Rave Reviews – Clients We’ve Represented

AJ MacQuarrie-1

“Anastasia has helped me transform my speaking business by booking me throughout California on a regular basis. She’s been such a pleasure to work with; always on top of everything even when I’m not and so kind throughout the entire process. I’ve also done consulting with her several times and she’s been instrumental in helping me create branding and messaging. I highly recommend Anastasia! She is well worth it.”
~ A.J. MacQuarrie - Chief Launcher, LaunchPad Nation

Caterina Rando

“I am thrilled to have worked with Access Speakers for many years to get me booked to speak and when they started offering podcast guest booking, I was an insta-yes to get started and I am so glad I did. As a business coach for women entrepreneurs on a mission, I know the value of podcasts and host one myself. Podcast guesting is one of the best ways to easily gain visibility and build insta-influence with new audiences and even gain new clients.  It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right shows that are aligned with my message and keep up with all the communications. As a business strategist I know this is not the highest and best use of my time.  I am blissing to have hired Sandra Isaac of Access Speakers to do the work for me so I can focus on what I do best: speaking, selling, and serving.

Sandra is a true professional and a delight to work with. She is expedient in her communications and only promotes me to shows I have given the green light to ensure any podcast guesting is on brand and will get great results for my time invested. I am grateful to have Sandra as a part of my team to help me get booked on more podcasts!”
~ Caterina Rando - Author, Podcaster, Entrepreneurial thought leader and mentor to women in business

Chester Santos-1

"I've been working with Anastasia and her team for more than 11 years now. I've worked with other speaker and podcast booking agencies that charge a lot more and yet don't produce the results. I last signed up with an agency that charged me $1500/month with a 4-month minimum commitment that was booking me on many of the same types of podcasts Anastasia and Sandra have been sending my way. I also had no choice in the podcasts they put me on whereas at least the Access Speakers team runs them by me first to make sure I feel it's a good fit. 

If you'd like to book more speaking engagements and podcast appearances, I highly recommend Anastasia and the Access Speakers team. For business growth and to increase your brand awareness, signing up for Anastasia's services is a no-brainer!"
~ Chester Santos - U.S. Memory Champion, “International Man of Memory”

Dot Spaet-1

“Anastasia has been very helpful in getting speaking gigs for me which have resulted in growing my business. She is attentive and thoughtful, full of great ideas that help speakers. She only looks for gigs that fit my demographics and I can say ‘no’ if one doesn't feel right.

Speaking has been a wonderful way to get my message out about healing back pain on your own; I've gotten new happy clients in my target market but more than anything, speaking is one of the best ways to expand my reach and it is certainly helping to grow mine!

I love working with Anastasia. I could never have contacted all the people she has contacted on my behalf plus she has credibility and a track record that I don't have. I am meeting new people plus I just love speaking. I highly recommend Anastasia to anyone who is looking for more speaking gigs.”
~ Dot Spaet - Owner, Get Out of Back Pain

Liz Lyster

"I am so appreciative of the long-term relationship I have had with Anastasia. I was her client pre-pandemic when I was getting out speaking in person. Since then, she has stayed in touch, which has allowed me to circle up with her again now that I am working on my speaking career again. Whether or not I am actively working with Anastasia, I appreciate her ongoing support - she gives high value in everything she does. I highly recommend following her - she will collaborate with you and support you in any way she can. Thank you, Anastasia!"
~ Dr. Liz Lyster - Women's Midlife Health Expert, Author, and Speaker

Gisela Zebroski-1

“Anastasia connected me with great speaking gigs. She has a terrific network all over the Northern Bay Area.”
~ Gisela Zebroski - Novelist - Selfie Sideways: A Memoir, The Baroness, and Mephisto Waltz

Jill Lublin Headshot - small

“Anastasia’s services are right on the money. She has helped me obtain speaking engagements and is a focused committed person to her clients. She is savvy, knows how to help speakers and I’m so grateful she is on my team.”
~ Jill Lublin - 4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

Jo Ilfeld-1

"Anastasia is a speaker's agent who is a true advocate for her speakers. She has such high integrity and believes fully in her speakers and their mission. Not only is she willing to go out and get you the types of speaking jobs and locations that you most desire, but she is very open to hearing about the types of jobs you will and won't take and there's never any pressure to speak anywhere but the places that are the best for your career and your line of work.

