Maile Collmer ~ Master Referral Coach

Maile Collmer ~ What if you could have an amazing business and a spectacular life?

Imagine having a team of advocates bringing you a steady stream of clients. What if having fun, doing the activities you love to do, and being around people you enjoy also brought you business? Interested? You are in luck! Our speaker, Maile Collmer, specializes in helping entrepreneurs build influence, connections, and business through the referral process. Yes, her clients have amazing businesses and spectacular lives, and they become the go-to person in their area of influence.

As the founder of The Referral Studio and owner and master referral coach for Asentiv® Contra Costa, Maile has delivered training, seminars, and workshops for thousands of entrepreneurs through organizations like BNI, Chambers of Commerce, and Keller Williams Realty.

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on networking and referral marketing, Maile teaches her clients how to build the “right relationships” to multiply their networking results up to 7 times while reducing their working hours by as much as 38%.

Maile enjoys playing golf, wine tasting, dancing, and traveling. She is a fan of football, and baseball, and especially loves her UCLA Bruins! For Maile, networking and referrals are a way of life and these fun activities frequently increase her networking results!


Most Popular Topics:

Networking Like A Pro: How To Get Business From Networking
Have you ever wondered; “How do I get actual business from networking?”

Skip the cold calling and lead chasing. Learn how building the right business relationships will fill your pipeline with your ideal clients while you focus on what’s important… your clients.

There is a science and a system to networking for the best kind of business… referrals.

Join business relationship expert, Maile Collmer, in this interactive program and walk away with:

  • How to ask for the business you want, while respecting the networking relationship.
  • The key element that most networkers miss that actually gets you the business.
  • A strategy for consistent sales from your networking with easily actionable steps

If you want to know how to get more business from your networking efforts, this session is a must!

5 Steps to Giving and Receiving Higher Quality Referrals
Have you ever received a “referral” that felt more like a “lead”? How do you get your network to send you higher-quality referrals? You know, those referrals to people who would be great clients and are ready to talk to you about your services?

Join master referral coach, Maile Collmer, as she reveals the 5 Steps to Giving and Receiving Higher Quality Referrals. You will learn:

  • What gaps your network is missing in their referral conversations.
  • How to make giving you referrals easier, so your network will send you more!
  • Insight on who can send you the consistent high-quality referrals you really want.

As a bonus, you will become a great referral giver! Your network will thank you for the amazing referrals you will give them!

If you want to know how to get more business from your networking efforts, this session is a must!

Stop Chasing Business! Let it Chase You!
Skip the cold calling and lead chasing. Springboard your business to the next level through relationships! Learn how building the right business relationships will fill your pipeline with your ideal clients while you focus on what’s important: your clients.

There really is a way to work smarter and not harder – by building the right type of relationships that will fill your business pipeline with the people you serve best.

In this interactive program, business relationship expert Maile Collmer will show you:

  • A process for developing a strategic referral network.
  • How to springboard your current relationships into reliable business.
  • How to measure the success of your current networking activities.
  • The potential of generating more sales in less time (and having more fun) by doing business by referral.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper
How to network your way into the companies you want to have as clients. (Even during a pandemic!)

Referral Marketing expert, Maile Collmer, will share her insight on how you can get into the companies you want without facing the gauntlet of barriers everyone else has to go through. Sometimes – when you are really lucky – there’s a secret side door that takes you directly to the decision-maker. Generally, you can find a guide to ease you through the qualifying rounds and get you closer to your goal. Learn how to find these “shortcuts” within your network and what to do when you do face that final obstacle – the Gatekeeper.

Growing Your Club: More Members For More Goodwill
Are you looking to strengthen your service club with active members who stay committed?

Join business relationship expert, Maile Collmer, in this interactive program and walk away with:

  • An easy way to share about your service club.
  • A clear picture of who your future service club members are.
  • How to invite and get potential members to attend.
  • Keeping great members happy and committed.

If you want to see your club be able to do more good work with more enthusiastic volunteers and you care about the future of your organization, this session is a must!


