Rave Reviews from Podcast Hosts

"Access Speakers has been phenomenal to work with. They do a really great job of setting their guests up for success by providing hosts like me with all the information we could ever ask for in a potential guest (and they have provided me with A LOT of great guests!). My favorite piece of info they provide is probably the sample questions, which help me craft the best interview possible for the guest and my audience. The team also does a fantastic job of staying in touch before and after the interview to make sure their guest gets the most out of it. I was so impressed with the way the work they do for their clients that I became one myself."

~ John Hinson, Host | Center Stage and Our Weird World

"I have worked with Anastasia and Access Speakers for years. Many of her carefully vetted clients have been on my show. I work with over 100 of her competitors (sorry!) and I would place Access Speakers in the top 2%. Their clients are well prepared and the information I am sent about each guest is perfect. Her pitches are well-written, honest, and effective! I have seen their rate card, and if were hiring, Access Speakers would be on my shortest list. I very strongly recommend them and give them my highest praise."

~ Jim Beach, Host | School for Startups

"At Sales POP! we have been fortunate to work with Access Speakers to showcase some of their great talent on our podcast. The guests provided by Access are as diverse as they are interesting but always come with practical, actionable insights. Whether the subject is excelling at podcasting, renegade branding, fractional C-level talent, or new marketing tools and tactics, Access Speakers podcast talent contributes so much to our channel. We look forward to continuing to bring Access Speaker's talent to our growing audience."

~ John Golden, Host | Sales POP!

"Access Speakers has been an invaluable resource for finding high-quality guests for my podcast. They take the time to understand my audience deeply and only suggest guests who are a great fit. The guests they've connected me with have provided precious insights and perspectives that my listeners have loved. The Access Speakers team is highly responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They ensure I have all the prep materials I need before each interview to make the most of my time with each guest. I'm thrilled to recommend Access Speakers to any podcaster looking to take their show to the next level."
~ Rocky Lalvani, Host | The Richer Soul and Profit Answer Man
"Navigating the podcast scene can be challenging, but your agency's professionalism and genuine effort to understand each show's unique needs make the process seamless. I am more than happy to share my positive experiences working with your team. In a landscape where hosts are bombarded with pitches, Access Speakers' commitment to quality and the thorough vetting process truly stands out. The high caliber of guests you recommend reflects the dedication and standards you bring to the table. Thank you for your continuous support, and I'm looking forward to future collaborations."

~ Denise Griffitts, Host | Your Partner In Success Radio

"As a podcast host, I have had lots of different pitches from potential guests asking to be on my show, and many don’t look to see the audience I target and the information I share. I feel I’m one of hundreds getting blasted with e-mails saying why they (or their client) would be a fabulous guest. But Access Speakers is different. The guests they have suggested have had important information to share that is relevant to my audience, and the information we request for podcast promotion is submitted to us making it easier for us to put together the details of the episode. I know when I’m approached by Access Speakers that the potential guest has been vetted and that they will be a good fit for my show."
~ Candy Messer, Host | Biz Help for You
"I've had the privilege of collaborating with Sandra Isaac and Anastasia Lipske from Access Speakers. They've connected me with numerous high-quality guests for my successful podcast. They're actively engaged in every step of the process, ensuring that both the guests and my podcast are presented in a positive light. I'm grateful for their assistance and wholeheartedly recommend their services to others."
~ Todd Sylvester, Host | Todd Inspires Beliefcast
"Over the past year, Anastasia of Access Speakers has consistently delivered top-tier speakers for my podcast. Her recommendations align seamlessly with my listener’s interests. There has never been a no show and all the speakers were prepared, punctual, and professional. Anastasia's professionalism, follow-up, and ability to source engaging experts make her an invaluable partner."
~ Joe Matz, Host | Entrepreneur Journeys Podcast
"I have had the amazing experience of working with Anastasia Lipske, Founder, of Access Speakers for my podcast HerCsuite® Radio. I first met Anastasia through Innovation Women and am so impressed with the way she aligns speakers to podcast shows. Each time she shares a speaker with me, it is after careful consideration and checking first with me to see if they are a fit. I can say with resounding enthusiasm that the guests I have had on my show through Access Speakers have not only been exceptional speakers, but they also provide so much value and impact for our listeners. An additional added benefit is that Anastasia promotes the podcast on LinkedIn which is unique for a speaker and podcast booking agency and it extends the show’s reach. I highly recommend Anastasia both as someone for podcast guests and also for podcast hosts. Thank you, Anastasia, for all the ways you elevate women to be on podcasts!"
~ Natalie Benamou, Host | HerCsuite® Radio
"Working with Access Speakers has been a wonderful experience for my podcast. Their team, led by Anastasia, consistently connects us with exceptional guests who bring incredible value to our show. What sets Access Speakers apart is their in-depth knowledge of the speaking and podcasting industry, along with their unwavering commitment to matching the right guest with the right show. Anastasia's expertise and thoughtful approach make the entire process seamless and rewarding. Access Speakers is a game-changer for anyone seeking top-tier podcast guests and event speakers. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to fellow podcasters and event organizers. Keep up the fantastic work, Access Speakers!"
~ Christina Nitschmann-Rivera, Host | Savvy Broadcasting Podcast

“As a host who is always in search of empowered older women to share their stories, I have only praise for Anastasia Lipske. Unlike other agencies, Anastasia carefully selects her clients, before she presents them as potential guests. For anyone looking for a knowledgeable guest, or an agency that will provide value to your episodes, it is my pleasure to recommend Anastasia. I support her and Access Speakers, for the value and personal attention that she provides. Additionally, Anastasia has been a vibrant and knowledgeable guest on my podcast."

~ Beverley Glazer, Host | Aging With Purpose & Passion

"Access Speakers has been a key component in attracting some of the best talent from around the world. Their approach, execution and customer service is impressive and welcome. Highly recommended!"

~ Joe Dimino, Host | Famous Interviews