Nancy Giere ~ Custom Training Consultant


After a lifetime in the corporate training world, Nancy Giere knows how businesses operate and she isn’t afraid to shake things up. Her unique perspective combined with 25+ years of experience has empowered her with fresh insight and the industry’s best-kept secrets that she’s ready to share with you.

On a lifelong campaign against boring training, she uses the power of storytelling and light-hearted humor to create an engaging, fun, and interactive environment. Masterfully intertwining comedic humor with life lessons, her stories make learning stick!

Nancy has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate America like Johnson Controls, Harley Davidson, and Northwestern Mutual.


Most Popular Topics:

Training That Sells:  Online lead generation for smart companies
Would you like to offer your prospects high-quality, engaging content that sells your value without being salesy? Would you like to become the go-to resource in your industry?

This interactive engaging program focuses on how to leverage a prospect education system to expand your influence, build trust and loyalty, generate more leads, and increase your sales.

By the end of this session, you’ll learn strategies to:

  • Turn your expertise into interactive and engaging webinars that convert prospects into customers.
  • Create a training business model.
  • Determine the type of virtual programs (online, webinar, or a blended approach) that will expand your reach and generate revenue.
  • Customize your programs to meet the needs of your target market.

Cracking the Course Creation Code:  A proven system for creating great training that gets results!
Would you like to move from one and done to one too many engagements?

Are you spinning your wheels trying to create interactive and engaging online courses, workshops, and webinars? Do you struggle to showcase your brilliance, bring your content to life, and make your audience want more?

Learn the best-kept secrets in course creation from an expert Fortune 500 learning and development consultant. Through funny, relatable stories and lessons this humorous presentation will make your clients love you and set you apart from your competitors. This is your opportunity to do something extraordinary!

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase your influence and expand your reach.
  • Turn your expertise into interactive and engaging webinars, workshops, or online courses that create lasting change.
  • Leverage a systematic course creation process that is easy to replicate for years to come!


Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • NSA (Natl Speakers Assoc) Arizona
  • NSA (Natl Speakers Assoc) St. Louis
  • CAPS (Canadian Assoc of Professional Speakers) Calgary
  • GGBC (Golden Gate Breakfast Club)
  • ABWA/BABEN (Am Biz Women’s Assoc – Bay Area Express Network)
  • FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group) San Francisco
  • Rotary Clubs of Almaden Valley, Hollister, Newark, Napa, and San Carlos
  • Peninsula Women’s Network


Partial List of Previous Podcasts:

Your Partner in Success with Denise Griffitts
SuccessGrid with Hussein Taleb
Her Success Story with Ivy Slater
Biz Help for You with Candy Messer
The Sanity Project Podcast with Joanne Victoria
Doing Business Like a Woman with Melissa Kellogg Lueck
Divas, Diamonds, & Dollars with Larisa Troche
Greenroom Central with Sarah Fejfar
Center Stage with John Hinson
Ambitious Entrepreneur Show with Annemarie Cross
The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson
Money Loves Women with Dr. Deborah Ekstrom
Training Unleashed with Evan Hackel
The STaR Coach Show with Meg Rentschler
The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier
The Mark Struczewski Podcast
Women In Business with Dr. Gayle Carson
Succeed Against the Odds with Francesca Anastasi
Savvy Business, Life Unscripted with Christina Rivera
Sales Pop with John Golden
Power of the Purse with Lynn Evans
The Thoughtful Entrepreneur with Josh Elledge
Learning from Smart People with Rob Oliver
She Coaches Coaches with Candy Motzek
Trailblazers Impact with Nan McKay
School for Startups with Jim Beach
Marketing Myths and Magic
with Liza Sivek



Rave Reviews:

“I have known and admired Nancy Giere for years. However, her presentation on Training Based Selling was one of the best prepared and delivered talks I have heard. Her years of experience and relevant examples along with her magnificent visual aids made the whole experience very educational and entertaining. Way to go Nancy!”
~ Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach, Fripp & Associates

“Nancy Giere shared her new presentation #TrainingThatSells to a standing ovation at the Golden Gate Breakfast Club!”
~ Tina Hornsby, Board of Directors, Golden Gate Breakfast Club

“Nancy captures your attention and makes you laugh while imparting a meaningful message. She is terrific.”
~ Reid Abell, Active Retired

“Your speech was great. I love your sense of humor and wisdom.”
~ Teresa Denner, Peninsula Women’s Network

“Nancy is a rockstar! After working alongside Nancy for the past few years, I got to witness how poised, professional, and absolutely funny this woman is. She can instantly bring people’s guard down which allows for smooth communication and easy collaboration. If you have the opportunity to work with Nancy- seize it! She is a total catch!”
~ Cristina (Tina) Garza, Xero Ambassador

“Great webinar today with Nancy Giere on creating online courses. She’s an expert in instructional design. Check her out! She’s a proud member of NSA-Northern CA.”
~ Lois Creamer, Book More Business

“Highly recommend Nancy Giere for helping you put together instructional design for your organizational speaking, or online courses – check out her site.”
~ Adrian G. Simmons, Certified Public Accountant, Elements CPA

“I loved your talk, not only because I am of Italian descent but because I can really use your words in my own life.”
~ Michelle Romanello, Peninsula Women’s Network

“Thank you for your quick response and great program. It was enjoyed by all”.
~ Nicole Derry, Chair, Professional Development, Thomas Nelson Community College

“I have had the privilege of seeing Nancy speak on two occasions. Her speaking style is accessible, entertaining, and pithy–she delivers her valuable insights with a spoonful of humorous sugar and enlightens her audience while she entertains.”
~ Jennifer Einolf, Personal Clarity Coach, Bold Whisper LLC

“Your speech was great. I love your sense of humor and wisdom.”
~ Teresa Denner, Peninsula Women’s Network

“Nancy has stories, a lot of good stories and they are at the heart of what makes her so great. She has huge empathy and understands that empathy is how to create successful learning and presentation content. Her approach was always to consider the audience first and what we want that audience to take away – it was never what message we want to instill, but how to better the audience’s lives and work. Working with her, I saw her expand the scope of the type of content our team should produce. We were fairly narrowly focussed on product training and branched out, for example, into content on marketing, how to be a good speaker, understanding KPIs, etc. She is protective of her employees and of the audience, and that makes Nancy a rare advocate and a great employee. In particular, I loved that she encouraged all of us to use our outside interests in our work, to better our work, and to inform the way we think about our users. I’ll miss her perspective enormously, but I know she’ll bring that same great toolset to another company and they’ll be grateful to have it.”
~ Matt Sletten, Director of Education at Xero



Video: Nancy’s Testimonials

Book:  Bundle Your Brilliance: Turn your expertise into profitable online courses