these differences to augment your team and activate true genius!

You will learn:

  • Why understanding gender dynamics is critical.
  • Why bringing your whole self to work is the key.
  • How to navigate different styles of relating.

Super Genius Teams: What does Emotional Intelligence have to do with it?

You’ve heard of emotional intelligence as an essential part of work, but do you know how to apply it to your team? This workshop will teach you why emotions are important and how you can use them as the asset they are. Understanding how Emotional Intelligence affects your team is critical in activating genius!

You’ll learn:

  • How emotions can be messengers.
  • The power of using emotions as guidance.
  • How to navigate strong emotions in others.

Innovation: What does Super Genius Teams have to do with it?

The structure of genius happens when two or more come together. To be successful in the future we need innovation now. The challenge is that one style of innovation is seen as valuable and other styles are not. Looking at a problem from one viewpoint can keep your team from being extraordinary. When you understand your own style and your team members, you can activate Super Genius Teams!

You’ll learn:

  • What your gift is and how it fits into your team.
  • How to speak about the strengths you bring to the table.
  • How to be an advocate for genius in your team.

Super Genius Teams: What does Authentic Leadership have to do with it?

The leadership styles of relational and individualistic people often clash. With one or the other feeling invalidated and disrespected. Understanding the value each style brings to the conversation is critical in creating an effective environment for super genius teams to thrive!

You’ll learn:

  • What your leadership style is.
  • How to sell your strengths to your team.
  • Why it’s important to learn about your team members leadership style too.



Dissolving the Shields Between You and Love

When you have relationship challenges, it’s natural to start protecting yourself. The challenge is that a shield protects your heart and keeps danger out, it also keeps you locked away so you can’t experience love. This keeps you isolated, alone and starving for connection.

You will learn:

  • What the biggest cause of relationship challenges are.
  • How to use curiosity to free your heart to receive love.
  • What’s possible when you learn to navigate love.

Overcoming Conversation Collisions Between Men and Women

90% of her relationship challenges stem from misunderstandings between men and women. These misunderstandings cause collisions that tear apart love. When you learn how to navigate the differing styles of relating, you can create a thriving relationship!

You’ll learn:

  • How chronic misunderstandings take their toll on your health and well being.
  • How to be curious instead of furious.
  • What’s possible when you learn to navigate differing communication styles.



  • Chevron
  • Shell Oil
  • Women of Influence Speaker Series
  • New Living Expo
  • New Earth Expo
  • FemTalks
  • Rotary Fremont, El Cerrito
  • Ready to Thrive – RHG’s Women’s Empowerment Conference



“Kimi presents her unique perspective on the challenges men and women face when trying to communicate with each other. Our inherent bias prevents us from being curious about the opposite sex which makes working relationships incredibly challenging without this information. As a result of her class I feel more respected and valued at work than ever before.”
~ Louise Smith, Shell Oil, New Orleans



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