What Hosts Have Said About Anastasia as a Guest...

“Anastasia was one of THE BEST podcast guests I have ever had! Her information on speaking and marketing was so worthwhile and valuable that even I am going to listen to her podcast again - and I was the interviewer! This woman's ability to share "must-have" knowledge is golden! I would recommend her without question - and am going to hire her for some help!”
~ Nan McKay, Trailblazers Impact Podcast

"I've had the privilege of getting to know Anastasia through our mutual love of the podcasting world. She is a delightful podcast guest and more importantly for her clients, extremely knowledgeable about the world of speaking. Whether for speaking engagements or podcast interviews, she steers her clients in the right direction and is thoughtful and well-organized. I have appreciated her support, even as a newer connection, and can see how she infuses this same care, wisdom, and authenticity into working with her clients. Highly recommend!"
~ Anika Jackson, Your Brand Amplified Podcast

“Anastasia was a great guest on my show The Winning Zone. She was high-energy and full of practical advice for the novice to guest podcasting as well as proven strategies for those who are trying to develop additional thought leadership, share their expertise, build their personal brand, promote their book, or share the impact that their company is making. I got great feedback from my audience - and I highly recommend Anastasia!”
~ Hilmon Sorey, The Winning Zone Podcast

“Anastasia is one of the best podcast guests I've had the pleasure of having on my show, Your Business Story. She also added intense value to me before our interview with helpful advice as I was starting my first podcast featuring guests. I can't recommend her enough! If you need someone to help you get on the right shows without having to invest a ton more time in increasing your visibility, talk to Anastasia. You won't be sorry you did!”
~ Kristin Spencer, Your Business Story Podcast

“I highly recommend Anastasia to anyone looking for a talented and effective podcast guest, event speaker, or speaker/podcast promoter. She is an absolute joy to work with and consistently provides a lot of value to any podcast or event she’s involved with. As a podcast guest, Anastasia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any discussion. She has a natural talent for articulating complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner and engages with her audience in a way that makes them feel heard and valued. She also promoted the episode we recorded far and wide, which resulted in more views and downloads. Anastasia, through her agency Access Speakers, has a keen eye for recommending other speakers who are a perfect fit for any event or podcast. She has introduced me to several speakers who were great guests for my podcast.”
~ Joe Matz, Entrepreneur Journeys Podcast (fka Espresso Jams)

"I had the pleasure of having Anastasia on my podcast (Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking). She shared how she embraced the need to pivot more of her business as a speaker booking into the podcast world. She was a fun, engaging guest and shared a lot of valuable information for both new and experienced speakers. Event planners will love how she advocates for them and podcast hosts will love the guidance she gives people to help them be great guests. If you have a podcast and want to share this kind of value with your audience, reach out to Anastasia. She's amazing!"
~ Kirsten Rourke, Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking Podcast

“Anastasia Lipske is a phenomenal podcasting guest. We've worked together for many years through her exceptional full-service speaker and podcast guesting agency, Access Speakers. Anastasia has a vast knowledge of speaking and podcasting and how you can use these tools to scale and grow your business. She shared invaluable tips and wisdom that our Savvy audience could put into practice immediately to grow their business. THANK YOU, Anastasia!”
~ Christina Rivera, Savvy Broadcasting Podcast

“I recently had the pleasure of hosting Anastasia on my podcast, and I can honestly say that her insights and expertise were truly impressive. Her ability to communicate and help her clients brand themselves as speakers is truly a unique skill. Her passion was evident throughout the conversation, and I know that the listeners learned a great deal from her. I would highly recommend Anastasia as a podcast guest, her professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm made for an excellent guest experience, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”
~ Hussein Taleb, The SuccessGrid Podcast

“Anastasia Lipske is a wonderful live show guest! She joined my /#GoalChatLive (aka The DEB Show podcast) conversation about Getting Interviewed and generously shared her background and experience, as well as lots of helpful tips. Anastasia speaks with energy, grace, and heart. She came well-prepared - listened to the episode to discover her pre- and post-interview recs - and shared thoughtful advice for anyone looking to stand out via media interviews. Thanks, Anastasia. It was a pleasure having you on the panel. You are welcome back to The DEB Show anytime!”
~ Debra Eckerling, The DEB Show #GoalChatLive Podcast

"I recently interviewed Anastasia Lipske on my podcast, Speakers Who Get Results. I knew that she would be warm and easy to talk to. Even better, she was full of information and practical tips for corporate leaders who are looking to get more speaking opportunities. Anastasia has been one of my top-recommended speaker agents for several years. As a guest herself, she was excellent. Her episode is one of the most popular on my show."
~ Elizabeth Bachman, Speakers Who Get Results Podcast

"Anastasia is an amazing podcast guest, she is dynamic and high energy, plus she has a lifetime supply of massive value to share. She is inspiring and uplifting and her episode on my Expand Your Fempire podcast is one of the most popular. I look forward to having her back again soon."
~ Caterina Rando, Expand Your Fempire Podcast

“Anastasia was interviewed for my podcast Biz Help for You and she was a delight to have as a guest. Not only does she have great information to share to help speakers learn how to get booked on stage and podcasts, but she has a very engaging personality and the conversation flowed effortlessly. I'd be happy to have her as a guest again in the future!”
~ Candy Messer, Biz Help for You Podcast

“Looking for someone to provide insight and tips for how to get more speaking engagements and how to be a better speaker? Anastasia has you covered! She was a guest on our show and provided a ton of great insight.”
~ John Hinson, Center Stage Podcast

"Anastasia Lipske goes the extra mile! She was a delightful, passionate, and interesting guest on my podcast; filled with stories of challenges and victories. This not only contributes to her being an interesting guest, but she's both knowledgeable and experienced in the speaking and podcasting industry. She's generous with her time and gives her clients personal attention. I highly recommend her as someone who genuinely loves her work and contributes to each client's success."
~ Beverley Glazer, Aging with Purpose & Passion Podcast

"Anastasia’s engaging, delightful, and powerful presence made her the perfect guest on my Solopreneur Money podcast. Her passion and expert advice will leave anyone in action, especially when it comes to growing your business. I would highly recommend Anastasia as a guest and I look forward to having her on my podcast again soon."
~ Gabe Nelson, Solopreneur Money Podcast

"Anastasia is an excellent guest. Natural, well-spoken, and with lots of good information that the audience can use. We spoke about podcasting and she gave simple and clear pointers. I highly recommended her as a podcast guest."
~ Lorraine Duncan, Biz Gone Social Podcast