Writing and Controlling your Own Introductions…


Welcome to my second Speaker Snippets!

1) I want to share with you the importance of writing your own introduction for your talks as well as tips and tricks on how to control this important part of your presentation.

In my video above I share the importance of sending it to the speaker chair ahead of time, bringing extra copies, and how to handle it if they don’t do a proper introduction as you’ll then need to share with your audience why you’re qualified to be there to begin with.

Here are a few resources with some very valuable points on the way to write the best introduction possible to really prime the pump with that audience so they are receptive to hearing your message:

Speakers: How to Write Your Own Introduction by Rob Biesenbach

Presentation Skills: Write Your Own Introduction by Mike Aoki

Introduce Yourself! (Write Your OWN Introductions) video with Mark Henkel

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Until the next one…wishing you abundant blessings!

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