Rave Reviews – Consulting Clients

Aimée Lyndon-Adams-1

“I recently participated in Anastasia's Get Booked to Speak 4-week tele-program and received so much value. I just love it when others share the fruits of their own hard work and research, providing shortcuts, tips and proven techniques and Anastasia did this and more! It's clear that Anastasia is a pro and I benefited hugely from investing my time and money with her.”
~ Aimée Lyndon-Adams - Consciousness Leader, Co-Founder, What Truly Matters: Living Life Consciously

Alyscia Cunningham

"I first connected with Anastasia at the beginning stages of my journey as a professional speaker. She is so very resourceful and always found creative ways to connect me with women in other networks. Anastasia also caught my attention with her video messages, which I love so much. Not only is it an attention grabber but it's professionally done. She's definitely an out-if-the-box thinker and I highly recommend her services. Thank you truly!"
~ Alyscia Cunningham - Filmmaker, Photographer, and Author of I Am More Than my Hair

Amy Gray-Cunningham-1

"I hired Anastasia to help me develop my speaking platform. By day I'm a marketing manager and my primary focus is on branding and digital marketing. After talking with Anastasia, I was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't thought of all that she had suggested. It was as if a light bulb went off and I felt like "oh, yeah! why didn't I think of that!" But it just goes to show you when it comes to marketing and branding yourself, it always helps to have a new perspective. I highly recommend Anastasia!"
~ Amy Gray-Cunningham - Author of ‘Daring to Believe: Memoir of a Living Kidney Donor’

Angela DeSalvo

"Anastasia is well versed in what is needed for someone who is interested in getting into the speaking arena. She listens well and offers direction based on your individual strengths. I highly recommend Anastasia for her expertise in understanding people and her ability to make the right connections in her industry."
~ Angela DeSalvo - Certified Intuitive Life Coach, and Author of Soul Warrior: How to Liberate Yourself from Survival Mode and Thrive Through Any Challenge

Barb Marshall

"Anastasia is a must have. The advice she gave me was excellent. She really cares about her clients. Her help and follow-up were very helpful. I recommend her as a must to all entrepreneurs. She has helped me in many ways."
~ Barb Marshall - TVGlobal Evangelist (BarbTV, The Real Deal) and Author

Barbara Hoffer-1

“Having worked with a number of marketing consultants, having time with Anastasia raised the bar! Knowledgeable and experienced, she intuitively offered unique and detailed suggestions that zeroed in short term and long-term needs for my business. If you are looking for a high touch consultant who provides exceptional follow-up, I can highly recommend contacting Anastasia.”
~ Barbara Hoffer - Owner/Founder, Back9 Pilates


"I met Anastasia when I was recommended to speak to the Golden Gate Breakfast Club. Not only did she brief me on what was expected of me with GGBC, but she also coached me on my social media and LinkedIn profile. I am a technologist but that doesn't mean I know how to keep up with social media, but Anastasia does. She is gentle and patient with people like me that are just learning how to promote themselves. I highly recommend Anastasia for any of her services from coaching to Podcast Booking Agent. She is charming and very professional and really knows what she is doing! We have spent a lot of time on Zoom together and I now consider her a friend as well as a professional ally."
~ Curt Vincent - Professional Speaker and Chief Cyber Strategist

Dawn Raquel Jensen-1

“I was first impressed by Anastasia's candor and insight. She has been a great help in identifying and homing in on aspects of the speaking business that was previously unknown or underserved. Her coaching provided a path forward for me and the next steps in the process. She is a consummate professional and takes you 'behind the scenes' in the process. The nuggets of information from our very first session together still provide tremendous value. If you are on the fence about getting a speaker's coach, you should absolutely reach out to her!”
~ Dawn Raquel Jensen - Social Business Coach/Trainer, Virtual Options

Dick Scoppettone-1

"Had an excellent consult with Anastasia. She covered everything from assembling my profile to streamlining my presentation. Also gave me great observations on my website. I can’t recommend her enough - gave me lots of good feedback."
~ Dick Scoppettone - Film Producer, New Film Studios in Santa Cruz

Elisabeth Stitt

“Anastasia is a treasure trove of information on how to present yourself and how to get booked as a speaker or on a podcast. Listing to her present, I was taking notes so fast I could hardly keep up, and now I have a list of action items to start my new year. I especially loved her lesser-known tips for how to get compensated when people don't have a budget. For example, organizations have materials budgets that are separate from their speaker budgets: Because I am an author, I can ask if they might buy a book for every attendee. To me that's a win-win--profit from book sales and more importantly getting a concrete reminder of my talk into people's hands.”
~ Elisabeth Stitt - Joyful Parenting Coach, Author, and Speaker


"I reached out to Anastasia looking for a speaker agent. During our initial conversation, I found her to be open, honest, and very helpful. She shared so many great tips on the first call that I wondered what would she do if I had an hour with her. I'm very happy I connected with Anastasia who introduced me to Caterina Rando, an empowering business coach, and Innovation Women community, whose mission is to help women speakers get booked. And, of course, I feel much more comfortable sharing my message and online presence after my branding consultation with Anastasia. I look forward to being part of her monthly Q&A virtual meetings."
~ Farima Joya - Spiritual Alchemy Leadership Academy / Meditation Teacher, Author, and Speaker