Partial List of Previous Engagements:

  • Center Stage with John Hinson   
  • The Profit Minds with Dr. Steven Kirch   
  • Chambers of Commerce: Northern California Chamber Ambassador Rally – Walnut Creek, San Mateo, San Carlos, Brentwood, Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, Danville, Hispanic, etc.
  • Women’s Council of Realtors Contra Costa
  • (FENG) Financial Executives Networking Group – Charleston, Los Angeles South Bay, San Francisco, and Long Island
  • Realtor Marketing Meetings: Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Livermore
  • Institute of Management Consultants
  • Contra Costa Bar Association
  • Mt. Diablo Business Women
  • Rotary: Oakland, Benicia, Antioch
  • (BNI) Business Networking International
  • Women for Wine Sense
  • Alpha Phi Foundation
  • Junior League Oakland East Bay


Rave Reviews:

I joined the San Francisco chapter of the FENG to participate in their November presentation, How to Get Past the Gatekeeper. I found Maile to be an engaging speaker, with great and relevant information that could apply to those seeking a new job or a new client. I not only thought that she would be a speaker that I wanted to have on my schedule with the Los Angeles chapter; but after seeing the topics that she speaks on, she would also be a terrific fit for the Stop By My Office series on the Fractional CFO Business. Personally, I’d try to attend meetings where she presented each of the topics that she gives.”
~ Bill Gage, Strategic Financial Advisor/Fractional CFO, Chair – FENG Los Angeles (South Bay)

“I want to once again thank you for introducing Maile Collmer to me. We were fortunate to have her speak at our office today for the second time and to no surprise she was awesome. She connected to all of our agents in a very unique way. The majority of our agents primarily use social media to market themselves. Although Maile touches on this aspect she primarily focused on mindset, and networking in person, and what I enjoyed the most was creating relationships for a lifetime. Building solid relationships is such a key part of our business yet in today’s real estate environment very few people talk about the importance of relationships. She has a lot of energy and is well-spoken. I would strongly recommend her to any of my colleagues.”
~ Jack Burns, President/Owner, Security Pacific Real Estate Brokerage

“I just want to thank you for the introduction to Maile Collmer. Her presentation to our group on Wednesday was simply great. Maile was able to convey the Five Steps to Giving and Receiving Higher Quality Referrals in a way that will enable our members to use these skills on a day-to-day basis. Maile’s easygoing manner put everyone at ease. She encouraged participation and everyone willingly shared their experiences. Maile was able to build on that and incorporate these into the evening. My sense is that this was a meeting that our members will remember and will use to build their careers.”
~ Lew Bader, Finance Director, Chair-FENG Long Island

“Maile did a great job this morning. She is animated, has good voice modulation, and used humor to bond with us. Maile was able to get our members to participate and ask questions. The information was valuable and well-received. I would highly recommend her for other clubs. Thank you, as always, for your help!”
~ Rhonda Pachar, Program Chair, Rotary Los Gatos Morning

Maile gives a well-constructed presentation and provides suggestions on how to build high-quality referrals that are easy to follow.”
~ Rick Morgin, Franchise Consultant, Chair – FENG San Francisco

“Maile’s presentation of this program is so amazing that I left at the end of the day with an appointment already booked by my referral partner!”
~ Marie Quashknock, Attorney

“The program turns the traditional idea of how to describe your business upside down. [She] teaches how to differentiate yourself and find those … that are looking for exactly what you have to offer. A very powerful course.”
~ Bill Wostenberg, Investment Advisor

“This was an excellent way to explore me, my referral partner, and how a referral system can help increase the referrals I give to and get from my partners. This was a positive and productive experience. I feel very good about moving forward.”
~ Nelda Braver,  Architect

“I have been networking in some capacity my entire adult life. I started working in sales in my very early 20’s so naturally I HAD to network and I had thought I was pretty dang good at it. I decided to check out the different Asentiv workshops to see if these were good things to send my new agents to. I started off by taking Maile’s Referral Success 101 in early 2017 and her Room Full of Referrals not too long afterward. I got some really great nuggets of information that definitely made an impact on my business instantly! In 2018, I decided to take her Certified Networker course and it was the best decision I ever made. I’m embracing my business like never before, I’m receiving almost three times the referrals I had previously. Most importantly, I am working more efficiently which allows me to spend more time with my family! I recommend Maile to anyone who wants to grow their business with less work and more fun, she has definitely changed my business and my life!”
~ Rebecca Haney, Gift Concierge, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce YPN President

“As an attorney, I rely heavily on referrals. Law school did not include classes on obtaining clients. Before taking Maile’s classes, I considered myself fairly adept at building my business via my network. At an event, I won two tickets to Maile’s Roomful of Referrals program. Through that single program, I discovered that I needed to learn more from the Referral Institute, so I signed up for Referrals for Life. As a result of Maile’s programs, I now have strategies in place, a better-trained referral team, and ways to give and receive more qualified referrals than ever. I understand my target market, my best contact sphere professionals, and most importantly, how to equip my referral sources with the information they need in order to be able to refer me to their trusted colleagues and friends (and I know what I need from them in order to refer them too). I highly recommend Referral Institute to anyone dedicated to learning how to harness the power of referral marketing by working smarter, not harder. I am so fortunate to have won those raffle tickets!”
~ James Wu, Employment & HR Attorney at Law, Contra Costa Bar Association President



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