Margie Oleson ~ Ed.D., CEO, Consultant


Margie Oleson helps business leaders crush their goals by putting in place processes and habits for better clarity and alignment among leadership teams. She is a dynamic speaker and leadership expert who shares knowledge from her doctorate in organization development and decades of experience working with leaders and groups in many industries and companies.

She recognizes that companies aren’t set up to develop leaders or to help them adopt the right leadership skills and behaviors. Leaders are left to ‘make it up as they go along’ and are mostly learning from past leaders… who were left on their own as well. Having leaders who know how to grow and maintain high-performing teams is the greatest strategic advantage for any organization – remembering Wickman (Traction): ‘As goes the leadership team, so goes the company.’

Navigating diverse industries from aeronautics to fintech, Margie’s client roster reads like a global who’s who, helping redefine companies in Financial Services, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Higher Education, and Nonprofits / Government.




Most Popular Topics:

We don’t develop leaders today

  • Leaders are hired or promoted for reasons other than possessing leadership skills

High-performing teams

  • For 40 years, experts have written about the art and science of leadership and high-performing teams. The gap has been in helping leaders execute those principles


  • Margie helps leaders by focusing on behaviors and what we know about how the brain learns and remembers

Examples of what leaders can fix today

  • Meetings. Forbes calls poor meetings an $85 billion problem in the US each year. Once leaders address how to hold effective meetings, processes, and habits are put in place to help the changes stick
  • Clarity. The most important capability across teams and companies is clarity about the goals and ensuring boats are rowing in the same direction
  • Working Genius™. Discover the team’s Working Geniuses to be able to meet deadlines when delivering the right products and services once leaders learn about their geniuses and those on the team


Conversation Starters:

  • What can you tell us about yourself and your career journey that led you to become an executive coach and leadership development expert?
  • You have stated that we do not train leaders or help them learn how to lead high-performing teams. What barriers have been in the way for companies to develop leaders?
  • What are the main attributes of a high-performing leader?
  • What are the key components of a high-performing leadership team?
  • Why is it important to focus on the top team in the company? How does the leadership team impact performance across the entire company?
  • How do you guide teams in developing high-performing leadership and team components?
  • Can you describe Top Team Accelerator™ and explain how this program works and what outcomes leaders and their leadership teams can expect?
  • How do you approach coaching executives? What makes you different than other executive coaches?
  • How do you ensure that the improvements and changes implemented by leadership teams are sustained in the long term?
  • What are the elements of high-performing meetings?
  • What does neuroscience tell us about how leaders could / should be leading?


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