Susan Harrow ~ Media Coach, Marketing Strategist, Martial Artist

Susan Harrow is a media trainer, marketing strategist + author of the best-selling book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® (HarperCollins). For 32 years she has helped thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs + thought leaders worldwide shine on Oprah, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Time, GMA, Fresh Air, Marketplace, NPR, CNN, NYT, WSJ, Wired, Forbes, Inc. Vogue, Parade, etc.—without selling their soul. Her course, The Zen of Fame: Your Genius Gone Viral™ shows people how to promote themselves with integrity + spirit.

What you might not know is she’s a black belt in Aikido + was almost sold into slavery for 10 camels + a mule. She has been featured, quoted, or profiled in: The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, Inc., CNN, Advertising Age, Woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, Entrepreneur, Salon Magazine, Pink, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Orlando Sentinel, and Investor’s Business Daily, and on CNBC, NPR, and national/syndicated TV and radio including the CNBC special, The Oprah Effect. She is known as “The Go-To Girl” for getting on Oprah.


Most Popular Topics:

5 Tips to Dazzle the Media + Your Audience in the First 5 Seconds of Your Appearance
If you don’t dazzle in the first 5 seconds of connection you’ve lost the chance to engage potential clients, customers, and sales. I’ll share what every audience wants to know about you and your business so you can surprise, shock, inspire + delight them.

10 Ways Women Give Up Power in Any Type of Presentation + How to Get it Back
Women have learned to diminish themselves very effectively to they won’t get cut down. Here’s how to name and unclaim all the unconscious ways that women undermine themselves so they can speak and stand up for themselves.

How Anybody Can Get into O, the Oprah Magazine—With the Right Idea
O Magazine is the most powerful placement on the planet for products and services geared toward women. Getting featured can skyrocket your business overnight—and sustain and grow it into the future. Here is what you need to know to capture the attention of the editors so they’ll choose you over thousands of others.

Let Go of Imposter Syndrome, Embody Self-Worth + Shine in the Media Spotlight
Lack of confidence, fear of speaking up, and being smited or ignored holds women—and men back from reaching bigger audiences worldwide. I’ll share practices that can free you up to be yourself and expand your vision of what is possible.

Podcast to Broadcast: How to Use Media to Grow Your Business + Brand™
Most people approach media interviews back-asswards. They reach out and then have an oh-sh-t moment when it comes to what to say to invite people to buy or buy into their business, book, product, service, or cause. I’ll show you the right way to start and keep a successful PR campaign to get the results you want.

7 Things You Should Do to Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry
These 7 steps determine whether you’ll be considered a top authority in your field, an expert commentator tapped by the media to consistently appear on national news, print, and podcasts to share your unique POV on the important issues of our days.

Start a Movement. Be a Star. Change the World
What does it take to create momentum and visibility for an important cause? I’ll share the playbook of the most popular peeps who have done it.

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Partial List of Previous  Speaking Engagements:

  • NSA/NC (The National Speakers Association of Northern California)
  • The California Gift Show
  • ASJA (The American Society of Journalists and Authors )
  • The Authors Guild
  • The San Francisco Writer’s Conference
  • The First San Francisco Writing-for-Change Conference
  • Bulldog Reporter’s PR University
  • The San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival
  • NCBPMA (Women’s Business Alliance, The Northern California Book and Marketing Association)
  • Taking the Leap — school for visual artists and writers
  • Taught regularly for The Learning Annex of San Francisco

Partial List of Previous Podcasts:

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Beliefcast with Todd Sylvester
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The Answer is Yes with Jim Riley
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Urban Curiosity with Clare Barry
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Rave Reviews:

“A very supportive and useful guide for when you want the world to pay attention to what you have to say.”
~ John Gray, Bestselling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

“A treasure house of fabulous practical ideas for anyone who is building credibility.”
~ Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

“Susan Harrow is a dynamic, multi-dimensional, and talented powerhouse. She has a huge heart when it comes to helping others who want to shift something of importance in the world. She is knowledgeable and inspiring when distinguishing the mindset of the media in order to reach the audiences that the client desires with integrity. It was a pleasure to delve into what energizes and inspires Susan to make the impact that she does with her work.”
~ Gabe Nelson, CFP, Author, and Host of the Solopreneur Money Podcast

“On behalf of the National Speakers Association of Northern California, I would like to thank you for presenting such a wonderful program at our general membership meeting. As a professional association for speakers and trainers, NSA/NC is a pretty tough audience yet, they loved your presentation. As one of our members wrote in his evaluation, “The real-life information was invaluable!” All of the feedback that I received proved the incredible value of your information-packed program. Thanks again for sharing your time and talents with NSA/NC.”
~ Roseann Sullivan, Speaking for Your Success President NSA/NC (National Speakers Association)

“You & your presentation were a delight — and your audience (judging from your NSA evaluations) thought so, too. Everyone was very impressed with the generosity/depth/breadth of info — as well as your charming manner. Thank you so much for a Super Session that was Truly Super!”
~ Susan Schwartz, Speaker, NSA Program Coordinator

“I enjoyed your presentation at the Clarion on Saturday — engaging, informative, and fun. And I want to compliment the manner in which you handled all of the logistical setbacks — microphone, handouts, room size, etc. Thanks.”
~ Patricia Marshall

“I’m a member of the Women’s Business Alliance and was in attendance for your presentation last Wed. Without a doubt, you were, the best speaker we’ve had in the 2 years I’ve been involved. For someone who began their career as a shy, hesitant public speaker, you’ve honed your talent well. I felt you were charismatic, humorous, and extremely informative.”
~ Susan A. Donegan, The Travel Coach

“I can certainly see why you have such a sterling reputation as a publicist. Even months later, the ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors) audience remembers you well…If our books made the sort of impact with readers that you did with ASJA, we’d all be receiving bigger royalty checks I’m sure.”
~ Sara Godwin, Author and past Program Chair and President, ASJA