Theresia Intag ~ Founder & CEO

Theresia Intag

Theresia Intag, founder and CEO of IntagHire, and co-founder of Tag4HR has deep experience in human resources and talent acquisition.

Theresia has a passion for running small businesses with innovative, flexible models that free up your time and optimize your budget and mental health. In 2016 she designed a flexible recruiting service business to disrupt the outdated traditional recruiting firms, saving clients up to 50% in recruiting fees. In 2022, she co-founded an HR community to provide modern resources, business acumen, community, and tools for growing HR leaders and small business owners.

With over 20 years of recruiting and HR experience, Theresia is well versed in the evolution of attracting candidates, how to build effective recruiting engines, and how to keep your business running with top talent.  Theresia has worked with amazing brands such as Samsung, Bazaarvoice, Nordstrom, Yeti Coolers, Abaco, ForeFlight, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Spanning Cloud, Holtzman Partners and many other organizations to build their talent pool. Theresia values innovation, flexibility for life’s challenges, and creating human spaces in the business world by leading with compassion.  Theresia was a 2023 Impact Award finalist for Vistage, a global CEO network.

A Few Popular Topics:

  • Keeping employees engaged.
  • Tricks to managing remote employees.
  • Valuing the “high performer”.

Conversation Starters:

  • How can companies provide “human spaces” for employees and what does that mean?
  • Why is flexibility so important to employees today?
  • How is AI impacting small businesses and their workforce? What should they watch out for?
  • How can small businesses optimize growth using fractional services?
  • How do small businesses navigate the waters of human resources? What do they really need to know?
  • What are the top 3 things I need to know about HR as a business owner?

Partial List of Previous Engagements:

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Rave Reviews:

“Theresia and her team were absolutely wonderful. From day one, they knew exactly what we needed. They were proactive. They were thoughtful about our processes, flexible when we needed them to be, and willing to have tough conversations as issues arose.”
~ Cindy Johnson, Chief People Officer of Medvantx

“Without question, I’d recommend them to anyone in a similar position. They are our go-to place for all things recruiting and HR.”
~ Jim Downs, Founder and CEO of Connomara Tech

“One of the things that stood out to me was the way that Theresia listened so intently to what I was saying. Not only did she give me the undivided attention and personalized experience I was hoping for, she was also very easy to talk to and seemed to know exactly what Impero needed.”
~ Michael Watt, VP of Sales at Impero Software

“Theresia and her team have delivered better candidates than we’ve seen in the past. They are groomed from the start so that by the time we get to the final stages of recruiting and are ready to make an offer, expectations are aligned and there are no surprises.”
~ Mike Pav, Senior Vice President of Operations