Rusty Gaillard ~ Executive Leadership Coach

Former Worldwide Director of Finance at Apple, Rusty Gaillard teaches senior leaders to achieve success without sacrifice. Rusty knows how to create success by pushing hard. He worked at top companies during his corporate career, from GE under Jack Welch to Apple during the launch of the iPhone, iPad, and Watch. But he learned that pushing hard doesn’t always get you where you want to go.

Feeling stalled in his career, Rusty left Apple in 2019 to become a full-time speaker and executive coach. In the following years, he learned that sacrifice and hard work didn’t originate with his job or his boss’s expectations. His intensity was internal, and it backfired when it limited innovation, creativity, and boldness.

Rusty helps smart people make better decisions, at work and in life. He believes true success comes from being your best self, not from working to the point of exhaustion. Rusty is the best-selling author of “Breaking the Code”. He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and teenage son, enjoys playing bass in a rock band, and spends as much time as possible outside.


Breaking the Code
Don’t wait for retirement. You can achieve freedom and balance in your life now.

Many of us think we cannot have the degree of success we really want. We limit ourselves based on what we think we can achieve, so we don’t even reach for what we most want in life. Discover how to upgrade your InnerTech so you can conceive, plan and accomplish a degree of success you haven’t known before.

Based on the best-selling book “Breaking the Code”, this presentation will teach you to:

  • Unlock Your InnerTech. Every person has a code (beliefs, habits, mindset) that governs their daily decisions and actions. Learn how to unlock this code to achieve a new level of success.
  • Overcome the #1 Obstacle to Success. Learn the number one factor that blocks you from reaching your goals, and how to override it.
  • Be More Efficient. Achieving your goals doesn’t have to feel hard, it can be easy. Learn the most overlooked productivity hack to reach your goals faster.


Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions
Most business leaders have earned their position by being right most of the time. As a result, they rely too much on their intellect, trying to solve for the best answer. Good decision-making requires much more than intelligence. 

In this presentation, Rusty unpacks these surprising facts:

  • The best leaders rarely answer questions.
  • The right answer doesn’t produce the best result.
  • All failure has its roots in the quality of the decision

The quality of your life is based on the quality of the decisions you make. Make better decisions and you’ll reap benefits not just at work, but across all dimensions of your life.

Rusty Gaillard Speaker Reel

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Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • GGBC (Golden Gate Breakfast Club)
  • Unity Palo Alto
  • CSIX Connect
  • San Mateo Chamber of Commerce
  • TCMC (Tri-Cities Marketing Council)
  • SCAOR (Santa Clara Assoc of Realtors)
  • Rotary Clubs of Alameda, Newark, Fremont, Los Gatos Morning, Benicia, Pacifica, El Cerrito, and Santa Clara
  • SING (St. Isidore Networking Group)
  • ABWA/BABEN (Am Biz Women’s Assoc) Bay Area Biz Express Network
  • FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group) San Francisco
  • STN (Successful Thinkers Network) Alameda Chamber
  • Kiwanis Club of Napa
  • Security Pacific Real Estate
  • Alameda Business Network

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“Rusty got me to do something I have avoided for a long time. He gave me the inspiration and concrete opportunity to take a moment to think about what I wanted in my life, at this juncture. When I relayed one facet of what I wanted, what I would love, and I heard his acknowledgment that I could have what I loved, I knew in my core, he was right. His manner of knowing, from his own experiences of doing, is powerful and contagious. I encourage anyone, who is yearning for his/her life to be more of a life you want, to reach out to him and explore if you two are a good match. He’s good! Signed…Louise, not yet retired, only 69.”
~ Louise Goeckel, M.A., Voted 2018 Best of Alameda Life Coach, Career and Business Consultant

“Rusty has the ability to truly connect with his audience. Within 15 minutes, we all gained insight into having a more fulfilled life. If you have the chance to have him come to your organization, you will not regret it.”
~ Andre Lewis, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Benicia

“Rusty’s message is easily understood, his takeaways are actionable, and he supports his thesis with anecdotes and stories.”
~ Rick Morgin, Chair, FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group) San Francisco

“Rusty has a spark that helps people to turn ideas into action.”
~ Amparo Pazo, Sales Operations & Support 

“Rusty was a great speaker, engaging, with a good sense of humor. I saw members interested enough to have further conversations with him. ”
~ Colleen Wright, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Pacifica

“Rusty is an insightful, present, and accepting coach who has helped me to grow in profound, life-changing ways.”
~ Marc Dahlberg, Controls Engineer

“Rusty is very inspiring and he helped me get started on my vision for life. I’m motivated to learn more!”
~ Carl Cavalho, Marketing Executive 

“I could tell Rusty spent a lot of time preparing his talk, and he delivered it well. Really appreciate his effort and the wisdom he shared.”
~ Joanna Chou, Program Chair, CSIX Connect


Video: Life Mastery Institute Training – Befriending Fear
Book:  Breaking the Code: Stop Looking for Answers and Start Enjoying Life