Gary McKinsey

"When you're looking for a knowledgeable and dedicated podcast booking agent, look no further than Anastasia. She impressed me with the amount of research she put into preparing for our meeting, and as a result was able to give me excellent, timely, and actionable advice on positioning myself to get booked and rebooked on podcasts. Anastasia's depth of knowledge and willingness to freely share her knowledge is astounding. If you're serious about getting booked on podcasts, she's the person you need in your corner."
~ Gary McKinsey - Professional Speaker & Business Expansion Strategist

Greg Allipit-1

"Anastasia is very knowledgeable when it comes to public speaking, especially using public speaking as a marketing tool. I had the privilege of consulting with Anastasia regarding my plan to promote my business through public speaking. I learned a lot from listening to her. I definitely recommend her.”
~ Gregory Alipit - Insurance Broker

Harriet Tubman Wright-1

"I knew that I needed support to up-level my speaking platform based on evolving services of The Wright Resort. I’m very grateful for the Speaker Branding Consultation with Anastasia. She listened with sensitivity and understanding, provided practical suggestions and shared insider tips. With the guidance and clarity that I gained from her wise counsel, I confidently and enthusiastically upgraded my speaker sheet and website speaking page to reflect my current program focus and speaking themes; thereby enhancing prospects for suitable speaking engagements to enrich ideal audiences and ultimately increase my potential client and referral pool. Thank you, Anastasia for the benefit of your vast experience and expertise!"
~ Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA - Soul's Calling Activist


"If you are a speaker and looking for groups to speak to (or podcasts to guest on), Anastasia is the one to call. We've been working together for nearly 4 years now and it's been such a great process with her and her team. I also highly recommend her 1-to-1 speaker branding session. It was an hour of nonstop tips and tricks. I've listened to the recording about 6 times now to try to get all of the great information out of the session."
~ Jen Lee - Debt and Credit Strategy Attorney, Speaker, and Published Author


“Anastasia is a joy to work with! She gave me clear steps on how to set me apart as a speaker. The things to do, how to do them, why they will make a difference and recommendations on who can help where I don't have the skill set. I appreciate the information I'm armed with to move forward in a direction that makes sense with actionable steps. Thank you!”
~ Jenn Taylor - Speaker, Mom of 18, The Naked Podcaster


"What a valuable hour my consultation with Anastasia was! Her clarity, kindness, and impressive expertise were so helpful.
She gave me a number of suggestions that have already pointed me to speaking opportunities to promote my book and my
business that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I highly recommend working with her!"
~ Lorraine Segal - Workplace Conflict Transformation Consultant, Trainer, and Author


“I highly recommend Anastasia because her consultation was filled with many recommendations about how I can become a sought-after speaker. I highly recommend Anastasia to anyone who wants to become seen as an expert in their field of expertise.”
~ Mary Elaine Petrucci - Caregiver Health Connector

Megan Donner-1

“I just finished an hour consultation with Anastasia. Wow! She is organized, delightfully energetic and full of information with contacts to move me forward. I am still buzzing as I work towards creating better marketing strategies. I highly recommend a consultation. It's invaluable. Thank you, Anastasia”
~ Megan Donner - Principal, Lead Facilitator at Better Speaking, Better Listening

Melissa Cassanova-1

“Anastasia has ignited my fire! I thought I knew it all until I had a consultation with her about promoting my business and speaking engagements. I was left with two pages of ideas and homework and after I was done, I got over a dozen messages from my clients and new clients that were impressed with how well my business has taken off!  If you're ready for success and to make things happen - book a session with Anastasia!”
~ Melissa Casanova - Owner of Rose + Grace Botanicals, SucherNova Farm and Leader of Illuminating Sisters Circle

Sara Hart-1

“Anastasia is a powerhouse of information! She has incredible knowledge about being a speaker, getting booked as a speaker, and marketing to become and remain a successful speaker! I highly recommend her as both a consultant and as the founder of the Get Booked to Speak Educational Webinar Series. She's the best!”
~ Sarah Hart - Executive Coach/Speaker at Hart.com

Stephanie Staidle-1

"Anastasia is someone who authentically cares about her clients. She knows the speaking industry well and my recent consultation with her was full of important guidance to strengthen my speaking profile. Her commitment to my success was evident in her attention to detail, recommendations, and referrals. She is someone you want on your team!"
~ Stephanie Staidle, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT - Consultant and Mindset Coach


"Working with Anastasia has been an absolute pleasure! Her style of operating is exactly what I have been looking for—her vibe is delightful and her level of expertise in multiple categories, is a dream come true! I absolutely love the level of transparency and personalization Anastasia brings to the table, she's incredibly refreshing and inspiring all at the same time. I also greatly appreciate her honesty and openness to not only provide recommendations but to go as far as to introduce and connect people, to her recommendations. Anastasia goes above and beyond and it's incredibly obvious that it's all coming from the genuineness of her heart. I highly recommend, working with Anastasia, it's beyond worth it!"
~ Torie Smith - Empathic Gangster®, Spirit Advisor (Cosmic Consciousness & Galactic Attunement), and Author


“I had a one-hour consultation with Anastasia who gave me another momentous U-Turn in my life...from author to speaker. She is a powerful and knowledgeable coach who also really tunes in and cares about you. She gave me the confidence to "go for it" as a speaker and laid out a plan to get started. I am motivated and have already begun the dance. Thanks, dance partner!”
~ Yamini Redewill - Speaker/Author, The Natural Goddess