In addition, Anastasia is excellent at the details that make it easy to be a speaker, details about the type of location you are speaking, address, arrival times. Her quality of work and standards are incredibly high, and any speaker would be lucky to have Anastasia on their side! Highly recommend!"
~ Jo Ilfeld, Ph.D. - Executive Leadership Coach, Adjunct Professor

Loren Fogelman

“I love to speak. But I don’t enjoy the back-end part. As my speaking agent, Access Speakers filled my calendar with speaking opportunities. Anastasia delivered exceptional results. She made the connections, managed the bookings, and took care of all the details. Handing over the speaker management to her was a relief. If you’re ready to fill your calendar with speaking gigs, then connect with Access Speakers. Anastasia is well connected and expertly manages all the details.”
~ Loren Fogelman - Price and Profit Coach


“Sandra has done a great job researching opportunities and booking me on podcasts that have helped me to build influence and expand my reach. This has really helped me to grow my business.”
~ Nancy Giere - Custom Training Consultant and Professional Speaker

Odysseus Andrianos-1

“Anastasia has been fantastic at helping me develop my career as a young public speaker. She has helped promote me and get gigs all while providing me the necessary feedback to help me grow as a young coach. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to develop your public speaking career.”
~ Odysseus Andrianos - CEO/Owner, Agamemnon Film Studio & Ody’s Gym


“Access Speakers has booked me on 5+ podcasts in the past few months, and the process couldn’t be easier. They do all the legwork to research, identify, and book me on podcasts that are a good fit for me and my business — all for a very reasonable charge per show. Sandra is very diligent, responsive, and easy to work with. If you want to guest on more podcasts, working with Access Speakers is a valuable and efficient way to go.”
~ Rusty Gaillard - Speaker and Transformational Coach

Steven Campbell-1

“I have been a speaker client of Access Speakers for more than 12 years! They have booked me to speak to hundreds of organizations including Rotaries, professional groups, companies, and personal groups such as the San Francisco Commonwealth Club. As both a professional speaker and author I have found their services, which I describe as "profitable flexibility", to be invaluable. If there ever was a time when flexibility is needed, it is during this pandemic.

Enter Sandra! While the pandemic has significantly reduced personal speaking in institutions, virtual speaking has also significantly increased a speaker’s access to the world. Through the podcast and virtual interview bookings she has procured on my behalf I now have more reach than I ever did before.

“She has a wonderful way of connecting speakers to podcast hosts and producers across the nation. Due to her clear communication, follow-up, and encouragement I feel greatly supported as a speaker/podcast guest. I love having this virtual reach now and find my speaking services have been just as profitable from my own home as from traveling all around the San Francisco Bay area. I cannot recommend her enough!”
~ Steve Campbell - Professional Speaker, Author, and Radio Host

Tara Smith-1

“Growing your business can be time-consuming and costly. Marketing your business can take you away from the work that makes you money. It can be tough and expensive for a small or new business.

Access Speakers puts you right in front of your customer, with little to no work or cost up front. Whether you are looking to share what you do, build your business through speaking or build a career as a speaker, Access Speakers will put you on the right track.

At a minimum, you start out focusing on the important part: You, the Speaker. Access Speakers handles all the booking, communications, billings, and collects referrals and feedback. No time wasted on the administrative work and that is money in your pocket.

Whether you are just starting out and need training or are experienced and wish someone would just “book me”, Access Speakers has the right solution for you. Classes and direction are available should you need it or if you want to brush up!

Bringing you to your customers in a professional manner is what sets you apart from the rest. Your “agent” from Access Speakers is just that. The professional that identifies your target audience and sets up the best match leaving the best part, you the speaker, to inspire, inform and move to action!

In my own business, Tara Firma Farms, we were using Farmers Markets to grow our customer base. During the winter months, most of the markets are closed. Access Speakers put me in front of as many opportunities as I could schedule. It kept us strong through our low winter months and I can ask for more or fewer gigs as I needed. I also am able to meet leading members of our community which turned into worthwhile relationships on many levels of running my business.

I can’t recommend this opportunity enough. If you are building a business or just want to bring your topic to the forefront, this is the fastest way to get there! “
~ Tara Smith - Owner - Tara Firma Farms